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  1. Save the world with sparkly joy!!!! ^_^ (and overdone enthusiasm, of course :p)

    Okay so since the patch came out, I figured I should proooobably release this since I literally finished my first round of polish right before the patch went up :confused:. I haven't totally finished balance testing so there may be some obvious issues with that but I'm pretty sure all the skills work.


    • A Fairy Princess skill tree with seven skills (five spells, and two passivish abilities), a wizard archetype skill.
    • A number of items associated with the skill tree (this aren't SUPPOSED to show up except through the skills, but the special tag appears broken, so I tried to make their addition to the food and drink tables not completely wreck balance? Though if you don't want to use this skill you may just want to turn off the mod for that game.)
    • Witness my mediocre drawing skills illustrating the entire tree!
    • Occasional pieces of art that don't quite suck so much!
    • Blow up your enemies with girly magic! :D Set them on fire with the burning passion of love! Turn them into shiny objects with the power of beauty! Melt their faces off with the power of hope! ...yeah we're not sure what that has to do with hope either.
    • Mind-bogglingly convoluted spell system! Eat flowers to power up your magic! Invoke the cyclical powers of the seasons! Throw glitter in your enemies faces!
    • A fairly diverse skillset, mitigated by its dependance on the aforementioned flowers.
    • Token male representation! Boys can be fairy princesses too! See, we support gender equality! :D
    Aaand an attempt to explain what all the skills actually do:
    • Glitterbomb!: A ranged attack that throws clouds of glitter at monsters! Does damage and can do damage over time if you use flowers to power it up.
    • Flower Magic!: Lets you use flowers to power up your fairy magic! Also causes flowers to grow from the corpses of your enemies. Flowers effect each of the skills in the tree in different ways.
    • Fairy Healing!: Call on your fairy friends to heal you! Has a long cooldown, but provides a supply of healing items to tide you over until the cooldown ends. Also provides bonus effects based on flower mode.
    • Cute Animal Companion!: Charms a monster for a short time, but the duration can be extended by using more flowers!
    • Changing Seasons: Invokes the cyclical nature of the seasons in the form of spellmines. Any time a monster triggers them, it might cycle your season forward, which causes an increase in power and changes the nature of your spellmines. Flowers can make mines more powerful, or can allow you to get to and stay on your favorite season more easily. Also provides darker flower magic options associated with autumn.
    • Glamourous Makeup!: Put on your best magical makeup, and store up charges from your flower magic to discharge when you're hit!
    • Mantle of the Fairy Queen: Assume your throne as a queen of the fae. (Yes even if you're a man, this skill is called princess after all.) Provides a passive magic powerup as you cast spells, and adds bonus effects as you cast to both Changing Seasons and Glamourous Makeup!. Also unlocks the last tier of flowers, associated with winter and your newfound divinity.
    Known issues:
    • I'm having some problems with items not stacking, this may not be a bug with the mod though? I'm not sure what's causing it >.<
    • There have been cases of conflicts with other mods; I haven't entirely determined the source of these (and they may not entirely be from me, for that matter). Vault of Maslech in particular has caused at least one person issues, though it's tested fine for me, so I haven't found the source. If you're having crash errors and use multiple mods it might work to try disabling other mods and see if that fixes it. (also do tell me which ones caused issues so I can try to find out why)
    • I haven't exactly finished balance testing, so some skills may end up fairly worthless, or far too powerful, and so on >.< (I'm a BIT more worried about the 'too powerful' half though >.<) If anyone actually plays with this let me know what seems to be broken; I'll keep testing on my end.
    • Its not on steam at this point, for a number of reasons. Sorry :(
    • The art frequently is bleh. I'd like to improve it, although my drawing abilities aren't great. :p If anyone wants to help that would be pretty awesome ^_^
    • 1.2: Made Changing Seasons interact with flowers better; reduced its area of effect properties and mana cost. Added a potion to stop new flowers from growing if they're cluttering things up.
    • 1.1: Added some new items in anticipation of a redesign/expansion of Changing Seasons. Tweaked numbers of items spawned by Fairy Healing. Allowed you to stack the Aspect buffs from flowers up to six times--if you eat a flower while you still have buffs in your Aspect stack associated with it, it'll add three to that; flowers of other aspect will reset your stack to three of the new Aspect, though. Fixed some more glitterbomb bugs I think, I forget the details though.
    • 1.02: Fixed a few minor bugs, tweaked glitterbomb damage, now does partial elemental damage in addition to the elemental DOT, instead of pure righteous with elemental DOT. Changed mod author from my real name ("Emily") to my username because that's probably more familiar here.
    • 1.01: First release without mod-breaking bug

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  2. Yeah it uploaded it twice for some reason >.< They should be completely identical. (Also I deleted the duplicate soooo :p)

    ETA: If I look like I'm talking to myself in the next few posts (or this one, for that matter), then that's because posts referring to resolved issues were removed, and I haven't done a more thorough edit job yet :p
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  3. Jellp

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    Never expected a fairy mod here! :p
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  4. Rawk Hawk

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    Theres gotta be a description on that glitter bomb "Those little specs of glitter are NEVER coming off of that floor"
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  5. >.<

    Yeah I tested with it unzipped. Give me a sec I'll update it with the accurate versions. (It probably'd cause issues on OS's that aren't windows too then?)

    ETA: Done. I think.
    Edit: Was referring to posts that have been deleted.
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  6. Try the version I uploaded? (it's back in the first post) I just removed the caps in the spellDB file references to files, and it's launching fine for me.

    Yeah I noticed the validator complained about floorScaleF but I kept it in because every instance of zorkmids spawning in the core game had that? (Like that line is literally copied directly from Bankster, with the amount dropped to 2 instead of 100.)

    More deleted posts
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  7. impactA is in dungeons of dredmor/sprites/sfx/impactA, with all the other core spell sprites. I'm not entirely sure what the problem you're getting with it is though?

    More deleted posts
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  8. Huh. I'll do some tests and see if i can figure it out in a bit.
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  9. Kazuhiro

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    This is a wonderful idea. And I'm not totally happy with the pony mod either.

    Downloading this and trying it now.
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  10. Let me know if you have the same problems as OmniNegro

    I'm not sure what roomScript would be? Like the mod doesn't have any rooms in it. (Do you have other mods running though? I could possibly see there being conflicts, which would explain why I'm not having trouble.)

    Just a sec I'll do some tests and see if I get it to work on other computers.

    ETA: It works fine on my second computer. I could probably try more computers but that would take a lot more effort :p
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    I just loaded it up and did not receive a crash on startup. So I rolled a Fairy Princess character. It seems to run fine. I didn't delve too far into it though. I'll skim the XML anyway. Did you tinker with your files at all Omni? Not sure why you are having a problem.
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  12. Wellll this mod has 219 spells for a total of seven skills soooo I'm hardly going to complain about other modders being crazy.
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    Well, I think I figured it out. It starts crashing on Character generation every time I have Vaults of Maslech loaded. More testing in progress. And no Syphonix, this is the vanilla 1.01 version of the mod and a fresh copy of DoD with all the expansions updated this morning by Steam and copied out.

    *Edit* If around the first of September 2012, tentacled-godqueen appears to be responding to herself, that is because I deleted my posts above since they were issues that were very quickly fixed, followed by a minor conflict with Vaults of Maslech.
  14. Alright, I can download Vaults of Maslech and look through it for possible conflicts.
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    Since I did not specify, I am using loads of mods. But when using the rest and ALSO VoM and your little Gem, it crashes hard.

    I was using the 7/8 build of VoM. (The latest.)

    I like your mod more for the time being, so I will stick with it until I or we can find a work-around. Perhaps Fax has some ideas. I have not blamed him for the failing economy or the weather recently either... I am getting behind on my Fax bashing. (The Hat laughs at me...)

    *Edit* Here is my current mod loadout.
    Wind Magic was slightly modified by me. Nothing that would effect this though.

    It works perfectly without VoM. But VoM is a beta still, and Fax makes very... Interesting additions to his mods. Not that I do not love them. FAXPAX is one of my top three mods any day. But This is to be expected.
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    So I guess Omni got it working, but I looked over it quick anyway for the hell of it. Question: is Floral Extractemy working properly? Your Buff tag ends in the same line it begins, rather than ending it with a </buff>.
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  17. I'd guess there's probably a naming conflict or something with Vault of Maslech, I'll check it out.

    Yeah it's a dummy buff. It doesn't actually DO anything itself; the flowers trigger an effect based on whether it's there, and its triggered whenever you eat something. Basically to make flowers do one thing if you're a different class (or level one) and another if you're level 2 fairy princess or higher.

    And the aspects don't work right if there's not a skill attached to them (the go away when you cast spells, but that's a triggeroncast thing, which only works on skills), hence making them require the skill to get in the first place.
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  18. Vitellozzo

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    It's a sort of Fungal Arts mixed with a strange kind of spellcaster, then?
    And it's also a cool (and fun) idea?
    I like it, i'm downloading it right now. Testing in any time.
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  19. Posted a new release which fixes a couple minor bugs (two types of glitter's spellmines were accidentally set to permanent, some graphics weren't working right.) and tweaks glitterbomb's damage.

    Also it stuck my username on the mod instead of my real name 'cause nobody here knows me by my real name. (Also it's "Emily" which is like... the most generic ever. :p)
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  20. OmniaNigrum

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    My next "Fairy Princess" will be named Emily. Cuteness and Cute names too! And Flowers! Sparkling Cute Flowers of Cuteness. :D

    Time for me to take my pills and go to bed. My Cute Pills! :p

    *Edit* Where are the Cute Kitten and Teddy Bear Summons?
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