Gnomish Cap

Discussion in 'Realm of the Diggle Gods' started by Luke00016, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Luke00016

    Luke00016 Member

    Anyone put this on and harassed some gnomes? It says in the flavor text to not let the gnomes see you, so I was curious if it did anything. Anyone try this yet?
  2. Null

    Null Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Does nothing regarding gnomes. Of course it does similar things as gnomes (assuming everything's implemented) so the fight would be somewhat interesting to say the least.
  3. Qrusher14242

    Qrusher14242 Member

    i dunno, but when i put this on, i just kept leaping everywhere. Not sure if thats what caused it or not, but it seems to have stopped once i took it off
  4. Warlock

    Warlock Member

    You randomly teleport if you wear it. I think it's basically equippable trans-dimensional dodge as acquired from Artful dodger.
  5. Qrusher14242

    Qrusher14242 Member

    ah ok, yeah didnt help me much when attacking a zoo lol just kept hopping into the middle lol