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    Apparently, it's the new rage over at hospital to chew out interns for an honest mistake. My turn to work on Sunday was over, and so I didn't show up. Apparently the two others who were supposed to be there skipped town. I was supposed to be there, but got no information to the contrary. As a result, I got yelled at by the head, lectured on the duties of an intern, and told that the last bunch of people here did a better job of it than us. Well, if that's your attitude for a single missed day, my days of doing all your extra work are done. Find some other fool to take care of the stuff others miss. I wanted to tell them what exactly I thought about this, but thought better of it. In addition to that, I've lost three days' attendance for no fault of my own. F.M.L. [/rant] :mad:

    discuss: retarded stuff which happened to you for no reason.
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    I was once accused of conspiracy by a new Policeman who decided that since my neighbors were retards selling/using drugs, that I was somehow responsible for it. I tried reasoning with him first, that I ignored my neighbors as much as I could, and that I was too nearsighted to spy on whatever they do in the privacy of their own homes. He actually drew his sidearm and asked me if I "felt lucky". I told him yes as his partner arrived and told him that if he ever drew his weapon without reason again his family would have to wonder for years what happened to his corpse to have it so mangled...
    (His partner knew me and knew I was not associated with any of this mess.)

    The newbie Policeman was fired the next day for another similar incident where paramedics had to be called for an old woman who had a stroke after he threatened her in the same way.

    Sometimes, even good people make moronic mistakes. I feel your pain. :(
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    ouch. That's cold.

    This never happened to me before, not once in the 6 months I was doing this gig. Another professor I know who witnessed this 'exchange' came over and told me that this sort of thing happens regularly in the particular section I'm assigned to, and that I should take a chill pill and forget about it. Such an incident, he told me, doesn't blot your permanent record. I'm still mad about how they overreacted but I felt better once I heard this. :)

    I think that it could have got worse than this though.... the last guy this happened to wound up suspended without pay for two weeks. Butthurt much? Personally, I used to like doing whatever I was told to do, now I'm just so jaded I don't care. Next time they ask for something I'll just baldly tell them to find someone else, I leave in one week to a different department anyway. You want respect from me, you don't act like this. You won't get a bootlicker in me either. F__ the police is something I never use but it holds good for this sort of thing. I may slave for minimum wage, but I've got my rights same as any other employee now.
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    The medical profession is cutthroat. Badly so. They make cutlass-swinging pirates look calm and downright civil.

    I have had friends in various parts of the medical industry. They are expected to work any shift under conditions that are sometimes appalling and are forbidden to ever form a union or make a dispute actually be heard by anyone who gives a damn about them. Why? Because they are essential. They tell you to just deal with it and live, but the truth is that the situation is too ugly to fix. No medical employee can ever attempt to form a union because they would be fired instantly if they tried. So disputes that should be resolved are dismissed just as quickly as they can find the shredder. Yet they expect you to remain concerned for people who may require your good will to survive. That never ends well in a long enough time.

    One day the problems will *Have* to be dealt with. And one day the public *Will* learn the truth about how many times the industry screws with you and others like you. But for now, just remember that some of us *DO* know what sort of double-standards they have and we *DO* appreciate your largely thankless work.
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    My first programming job was horrible -- the company owner and several of the partners were racist, they lied, mistreated, and spied on their employees, they broke local zoning laws and tax laws, and lied to their clients as well. Deadlines were set at the top and the actual programmers were never consulted. And it was more important to meet deadlines than actually producing software that worked. Projects were left unassigned until the last minute, and ovetime (which was both unpaid and mandatory) got to be extreme.

    One story that I'll always remember. It was Thursday night, and I had my coat on to leave to go home. The phone rang. The co-worker of mine who sat next to me (who was being picked up at work to go on a long weekend camping vacation, that he had scheduled) was nice enough to tell me to leave, and he answered my phone.

    Well, it turns out it was our boss calling, and he had a ton of last minute changes to a program. He didn't really care who picked up the phone because whoever answered it was the one he wanted. My friend said that he had to leave on vacation, that he had scheduled, and the boss, basically, threatened to fire him if he didn't stay late (and probably work part of the weekend).

    One thing that I didn't realize was that my direct supervisor/project leader was foisting all of the projects that he was too incompetent to handle on me -- no joke. If something was too hard for him, he'd give it to me. I didn't realize that until our boss (the company VP) asked me how some project was going. I told him that I was no longer working on that project. He totally blew up at me yelling, and I was trying to explain but he would not let me get a single word in. FINALLY he asked me what I actually was working on, and he said, basically, "Why the heck are you working on that?" This is after he totally balled me out in the office at 200 decibels for about 5 minutes straight without once letting me explain (he was a true rageaholic).

    Anyway, after that I actually, for the first and only time in my career, blew up at my supervisor. I totally lost it with him. And he just laughed at me. He thought it was funny.

    After I left the company, I found out from others that I had been doing most of the guy's work, and getting blamed for projects that my boss had screwed up that I had never even worked on.
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    I waited two-three years to get a psychology appointment, and then I couldn't attend two-thirds of them because they clashed with my job (and I *need* the extra hours) which has further set back any potential 'fix' (as it is) for my depression and other issues.

    Oh, and I spent all day Saturday at work on the verge of tears, which was not aided by me having to sort out countless cans of paint and a good number of poorly packaged boxes of tiles.
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    This is bullshit. I'd have handed in my notice long ago if I was given a choice. You deserve props for toughing it out as long as you did. Whoever that guy was, I hope he gets his one day.
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    This was many years ago, and I only stayed because it was my first programming job and I really didn't have a lot of self-confidence at that point. Plus, despite the emotional toll, they did pay well, and gave me good bonuses (up until the owner lost a bunch in the stock market lol). And, of course, I had large student loans to pay off. Then again, I actually had to ask for the raise I had been promised because the guy lied and told me that 'oh, I misunderstood'. But I did get the raise anyway. Pissed me off that they lied about it but the boss said 'well I don't want you to think that we don't appreciate you'. Right.

    And the job taught me a lot -- to be fast, and to work well under pressure, plus I made a really good friend (that poor guy who unfortunately answered my phone that evening became one of my best friends).

    And I will also say that no other job I've had was ever NEARLY that bad. My second programming job I got BECAUSE of that first one -- turns out that my next boss had actually worked for the same company -- he only lasted there for about a month or so and then rage-quit after getting into a fight with the boss. He told me that he knew he wanted me because I had lasted there for so long so I must be good.
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    I tried playing Skyrim and I got a massive load of pain on the right side of my brain.

    Stupid FoV issues in games. Stupid Skyrim. GAH.
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    Sadly, many people have to do the real work for bosses that are unqualified liars and they rarely get proper, if any credit for doing the work the moron boss takes credit for. A friend of mine who worked as a programmer a long time ago tald me about how he built subroutines into every program he made that he could call up at any time the program was running by a certain key-combination. Whenever he pressed those buttons, a window popped up that said his full name and that he alone wrote this program. (He also bothered to reference the people who wrote other programs that his depended upon.

    One day he discovered that his boss was taking credit for writing the programs he actually wrote. So he confronted his boss in front of the CEO and demanded they press the key combination. The boss said those keys do nothing, and that he knows since he wrote it. After the CEO discovered that the key combination worked, he decided to hire a separate programmer to go over the original source code and an investigator to question everyone involved. My friend was offered the job of his boss two days later.

    The investigator upon interviewing my friend told him that his "Boss" was a liar and never even understood how to program anything. My friend on the other hand, was an Assembly coder. His programs are still in use by the few places still using decade old Crays.

    The point to remember is that you should NEVER trust your boss unless you know he can be trusted. And using a few kilobytes of extra memory to have a hidden credits screen can be all that you need to backup your claim that you did the work you actually did. If his boss was a programmer, he would have seen it and deleted it.
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    My boss 'knew' a lot, but he wasn't a good programmer. One way he kept 'knowing' a lot was that (no joke) he kept all of the manuals locked in his office and if someone (such as I had done) asked to borrow one, he'd yell at you. And he wasn't the only person at the company who did similar stuff to protect their knowledge (and hence, their job). The company VP would also do similar stuff with his manuals BUT (And this was the major difference) he actually WOULD allow you to look at them, so long as they didn't leave his office (which would be locked up if he wasn't there). So, for example, if I needed to look up an obscure VAX function, I'd have to go to his office, ask for the book, look up the function while he watched, and take notes. If it turned out that it was the wrong function, or I transcribed something wrong, I'd have to repeat the process.

    I think at one point, he got so fed up with my continually returning to his office that you could see his face turn completely red and he started getting snippy (I was trying to learn some complex VAX application that I had absolutely no prior knowledge of (FMS, in the unlikely event that you've heard of it -- a collection of functions for doing scrolling, screen input, etc.).
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    Bad people like that deserve what they get. They are doomed. They preserve their position by being trolls over resources that competent workers require.

    One day, they will be exposed for this in a shockingly public way and will deny everything despite overwhelming evidence that pretty-much proves they are not only trolls, but liars too.

    Take some solace from that much at least. :)
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    Meanwhile, on Wall Street:
    Welcome to life as we know it: controlled by retarded people with no brains.
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    Hey guys this thread looks political.

    Is it political?
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    Oh Hell! It's the cops! Run! :)

    So far, no-one has mentioned politics at all. I would say no. But you ultimately decide.
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    no. I am not trying to make it political either.
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    Dredmor for President! A Diggle in every garage!
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    Not really, Daynab. People are just complaining about their (former or current) employers or someone they met being complete asses.

    Do you want to join and complain about your employer?
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