Fighting dredmor on Elf-Easy with warrior/firemage

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  1. I made a class that works real well. However on easy its tough to be able to hit him at level 24. I am playing the regular game and only have 10 levels which are mostly clear. However I dont do the lute fish stuff. I havent finished all of the side quests. I am level 24 and have sword skill, master or arms and shield mastery maxed. I have some points into blood mage, vampire and promethein magic. Smithy skill needs to be maxed in 2 levels.

    I noticed that with all of my equipment, Dredmor rarely gets hit for a lot of damage from my melee attacks.

    1-Should I continue to fight trash mobs for another 2 levels to increase smithy?
    2-What is a good level to fight him at for this build?
    3-Is there a chance of finding a pair of gloves (I need) or other/equip or is that as good as it gets.
    4-If I install the expansion will that make it take effect to this game, therefore allowing me to level to 15 ?

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  2. Ruigi

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    It's best to take smithing as early as you can because the stuff you can craft will help you more on the early levels.

    The expansion has additional craft recipes for higher level characters, you should also look into installing YHTNTEP, a free expansion pack, if you haven't already.
  3. What about if I install the expansion. Will I get those floors added onto this character or will this only apply to new chars. And what level is about right for dred?
  4. Haldurson

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    It will only affect other characters. Also, Dredmor is weaker if you fight the level 10 version than if you fight the level 15 version.
  5. I give up this game is too hard. I maxed out all the floors with all the quests, I focused on the right skills, I know how to beat the guy but its too tedious. If I melee him next to a corner, I can deal enough damage to retreat and come back. However, thats tedious and thus this game sucks.
  6. Haldurson

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    This is a roguelike, not a standard rpg. The fact that you could reach Dredmor means you are making progress. Most people never beat the game -- just check out the steam stats. But it's not about winning, it's about doing better each time.

    In any case there are other ways to kill him that are easier, such as with ranged weapons. There are vending machines where you can purchase some excellent ranged weapons, and you don't need any special skills to kill him that way (though if you are using thrown weapons, your melee bonuses will help).
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    Seeing how you have some pure wizard skills(blood mage, promethean), meleeing dredmor isn't recommended. What I would do is either use magic from afar or spam the best bolts/thrown you've got. If you manage to beat him, you can try dwarvish moderation.