'Game of Life' implemented with spells

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    I've implemented the Game of Life using spells, summons, corpses and a lot of hacky XML. Here's some pictures:

    Step 1 of a Glider.


    Step 2...


    Step 3...


    Step 4...


    ...and now a look at some of the hacks that make this work:

    Lots of summoning, killing, re-summoning, corpse juggling and such. In all of these screenshots the orange areas are alive 'Cell' monsters while the blue areas are dead 'Cell' monster corpses.


    Counting neighbours involved using a stacking buff that increases :wand_burn: and then applying scaled damage/healing using it. See below: two monsters are hit with 3000 damage (for having 3 neighbours) while the other is hit with 2000 damage (for having 2 neighbours).


    Note that this implementation is pretty broken. The last part of the glider cycle breaks (two cells die when they shouldn't) and it blows up if any other monsters are around. I've attached the mod but be warned it's a mess (and is based on a template skill I made so none of the castable spells have names).

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  2. Dray`Gon

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    Very interesting... Kinda curious how this affects gameplay or if it's just something amusing that might be abe to be found in one of the dungeon floors.
  3. Kazeto

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    I'm not sure what would the applications of that thing be (other than the amusement factor and virus-like abilities), but I like it.
  4. Glazed

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    Now use it to make a Turing machine and use that to emulate DoD.

    Very cleverly done, btw! I like how the cells are taunting you.
  5. dbaumgart

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    It was only a matter of time!

    This is awesome.
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    Okay, that's ridiculous. You win the forums today, sir.
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    You dear sir won the internet for today!
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    Clearly it has been too long since I last played that game. (No, then again it has not.) But I simply do not get this at all.

    Well done though! You managed to get two developers to post in your thread on the first day! That is worth a like even though I have no idea what this is. :)
  9. Glazed

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    Read the article that J-Factor linked. It's Conway's Game of Life.
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    Pffft. (Slap self with a Roasted Diggle...)
    I thought it was a reference to the board game called "Life".

    I somehow overlooked the links the first time.

    You win J-Factor. Here is your prize. (Throws a handful of snot-like Lutefisk at J-Factor.)
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    Always knew J-Factor was a genius. Good job sir.
  12. Ruigi

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    Wow you actually did it. I thought you were just talking about it...
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    Hahaha ! You are crazy... In a great way.
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    This is just amazing.
  15. DavidB1111

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    Very Impressive.
    "Would you like to play a game?"
    "How about global Thermonuclear war?"
    Wargames, now that's an amazing movie.
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    Funny you mention that, a friend is releasing a game based on wargames in a couple months :)