Garbage into Gold. A little crafting, a little encrusting...

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    "Convert Traps to Stats"

    Ok this mod is actually sorta cool. It puts an encrusting formula in the game called "Garbage Into Gold", which allows you to convert traps into stat points. It also adds 3 crafting recipes for that to work. Specifically, the conversion is as follows:

    1 trap/mine crafts into 1 Booty Stick.
    4 Booty Sticks craft into 1 Ugly Stick.
    4 Ugly Sticks craft into 1 Butt Ugly Stick.
    4 Butt Ugly Sticks Encrust into 1 primary stat point of your choice on torso armor, with no instability penalty.

    Ok, before everyone screams "Overpowered", think about that. It takes 64 mines to generate 1 encrust point. 640 mines to get 10 of one stat. Seems like a decent reward for the packratter's that pick junk up. New mod, so tuning ideas always welcome. The junky caltrops that spawn multiple require several to make one Booty stick. Also, the mod requires level 1 tinkering, and the encrust is level 1 smithing, so you need some crafting.

    Mod was inspired by the mod Crafters Helper. It should work fine along side it, as well as most other mods. Currently running it with Rogue Renovations, MoreDred, Interior Dredmorating without issue.

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    You might want to make unique items for each stage or people can just find warhammers and hefty sticks and shorten the process by a bit. I think you would also need to set the setting that doesn't allow them to spawn in the game proper. I think it's crafting="1" or something like that.
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    Ya I might do that. I am debating though, since hefty sticks and warhammers probably dont drop "that" often, and are pretty much junk anyway. Or can be crafted from junk. Kinda debating if I want to expand outside of converting just traps to stats. Probably best to stick with the focus for now and make the items unique as you suggested.

    Edit: Hefty is now a Booty stick, warhammer is now an Ugly Stick. Fits better with the Butt Ugly Stick lol. Oh and I think I found it. Special="1" should make it not show up on the floor I "think". And craftoutput="1" means it wont show up in vendors. Just guessing here.
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    Could be right, I haven't used either but I had heard that there was a way. Plus there are some mods that cause hefty sticks to drop a lot.
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    Testing this out on a playthough, the large levels on going rogue. After clearing the first 2 floors, I have made 1 Butt Ugly stick from every trap I found (almost all of them). At this rate I will be lucky to get 2 stat points by the end of game. Will see how it goes as I get deeper.

    Update: managed to get first stat point by the very end of the 4th floor.
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    The amount of crafting it would take to gain a stat reminds me of Team Fortress 2 Hats
    this mod is beautiful
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