1.0 Game freeze/high lag

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  1. Right after a foreign attack, my dear colony arrived to what I think is its end: Right now my colonists do a step every 13-15-20 seconds. Speed doesn't seem to change much. Be aware that the colonists aren't frozen: the still permorf the animation, but the general progress of everything is slowed down. I'll try to load a previous save to see If I can somewhat still rescue this colony, but I don't have much hope. Here is the latest save.

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  2. Ok, apparently it wasn't as lost as I though, but the same problem happened again, after a meteor shower right in the middle of the colony... Is at times like these that I would like a way to secure my stockpiles against explosions -.-' Mainly because I'm trying to accumulate a bit of FMJ ammo. And it always happens something: a baint rain, a wild spore a meteor shower, slugs everywhere,... and BOOM! no more mines! no more gunpowder! no more paper and no more ammo -.-' And One time I lost nearly one hundred of hematite ores...
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    I've had this happen once too, but don't have a save.
    From memory, it was during a fishperson attack right after a foreign invasion. Never had it happen again though.
    I think it was on the stable branch.