1.0D Flatten Terrain appears to be crashing game consistently

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    This one is pretty good.

    The game appears to consistently crash when a particular square of terrain is flattened.

    The error message is: upload_2016-12-14_20-59-23.png

    In addition, hitting "OK" doesn't cause the window to close and Clockwork Empires to shut down. I need to use the task manager.

    To reproduce:
    1. Load the save. Pause it immediately if the game is not already paused.
    2. Find Estrella Plank, who is currently flattening terrain. Looking at the minimap, she's about midway down the right side.
    3. Watch her finish flattening her current square. She will step down to the next square and start flattening. Immediately on completion of flattening the square, the game crashes and displays the error message.

    If you look at the screenshot, flattening the tile boxed in red appears to cause the game to crash, at least in the current setup.

    EDIT: If you want an example of iron oven doors flapping, you should also be able to see one in the kitchen in this save.

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