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  1. Aramis

    Aramis Member

    Hello !
    I want to translate this game in French. Because I'm French.
    I'm able to survive in an English-speaking country/game (I beat the Elvishly Easy Mode this morning) but there are lots of people who can't speak/read English while being able to read French (especially in France), so... [...Generic stuff...]

    You can find the text files in ...\Steamapps\Common\Dungeons of Dreadmor\Game ;

    But if I translate... for example: item name="Apple" => item name="Pomme" , is it the only thing I have to do ? Will the software "know" that "Pomme" means the old "Apple" (is there any ID number ?)
    I don't want to create bugs, that's why I'm asking.

    I'm going to start with description text, it will be less dangerous :)

    (If I made grammatical mistakes... I'm sorry)
  2. MikeW

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    That is great! But, I think it would be better for you to translate the text OUT of the code, say in a word document with the English next to it, so like you said:

    Apple = Pomme

    I say this, as it could cause you problems with Steam, not sure though. They may detect edited code... not exactly sure. Wait for one of the devs to come for sure, as I am sure they will (If you do it all) add it as an option in-game.
  3. Aramis

    Aramis Member

    Thanks, I didn't know, for Steam.
    As we can launch the game from an USB drive -without steam- I may test my translation and its side effects.
    I'm starting with description text (and tutorial). Text files are not huge, but... once you start the translation... it's fairly long ^^
  4. Noven

    Noven Member

    Hmm? Grammatical errors? No worries at all, you have great English xD Anyways, really cool that you're doing this dude. Best of luck :)
  5. MikeW

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    Like I said, maybe add all of the edited text into a text document incase the devs are interested in adding it as an option. Or they might just add for your edited files :p

  6. Aramis

    Aramis Member

    I ran some tests via an USB drive and...
    I'll definitely translate description text only and create a .doc with the translation of names.
    If I change something else, the game crashes (I can see the launcher, but it crashes before the main menu.)
    As I don't want to blow up my game/computer/house... I'm going to be careful :)

    EDIT: if use one accent (or more) (é,è,ê,à,î,ô,ù,û,ç), crash. (I only tried in tutorial: I can't change the name at all, but I can translate subtitle and text, it works, if I forget accents (aren't they beautiful ? you can use them for smileys AND in words)
  7. BilbyCoder

    BilbyCoder Member

    Heh. I suspect it's a problem with the engine they're using. Unless they're using a custom font renderer. SDL is fairly old and working with text in it isn't the easiest thing.
  8. MikeW

    MikeW Member

    I am guessing that they haven't enabled multi language keyboard support. When you type a name for your character, can you use letters with accents? If so, I am just guessing it is the engine as Bilby said.

    Hopefully, one of the devs will see this and give you a definite answer as I have never used SDL.
  9. Aramis

    Aramis Member

    Never try in a character's name...

    But even if in tutorial you learn to move with WASD (Upper-left corner of a QWERTY keyboard), I am using the ZQSD keys without any problem (Upper-left of an AZERTY keyboard)

    I checked the game's fonts (DoD\fonts) and Slavkappen & UrsulaLight don't seem to use accents.

    It doesn't change the sense of words, it's just... odd.
  10. satoru

    satoru Member

    Once the mods are available this kind of thing is probably possible. You can change most of the xml entries and probably hit a lot of the game text. Some things like the UI might be impenetrable to change though.
  11. Aramis

    Aramis Member

    If a French wants to play the tutorial in French, I can upload the file. It works, but you have to copy game files (steamapps\common\dungeons of dreadmor) on an USB disk and replace the file tutorial.xml (game folder) on your USB drive only then launch the game with the usb drive (in order to avoid steam). A bit hard, but I know you absolutely want to discover this game and you can't wait anymore :)


    Si un Français veut le tutoriel de Dungeons of Dreadmor en français , je peux mettre le fichier en ligne. Ça fonctionne, mais vous devez copier les fichiers du jeu (steamapps\common\dungeons of dreadmor) sur une clé USB, remplacer le fichier tutorial.xml (dossier "game") sur votre clé USB uniquement, puis lancer le jeu depuis la clé USB (pour éviter Steam). Un peu compliqué à faire, mais je sais que vous voulez absolument découvrir le jeu, et que vous ne pouvez plus attendre :)
  12. Aramis

    Aramis Member

    I've done approximately one third (maybe 40% ? don't know)
    When you are playing, the game doesn't seem to be overloaded with text, but... this is definitely long.

    Damn, everything would have been different if Louis XIV or Napoléon had conquered Britain... it's too late, now...
  13. Daebis

    Daebis Member

    salut a tous, je me présente, Dae
    je cherche des personne volontaire et motivé pour m’aider à traduire le jeu en français les fichiers serons a la fin envoyé aux dev pour leur proposé une mise a jour gratuitement, en échange d'avoir votre pseudo dans les credit il faut avoir le jeu (complet si possible) Notepad++
    pour le reste on communiquera par IRC ou par Gtalk si vous êtes intéressez merci de me contacter par email

    ps il n'es pas utile de parler couramment anglais ni d'avoir une orthographe irréprochable (c'est mieux mais pas obligatoire)

    ps²: pour les accent suffi de les placer en code HTML
  14. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    Daebis, une traduction complète du jeu est présentement impossible, parcque tout le text n'est pas accessible.
  15. Daebis

    Daebis Member

    traduire au maximum c'est deja bien pour cela j'ai besoin de volontaire
    contacter moi par email

    actuellement j'en suis a traduire l'interface
  16. Alistaire

    Alistaire Member

    You can't change the whole game to French because new versions replace all your edited gamefiles and UI elements. It's not useful either; most text is only funny in English, and wordplay won't translate to French.