Game crashes instantly when I try and load my save after last patch.

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Veritas, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. HumbleSloth

    HumbleSloth Member

    "It's trivial to write a conversion routine from old saves to new saves." Hahaha, the hubris.
  2. Tacroy

    Tacroy Member

    Oh also I meant to say - there's nothing keeping them from writing a savegame converter in the future, your old saves are still there after all.
  3. abomination5

    abomination5 Member

    If you don't care about your save games being lost that's no reason to insult those who do.

    I had no idea that this patch would destroy my games. I just quit the game after playing a few hours. When I came back from eating dinner and tried to load my saves I crashed. Yes, I could have disabled auto updated from the beginning but again, I did not know there would be a game breaking patch.
  4. Ryuforce

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    Well they did warn that the patch could render old saves bad and they did what they could to try to prevent it. All I can say is turn off Auto Update and read both here and their updates to prevent this.
  5. abomination5

    abomination5 Member

    Sorry, I don't constantly check the developers blog in case they decide to break the game.
  6. Incendax

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    They did warn us, but it is very painful to lose a level 30 character.
  7. benetar

    benetar Member

    Save your anger for the developers. We would not be so upset if we did not have high expectations. I was one of those ready to "give more money" but instead bought several copies and would buy more but-....
    You get what you pay for $5 to get into the beta.
  8. picklecannon

    picklecannon Member

    They may have broken your save but they fixed the game.
  9. Ryuforce

    Ryuforce Member


    Break? The update improved the game greatly and fixed worse crashes. Not only that but if you crashed on Permadeath before, then you lost your game. Now that won't happen. Losing your save on a game that takes bout 10 hours to beat is not the end of the world.
  10. kbe

    kbe Member

    Wouldn't be so bad if they actually fixed all the crashing issues and now had a stable game but this isn't the case someone already reported a new crash and it killed his save.
  11. Serith

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    If you care about your saves games being lost, that's no reason to insult the developers when they most likely tried to avoid this result. The game is not broken. You can still play the game.
  12. Embolus

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    To be honest I'm surprised and amused. Save invalidation is pretty much a fact for many games where the developers actually CARE enough to patch their games (as opposed to HAHA took your money now time to run), yet this is the first time I've actually seen people raging over the fact the developers care.
  13. Lokloklok

    Lokloklok Member

    Why insult the developers? They even said they were going to try to update without breaking saves.
  14. tiptoes

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    Imagine that you saved right before fighting Dredmor, then the next day you played your save didn't work. I think everyone would think it'd be reasonable to be annoyed and disappointed (and probably prefer the old version to the new one). If you can understand that, I don't see how you wouldn't understand being upset at losing your game even if it's at an earlier point.

    I can't think of any game which is all about making progress where, after playing for hours and losing the game, I wouldn't be disappointed an update make me lose all progress. I'd be annoyed at sitting through cutscenes again, having to grind again, etc.

    I'm glad there were bugfixes made for the people who were having trouble.
    For me, the updates have made the game unplayable because I no longer want to play it. Peace :c