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    From Vanilla(Expansion 0) SpellDB.xml:
    <!-- crossbow special attacks -->
    <!-- placeholder; TODO: proper coding of multishot -->
    <spell name="Fight In The Shade" type="target" downtime="32" icon="skills/fight_in_the_shade32.png" >
       <effect type="damage" piercing="1" />
    <!-- placeholder; TODO: proper coding of crossbow counterattack -->
    <spell name="Maverick Counterattack" type="target" downtime="32" icon="skills/maverick32.png" >
       <effect type="damage" piercing="1" />
    <!-- placeholder; TODO: proper coding of bolt ray attack -->
    <spell name="Impossible Shot" type="target" downtime="32" icon="skills/impossible_shot32.png" >
       <effect type="damage" piercing="1" />
    <!-- placeholder; TODO: proper coding of double throw attack -->
    <spell name="Dual Pitch" type="target" downtime="32" icon="skills/dual_pitcher32.png" >
       <effect type="damage" crushing="1" />
    The Code says it all. I think it involves things such as Throwing Traps, Throwing 2 Thrown weapons in 1 Turn, Shooting multiple bolts at once(preferably in AoE Fashion), and shooting bolts through enemies to hit enemies behind. This is just a small example of unfinished things I found when browsing through the SpellDB for reference.

    Edit: There's also unimplemented Items, including the Cave Triangle that kinda resembles the Triforce. I want to see these kinds of things implemented.
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    Yeah, multishot and double throw could add lot of cool effects... *looks at essence reskills*
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    I've worked through the XML myself and started on a mod to add all commented out items. Haven't touched the skills yet.

    EDIT: Okay I have. There's entire skilltrees commented out, the Deadshot skill (which I think has been remade already) and a Guitar Hero-ish guitar shredding skill tree.
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    Essence did the Deadshot revamp, so it could be quite difficult to use those together