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    <loadout type="potion" subtype="Prismatic Chrysanthemum" always="1" amount="1"/>
    <loadout type="potion" subtype="Hope Orchid" always="1" amount="1"/>
    <loadout type="potion" subtype="Generic Rose" always="1" amount="1"/>
    <loadout type="potion" subtype="Another Sort of Rose" always="1" amount="1"/>
    I think this is just what it needed. The code was missing that always="1", which I've instead found into the Fungal Arts skill, which gave me ALWAYS 3 kind of mushrooms. And I've seen that flag for every kind of starting item associated with a skill.
    So, this is the correct skillDB, if you feel lazy enough to not want to open the file :p.

    Oh, btw. Somehow the first flowers don't stack with the spawned ones, and this is odd. I'll search for the problem in the DBs.

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  2. That bug I'm aware of (it's mentioned in the first post actually :p); I'm pretty sure it's an engine problem though. Either way I have no idea how to fix it >.<
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    The flowers will stack if you quit and reload the game. I get the same thing with vanilla items, not just modded ones.
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    Never saw any item working like this, but my mind is just working bad. Items like what, Rakan?
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    Very often, if I pick a crafting skill, materials dropped end up not stacking with the ones I started. And in those cases, I can't use them in crafting either, until I restart the game. It doesn't happen every time for vanilla items, but it does it every time for modded items. I don't know what the cause of it. I think it might be related to the skills cooldown issue for mods that starts you with a skill.
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    Just wanted to say how much I'm looking forward to some kind of update for this, particularly if you manage to work on your problem with Glitterbomb being far too desirable. I would love to see this as a skill that works on both gish and nuker characters so that I can experiment with the higher levels!
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    I didn't get it, what's the issue you're considering with the glitterbomb?
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    My guess is that he still feels like Love Glitter Bomb is too strong at low levels. I might be wrong tho.
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    The thread creator has said that the seasons currently aren't as desirable as they should be compared to Glitterbomb. I agree--considering how deep in the tree they are, I think animal companion and seasons should be bigger. There is the fact to consider that Glitterbomb becomes more powerful as you gain access to more flowers, so maybe this isn't such a bad thing...

    It is possible that I don't fully know the design behind Animal Companion. Maybe it does stuff that I don't understand. Maybe it's powerful in a way that I don't appreciate...

    One last thing.

    God damn there is flower booze fucking everywhere. It's mad broken on Vampires but otherwise it just makes my booze hoard take up a stupid amount of inventory space. That's not SUCH a bad thing especially because that's a good downside when I'm, you know, actually a fairy princess, but when I'm not, it actually hurts the character because I could be seeing non-mod booze instead.
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  10. The seasons skill isn't working well, which means while Glitterbomb is cool, it's basically the only skill you use. And love glitter both does slightly more damage and fire damage, which early monsters are less likely to resist (vs. acid and poison, which are resisted all over the place on the second floor), so it's disproportionately good early on when it's the best you have access to.

    The biggest issue with animal companion is the AI for charmed monsters is screwy; other monsters will completely ignore them and walk around them trying to get to you, and since they can only attack in melee they don't do much damage 'cause they never get attacks off, and they're of questionable use for tanking for you, since nobody attacks them.

    So it probably needs a dramatic overhaul, or the AI for charmed monsters needs to get improved, which isn't something I can do.

    Yeah they aren't actually supposed to spawn everywhere, it's related to tags to limit item spawning not working properly (related I'd assume to being able to find hemetic phylacteries laying around :p)

    Since this mod doesn't have a whole lot to do with classes that aren't fairy princesses, I'd recommend disabling it for the saves that aren't using it (the game should remember which mods are active in your saves so you can have fairy princess saves active at the same time as non-). It might be possible for me to do some stuff to adjust the spawn rates, idk.

    As for updating, the problem is mostly that my energy and time are limited (both by the unfortunately finite nature of reality and by some less unfortunate but still limiting disabilities) and I tend to start too many projects so balancing everything is, you know, tricky. Anyway the point is I haven't forgotten about this or abandoned it but updates might take a while.
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    Personally, I wouldn't disable the mod. I still use the boozes when I need them, and when I don't, I turn them into Aqua Vitae. Nothing lost really.
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    I'll test it, but I think animal companion actually doesn't *work.* I'll try it now and make sure I target an Animal instead of a demon or something. I can't remember.

    It's very possible that I'm just dumb. BRB.
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  13. So I've been considering potentially actually making the update to this that I wanted--I wouldn't call it especially polished right now, and not JUST because my art skills can only be called skills if you are being extremely charitable--but my ability to be productive in general tends to come in short bursts of really really productive followed by "can't even get out of bed" (kind of like bipolar because... that's basically what it is XP) which makes actually finishing stuff once I hit that point kind of tricky.

    So basically my energy's been kind of focused elsewhere, when I have it at all, and this has languished in obscurity.

    So really, I guess the important question here is: Do people actually play this mod, or would they play it if it got an update? Like I can't say for sure that I would make an update even if there's interest--that also depends on various life stuff and whether I have time and how frustrated I get trying to refresh my memory on the details of the XML spell scripting, 'cause lately I'm used to using python and there is a. uh. HUGE difference in terms of useability there :p

    But like if there's actually interest that greatly increase the odds that I actually will do something (because really with my level of self discipline odds are if nobody else cares it'll never get updated >.<)
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    Is this mod on the Steam Workshop? If it was, I bet you'd see a couple hundred people use it at least. (Well, maybe the workshop is slower for older games, not sure).
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  15. It's not, no.

    That might be a goal if I actually get to updating it though.
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    I return now from the dead lands of summer students, and I can assume you I'm playing basically every modded game with your mod. So a update with new mechanics will be appreciated!
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