Windows Vista/7 64-bit Game randomly crashed, auto-save corrupt.

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by MOS!, Aug 3, 2012.

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    permadeath, no mods, cotw

    I just went to level 13, had been there for about 2 minutes and the game suddenly crashed and trying to load the auto save just crashes the game so now I've lost about 5 hours of progress. I really enjoy this game, but this is probably the third time I've completely lost a save really far into the dungeon because of something similar since the game came out. It's so incredibly frustrating. you guys made a good game, but with all these technical problems it just ruins it and just makes me not want to play again because you never know if the game will just crash and you'll lose everything.
  2. Daynab

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    Sorry for the trouble, we'll get these crashes fixed. Can you upload your autosave?