Five-Finger Discount in DLC: How it works?

Discussion in 'Realm of the Diggle Gods' started by Nick, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Nick

    Nick Member

    It seems this skill was again nerfed. And actually it isn't a skill anymore, just the passive ability.
    Does anybody know how exactly this ability now works, because I learned it, trying to steal some items(pick) and nothing, just like usually when you pick items. No pedestal destroying. Nothing.
  2. NefariousKoel

    NefariousKoel Member

    Sooo.. is the shop theft skill hosed?
  3. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    It triggers when you walk into a shop for the first time, just like Vending Machine Looter triggers the first time you touch a vending machine. It gives you one random item from the store you're entering.
  4. blob

    blob Member

    Nice ! And could be really powerful.
    The vending machine loot makes me want to take burglary on every roll. Gaha... Reminds me of the good old days when I was a poor little student.
  5. BadBeat

    BadBeat Member

    Do you get your free item when you go into shops you've already been in before, before you got the skill?
  6. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    No idea.
  7. Nick

    Nick Member


    Btw, I stole 1 bolt from shop upon entering, and there were no bolts selling in there(all shop slots where filled), so the idea which is being triggered on stealing could be any random one? :confused:
  8. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    I think it will be a random item from a shop somewhere on your floor, but not necessarily the shop you enter.
  9. Nick

    Nick Member

    I can counter that argument easily.
    1 shop at the floor.
  10. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Facinating. Nick? :)
  11. woland

    woland Member

    Don't know what happened, i stole an item in a shop when I entered it; later i went to another shop on the same floor and Brax sent me his demons and killed me.
  12. Nick

    Nick Member

    It seems this is the correct description of skill now:

    With Five-Finger Discount skill, you can pick for free 1 low priced item/s (price probably related to :sneakiness: ) from each shop + upon entering undiscovered shop, you will receive random item of random power (could be also an aftifact).

    Well, considering usually when I level up Burglary, the main reason is of course free TP(teleportation), so basically if I need controllable TP, I will get for free Five-Finger Discount skill also. Not bad deal.
  13. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    I doubt that Sneakiness is actually involved in the calculation, but other than that, it seems right.