Exotic Damages and You!

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  1. Thank you, I'm glad to BE aboard. Having a lot of frustrating fun working on this mod. It was working when I had less code, but now that I'm fleshing it out, the mod crashes the game on startup, and I have no idea why. I'll just try to finish it and continue checking for oddities and if I get desperate I'll head to the help threads. Very frustrating, though!
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    You might want to take a look at that if you haven't already:

    It's not much, but it still is a very nice tool you can use to check for errors in your code. It doesn't detect every possible thing that could break the game, but it detects most (if not all) bits of game-breaking code that found their way into the files by accident.
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    Nine times out of ten, if you want to do something cool you need to use an if, and you can generally do that with some combination of taxa and requirebuffontrigger and requirebuffonnottrigger. My main query is if those respect targetting or check the PC.
  4. Thanks! I really need something like that.
  5. Yes, it looks like it's going to be a bit of a challenge to code regardless. But, I want my skill set to be fun, so I won't settle.

    And yes, I did plan on having it interact with Killer Vegan in some way, as well as have alchemy recipes for Fresh Milk and Rancid Milk so even non-Lactomancers can reap some of their benefits.
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    Incidentally, the first table in the OP has been updated to reflect the new expansion, and include median values as well as mean values! I might get around to the spells sometime this month...
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    Since currently 16.7% of the monsters on floor 3 are Unfriendly AI's (at least pre-Wizardlands, forget if they added a 7th aside from like Molluscus), do you think it would be a good idea to copy/paste the AI's to try to keep near that ratio? Like:

    [existing non-AI]
    [existing non-AI]
    [existing non-AI]
    [existing non-AI]
    [existing non-AI]
    Unfriendly AI (16.7%)
    Diggle Used Car Salesmen (AI % drops to 14.2%)
    Cheese Elemental (AI % drops to 12.5)
    Antisocial AI (identical to Unfriendly; raises % to 22)
    Demidred (AI % drops to 20)

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    Rather than copy-pasting a monster, in general it'd be better to add a new one that has similar weaknesses but is otherwise new and unique... though I realize that's a lot of work and thus easier said than done.

    Two expansions have released since this thread was created. There's a ton of new critters out there now, making most of this info obsolete. While that's totally awesome to have new monsters to encounter, it sure seems like some of the floors are less themed than they had been. Encrusting changes things as well, allowing crafters to customize equip per floor in ways they couldn't before. The two factors may well balance each other out, but I haven't played deep enough to see it all yet. Someone ought to take a close look at the new state of the world and update all this stuff... but I don't have time for it this week. Sorry.