Excitement or idiocy?

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    So I purchased the game, and I can't play it. For both of the reasons listed above actually. I am an OS X user, and I checked the windows system requirements, so doh. I read up on the Mac and Linux thread, and saw the post near the end explaining the horribleness of Open GL on a Mac, and therefore why the system reqs are so much higher. I'm not asking for my money back(not even sure if that's possible), as I've been following development and read all the blogs since the beginning, and today a mix of free time + excitement at awesome recent updates made me decide to jump in today. So I'm still quite happy to support what looks to be an awesome game, even if I can't play quite yet, and I do plan on getting a more game-friendly device at some point in the future. However, I do have a couple questions on near/far future playability with what I got.

    1) I basically exactly fit the windows minimum specs, is it a WIP to deal with the Fun of OS X Open GL and eventually even the requirements out, or is it just absolutely not ever possible?

    2) If not, will graphical sliders and toggles etc. ever be implemented, so I could at least play a much-uglier-but-not-chugging version of the game?

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    I vote for excitement.
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    Hi, sorry about the issues. We are optimizing the game as we go, so it will likely run better in the future (it already runs way better than it used to,) but it's hard to say exactly how much it will change. #2 will likely happen though.
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    Good to hear! I'll keep an eye or two on the changelogs.