Game crash plus save file gone equals sadness.

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by sphenny, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. sphenny

    sphenny Member

    Was on dungeon level 2. Had explored around for a bit and discovered another staircase up. Went to the staircase and the game immediately exited. No crash warning - just gone. Save game file is gone too.

    Given that this is the 3rd character I've lost due to crashing and save bugs, I'd appreciate some work on making the game stable. So we can actually play it. Would be nice.
  2. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Is this with the most recent patch?
  3. afterstar

    afterstar Member

    Temporary solution is to manually backup your files once in a while,I recommend every 30minutes.
  4. sphenny

    sphenny Member

    Just lost another good game. Only correlation between the games I can see is that I had unfinished quests on the level I was going back to.

    I know its only $5 but I'm feeling so ripped off.
  5. tiptoes

    tiptoes Member

    Sadly there are still crashes as people are walking around, not just on stairs :( I'm pressuring my friend of mine (who is experiencing this) to send in logs.
  6. sphenny

    sphenny Member

    First time I've ever paid money to beta test a game :)
  7. tiptoes

    tiptoes Member

    Fallout 3, Saint's Row 2, Worms Reloaded, and many other big studio games which caused crashes for everyone. I mean, I've had game demos work, bought the game, and had the full game crash on launch (Bioshock, Hoard... incidentally, the Hoard forums are filled with hatred due to support problems). Terraria was filled with on-launch crashes for many people for the first 3-4 days.

    I don't point this out to say your feelings are invalid - I lost a roguelike permadeath character at 4-5 hours of play. It sucks, I feel your pain. I want to buy a game and have it run, and I think games should be released perfectly.
    I guess I'm just trying to convey (1) bugs on launch are, sadly, increasingly common, and (2) the recognition of problems and progress on fixing them by Gaslamp has been much faster than the games I mentioned above. So, I think there's some grounds to trust the devs will fix the problems we're experiencing.

  8. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    sphenny: if you have crashes, please send them to us. Instructions are on the Twitter-feed. dmp files are good; reproducibility steps are better. We are trying to get a bead on all of the issues out there as soon as we can. Put your name in the subject line too, so I remember whose problems are whose.

    That said: please bear in mind that Gaslamp has one programmer working on this right now, which is me. :) Everybody else is running around doing business things and dealing with the rest of the chaos of the launch, which has absolutely overwhelmed us. We will do our best to get Dredmor working smoothly for everybody.

    -- Nicholas
  9. Moglok

    Moglok Member

    EXACT SAME THING happened to me less than 2 hours ago. I was on level 2, found stairs.. went up them and it crashed. Saved data gone.

    Last night I had it crash in the tutorial as well, right after beating a tutorial, I was about to click 'next tutorial' (or maybe i actually did get to click it) when it crashed.
  10. sphenny

    sphenny Member

    Have taken to running this periodically to backup save files. Posting on the off chance others find it useful.

    # Python 3.2 script to backup Dungeons of Crashmor save files.
    import datetime
    import shutil
    dreddir = 'C:/Users/sphenny/Documents/Gaslamp Games'
    backdir = 'C:/Users/sphenny/Documents/Dredmor Backups'
    datestring ='%Y%m%d%H%M%S')
    filename = backdir + '/dredmor-' + datestring
    shutil.make_archive(filename, 'zip', dreddir)
  11. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member


    Actually, that is interesting. If you are running with the latest build - 1.0.2 - and still crashing, can you send us a series of these?
  12. sphenny

    sphenny Member

    I already sent a few dump files.
  13. urbanhusky

    urbanhusky Member

    My game crashed to desktop yesterday or so and I lost my level 4 savegame where I invested many hours.
    Now I am really turned off this game since I don't feel like playing any more :(