Funniest Death Messages

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  1. Warlock

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    Come one, Come all, and share the funniest death messages you've ever received after dying in Dungeons of Dredmor. The only character which I've died with was my first one (that said I've only played about 4 characters.)

    RIP, Retardo the Adventurer. He failed like a carrot, but got eaten by Floor 10's monster zoo.
  2. Dratai

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    I just recieved this:
    Rip, Rascal the adventurer.
    "He flew like a brick"
    Killed by an arch diggle.
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  3. Warlock

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    ouch. given how hard those things hit, that's a strangely appropriate death message.
  4. doorhandle

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    MMMM. Makes the muscle diggles almost an anticlimax.

    I can;t remember the exact message but it was something like
    "RIP, Parry-riposte the sneak.
    She squealed like an aavadark.
    Killed by Lord Dredmor on lv 15."

    ...I'm pretty sure big D was describing her dying burbles there. ;)