OS X Lion Gained 3 levels at once instead of 1

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Goofnik, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Goofnik

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    I was playing on Going Rogue, Permadeath. I was on the 2nd Floor, with a Wyrmling blocking off part of the Monster Zoo, when I placed three Runes of Exploding well inside the zoo. I was Level 7 at the time. I level up, and I believe other monsters died the same turn I leveled.

    As a result, I ended up leveling up 3 times and when it ended I was Level 10 (and assigned three skill points). I don't believe it is anywhere near possible to get that much experience in one shot from a few runes going off on Going Rogue, Floor 2.
  2. Velorien

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    This is a known bug. We think that when you're one kill away from levelling up and get multiple kills from certain AoE skills, each kill causes you to level up separately.
  3. BDR1985

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    I've noticed that when you level up the experience bar lists the experience you gained as a result of your action out of the new experience total required to hit the next level. Might that be contributing to the bugged behavior?

    To explain, let's say you need 100 experience to hit your next level, and the next two level requirements are 200 and 400 experience respectively. You are at 95 experience and you kill 315 experience worth of enemies in one spell mine; the game sees the exp total over 100, levels up, then sees it's over 200, levels again, and levels a third time when it sees the counter over 400 experience total. Normal behavior, in contrast, is that once you hit 100+ experience, all the experience is zeroed out so that you have to earn 200 more experience, and then for the next level 400 experience (at least as far as I've noticed). That's not to say that the previously identified stuff isn't the major source, but it struck me as a possible source of breakage.
  4. Velorien

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    It's a logical theory, but I'm pretty sure I've seen multiple level-ups occur in contexts where you couldn't get enough kills in one turn to "jump" a level like that - off only killing a small number of monsters, for example, or at levels where you need thousands of xp to level-up.
  5. Qrusher14242

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    a few days ago i had it level me up twice but as soon i picked the 2nd skill, boom a crash. And i only leveled up after killing a Diggle, so i dont think i could of got enough xp to get a 2nd level
  6. Chopkinsca

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    I just had this happen to me. It was also on level 2 at a monster zoo. Except I gained 4 levels instead of 1. This kind of killed my run since now it feels like I'm cheating.
  7. Null

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    It's not because of getting too much experience in one turn, I'm 100% certain of that. It at least has to be in seperate packets. I belive it's because of delayed kills. The level up uses your turn, then the thing triggers, boosts your exp above max, then the original clears, but you've leveled up again already.