FYI: Old DOS games

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    Some of my old-time favorite games are here, including Empire Deluxe, Commander Keen, Lode Runner and so on. Check it out.

    One small disappointment: I was looking for Omega, a game that came up in a discussion in a different thread. It's listed in the database, but the wrong game is attached to it: Instead of the Tank/AI game, it had the old Omega roguelike. Apparently, Omega, the roguelike, does not have tanks in it lol.

    On the plus side, it does have Warlords 2! I loved that game. I hated it that most games followed the path of Heroes of Might and Magic instead of the path of the Warlords series. I always prefered the Warlords style of fantasy wargame.
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    BTW, I tried Warlords 2, and it's definitely playable. You have to set it to full screen, and it's a bit slow going, but it's doable. No local save game though (Drat!)
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