Flatulence skill brainstorm discussion.

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Ruigi, May 6, 2014.

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    It's been awhile since I posted on these forums or did any sort of modding for Dredmor, Very busy with work life and such, I don't find much time to play games these days.

    Lately I was taken by the idea of creating a mod skill that used food with custom triggered effects, and farts.

    Development of the mod was placed on hold because of the lack of a fart noise in the game's sound database, and the lack of any ability to add new sounds through the game's modding system.

    Hopefully, if this project takes off it could provide a reason for the Gaslamp team to change their minds about modding the sound database file.

    The Mechanics (how the fart mod is written into the game)

    "Crop Dusting"
    A fart has a tendency to linger. Someone farts in the hallway and they walk past, you'll generally catch of whiff of their odors. This "crop dusting" phenomenon can be reproduced in Dredmor through implementing triggered DoT effects that spawn spell mines in a single or template form.

    "Farting Stance"
    Usually we're able to hold in our farts, but when we choose, we can force out farts that are louder, wetter, and stinky. By implementing a perma buff that can be switched off at will (similar to plutonic fist) we can create an optional "Farting Stance" that allows us to trigger special fart effects that can be triggered by skills, items, and the eating of food/drink. Obviously such a stance would penalize Sneakiness (which would make this skill more appropriate to a warrior template)

    The spell effects associated with fart items should scale off of burliness and/or hit points, because it synergizes will with a warrior template skill and because big fat people have bigger poops and farts.

    "Gassy foods"
    To accompany the fart skill, I wanted to add new food items and recipes that would give the player more options for farting on the enemy. That is to say these food items would have a triggered spell effect that could also require the presence of "farting stance" from the Flatulence skill to create extra farty party effects.

    Rice Pirate's "Asslevania" [view] provided some inspiration here.

    Advancing in the skill could grant item recipes that the player could use to enhance their farts against a variety of enemies. (perhaps a secret weapon to use against Dredmor). Garlic would definitely be a good "base food ingredient" to add here. How about an Eldritch Chili Recipe that uses Root of T'char-- tentacle farts anyone?

    "Farty skills"
    Perhaps a good way to make this skill useful and less gimmicky would be to add helpful utility skills, perhaps a teleport of some kind (Rocket Fart), Perhaps some skill in Alchemy? Not quite sure how to round out five skill slots.

    This is a pretty bare bones outline for a mod skill. My goal here was to show you what I was thinking and to see if you had any fart ideas. I don't have the time that I used to for this stuff so if an artist is interested in making some art ASSets, it could help with getting the project pushed forward.
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    Sounds like you've been playing the South Park game just a little too much... (j/k).
  3. Ruigi

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    Another idea was to implement a series of linked buffs that are sequenced by requirebuffontrigger conditions to quantify a resource of "fart gas" stored without the player's intestines.

    for example. the effect "gas increase" is triggered by eating food, and itself will trigger the buff "gas level 1" if no other "gas level" buffs are present. This same spell effect will check for each level of the sequence and augment the gas level by 1 each time the effect is triggered.

    example: if the player has buff "gas level 1" then the "gas increase" spell will remove the "gas level 1" buff and replace it with gas level 2.

    An inverse spell effect, "gas reduction" will reduce the gas level by 1 each time it is triggered.

    Obviously such an implementation would have to account for every possible gas level increment, so writing it would be a bit tedious and involve lots of copy+paste but it should work as described here.

    Once the framework is in place, you can create spell effects that trigger accord to certain conditions, like "requires gas level 4 or higher" or "uses all gas levels with an effect scaled to the gas level". The use of these skills may also be written to increment/decrement the gas levels as needed.

    This framework can also be used to create character resources aside from health/mana or basic stats from which modders can make their own skills, so if this idea makes sense to you and you think you can do it, feel free to use it.
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    I like this, farting warriors were always been in the game industry since old computers.

    And I see a lot of Pork and Beans references possibilities here-!
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    I tried to implement this using an XML generator but ran into some mysterious bugs.