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    I don't know why but there's something amusing in a cat going "splat" on a giant pillow.
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    Ell oh ell.
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    I don't know if this was intended to be funny or not, but I found it kind of absurd. Also, I don't think the author realized but 'gelt', as in 'chanukah Gelt' is not a food.... It's money (literally, it means gold, but traditionally, children get 'gelt' as gifts for Chanukah).

    But it did have me thinking about some Jewish foods that I really miss: a poppy, garlic or Onion bagel or bialy with cream cheese, onion and a thin slice of tomato with Nova Scotia or Scottish Lox, maybe Sable, and especially Sturgeon. Smoked Sturgeon is just soooo good, but it's also SOOOO expensive and hard to get nowadays.
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    Just rewatched "A Night at the Opera", so I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite scenes:

    And here's a couple more from other movies, just for fun

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    I mustn't forget Harpo:
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    I dedicate the following to everyone who's ever played EQ and had to spend hours and hours on a corpse run...
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    Yeah. Been there, agonized for days. Gave up and deleted the character. It was quicker and easier to start over than to try to survive to retrieve my gear.
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    I have so many corpse run stories, but here's my very first experience. Very first character I made was a barbarian warrior. I decided I wanted to try to learn tailoring. All I know is that I had asked around and done my research and the nearest place to buy a sewing kit was in Erudin. So I was a brand-spanking newbie nightblind barbarian warrior, maybe only level 3 or so, and I was off on my first adventure.

    So, I scraped enough money together by selling junk and raised just barely enough scratch to buy the kit. Strategy guides gave me some very general directions, I knew I needed to find my way to Queynos and grab a boat at the queynos docks and it would bring me to Erudin -- easy peasy. Or at least that's the impression that the guide gave me. I was told that to get to Queynos, I had to make my way through Everfrost Peaks to Blackburrow, and then brave my way a relatively short distance through that dungeon zone to the other side and it was relatively smooth sailing from there on to Qeynos.

    I must have died a few dozen times just trying to GET to Blackburrow. Then I kept dying IN or just outside of Blackburrow (trains, trains, and more trains were my bane as the areas near the entrance were always camped, and you could not move through other players. A train came through, and you were run over because there was no where to go). It didn't help that I was a night-blind barbarian and would get lost easily either in those tunnels or in the maze that was Everfrost. I had this cheap lantern but it was near-useless, so by the time I got through and to the other side, I decided I had to get a better light source.

    I stopped in a shop outside of Qeynos, sold my lantern and then figured out that I couldn't afford to buy the better light source and still have money left to buy my sewing kit -- no joke. But it didn't matter because the remaining path to Erudin was relatively hazard free. At least that's what the guide had told me.

    By the time I get to the Qeynos docks, it's dusk in-game. The boat comes, and I get on.

    Now there's one thing you have to remember is that I'm now a night-blind barbarian and it's pitch-black, and I'm nearly blind. The guide neglected to say that the boat doesn't actually STOP at Erudin, it stops in the middle of the ocean, and you have to wait for a ferry. All I know is that the boat stops, and I can't see anything except a light in the distance. I'm totally paranoid that the boat is going to start moving again, so I jump off and decide to swim towards the light.

    A shark killed me relatively quickly. My corpse, with all my worldly posessions (which granted is not a lot at level 3, but still was a fortune to me and I had worked hard to gain the little I had) was now at the bottom of the ocean. And I was naked, no light source back in Halas. I deleted that character and created my dwarven cleric named Haldur (from which I take my current online name).
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    Talking of EverQuest...

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    Trains are the worst. I used to play Shards of Dalya. It is a free EQ server that plays really hardcore and has a zero tolerance policy for intentional trains and newbie slaughter, not to mention Chuck Norris jokes. No, I am not making that up.

    They absolutely will delete your account entirely if you even mention Chuck Norris. (They had an internal issue where too many idiots were global chatting nothing but CN jokes.)

    But people still made trains. And nine out of every ten deaths I had were due to them. The biggest problem I know of is that it is physically impossible to determine if a train steamrolling newbies was an accident or not. Most of the time you cannot tell who started them in the first place.

    Shards of Dalya thought about the options available, and decided the best policy was to permaban anyone who could be verified to have done it intentionally. They could not offer any real protection to the newbies without becoming an easy server. And that would be unacceptable.

    On some thread here I mentioned my fishing excursions on SoD. I got killed by a RAID group. It was unintentional, but they felt bad and more than made up for my losses. (I was in an area where anything that attacked me would have killed me in a single hit.)
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    That was pretty impressive Haldurson. :)
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    Not funny as such, except for how SERIOUS this guy is.
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