Evil Interior Decorator

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    Evil Interior Decorator
    "Time to zazz this dungeon up."
    Interior Decorators are dastardly scoundrels by trade. As such, Evil Interior Decorators are considered rogues.​
    Tier Zero - Feng Shui of the Damned (24 turn cooldown)
    +1 :resist_nercomatic:
    "The flow of energy through this dungeon is just too positive. It must be rearranged!"​
    - Targets an empty floor tile. A beam is cast towards the target area. Any monsters hit by the beam are pulled to you. Then, an explosion of dark energy goes off at the targeted area, knocking back monsters and items. Good as a panic knockback, moving objects out of the way, or singling out a particular monster (with good aim). Affected targets also take minor :dmg_necromatic: scaling off of your :sight:.​
    - This spell will summon a piece of dire furniture instead if you are affected by one of the 4 buffs granted from Fabulous Decorator Sense. But BEWARE: attempting to summon dire furniture on yourself will kill you, instantly.​
    Tier One - Weaponize Furniture (16 turn cooldown)
    "Originally a cantrip spell used by the famous mad wizard Kh'ris when he entered one of his rage fits, you've managed to get it quite near perfection."
    - Throws one of 6 pieces of furniture. The results of the attack depend on what was thrown. (You may even get items out of them.) All damage scales off of :sight:.​
    Tier Two - Fabulously Evil Decorator Sense (Passive chance for buff on slaying a monster)
    +1 :trap_level:, +2:trap_sense:, +1:sight:
    "When you draw near to the horrors of bad design, your incredible Decorator Sense starts tingling. This helps you find deadly traps, and as you progess through the dungeon, you begin to see ways to apply your evil profession."
    - 9% chance on slaying a monster to be granted one of 4 buffs which change how Feng Shui of the Damned works.​
    Tier Three - Needs More Pentagrams (72 turn cooldown)
    "What kind of self-respecting Lich WOULDN'T have pentagrams just EVERYWHERE? I mean, honestly.
    - Summons a pentagram at your current location. So long as you remain on the pentagram, you are granted 2:dmg_necromatic: 2:dmg_conflagratory: 2:sight: 6:crit: 6:dodge: 6:edr:. If you move and a monster steps on the pentagram, they will be granted the same buffs, so beware.​
    - As you land melee attacks while on the pentagram, it will begin to form a circle of candles around it. If you land 5 consecutive attacks, the pentagram will unleash an explosion of either :dmg_necromatic: or :dmg_conflagratory: damage, scaling off of :counter: or :crit:, respectively.​
    Tier Four - Antiquing for Diggles (Cone debuff every 4th melee attack)
    +3 :crit:, +1:dmg_transmutative:
    "Antiquing furniture made simple! Simplified for the Diggles among us! Except you're totally using this technique on your enemies instead of their commodes. Every fourth strike will unleash this insidious magic."
    - Every 4th melee attack you make casts a cone attack dealing minor :dmg_transmutative: with a very small scale off of :crit:. Enemies in the cone are debuffed, having their resistances and combat abilities reduced moderately, and dealing minor :dmg_transmutative: over time.​

    Tier Five - Shadow Word: Mosaic (80 turn cooldown)
    +1 :resist_transmutative:
    "With but a whisper of this deadly word, your squishy flesh becomes a rather irregular pattern of glass and stone. Anyone foolish enough to attack you will suddenly be taking a shower in shards of your skin. If this magic is beaten out of you, it will appear as if you exploded into nothingness. Unfortunately, though, it is as painful as it looks."

    -Grants you a strong defensive buff. The buff can take 6 hits maximum before breaking. Each time you are struck with the buff on, its defensive stats grow weaker, and it explodes outward dealing moderate :dmg_slashing: to monsters near you. On the 6th hit, it shatters and you become invisible, but you are debuffed for a few turns from the pain. Alternatively, if you let it wear off at any point, you won't be debuffed.

    Tier Six - A Pact With Satin (Strong passive buffs, but chance for debuffs in combat)
    +2:dmg_conflagratory: +2:dmg_necromatic: +2:resist_conflagratory: +2:resist_nercomatic: +1:sight: +3:crit: +2:melee_power:
    "Satin, Evil Lord of Fine Fabrics, has offered you some of his limitless power. All he asks in return is to delight in your eternal agony. I'm sure this will work out fine."

    - Very strong passive buffs. However, Satin will begin to toy with you. When you slay an enemy, he may resurrect it. When you attack an enemy, he may grant them a massive buff. When you are struck, he smells blood and attacks. When you dodge, block, or counter, he may greatly lower your chance of doing so again for awhile. And lastly, when you cast a spell, he might silence you for quite a long time.

    Tier Seven - Unholy Abode (200 turn cooldown)

    "You've done it. You've mastered the art of Evil Interior Decoration. Not many make it this far and live to tell the tale. This magic changes the dungeon to suit your particular tastes. The cost, however, is great. Every time you call upon it, you must pay with a part of your soul."

    - Casting Unholy Abode creates a haven in which you are safe for some time. You will be healed over time, and there are crafting stations which temporarily buff your crafting skills. HOWEVER, every time you cast this spell you must pay with part of your soul. You are permanently drained of some maximum :life: and :mana:. It will certainly save your life. But not forever. .

    Ok so I have the abilities in order and pretty much set up how I like them. Now it's a matter of balancing and putting in proper sound effects. I'm putting up this version if anyone would like to test it out.

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    Well, there's gotta be a curtains pun in there somewhere if there isn't already.

    You could do an AoE thing with a rug/carpet, although I'm not sure how the spriting for that would roll out.

    You could have a furniture-rearranging spell - a targetfloor knock that doesn't have any effect on enemies. I'm not quite sure how the XML for this would work out, or if it would be useful at all.

    There's a plethora of melee spells you could put in for hitting things with lamps/desks/chairs/what have you.

    And for a capstone, "Upholstery Machine" - does some minor damage for a few turns, but then leaves you fully re-covered (an armor buff of some sort, along with HP regen?)
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    Some good stuff there. Some of this is already in it. The rug one gives me an idea, thanks.

    Let's say this person had the ability to curse monsters to become mosiac-like, what would you expect that to entail?
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    Post updated with what I have so far, plus the mod in current form.
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    All abilities are now in place and the vast majority of the coding is done. Just need to put some sound effects in to place. Code is more organized, too. It's a bit of a long one.

    It's a numbers game at this point. Getting this stuff where it feels mostly balanced. If anyone would like to try it out or help give feedback, I've got the download updated. Please, give it a go.
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    With things going the way they have for me, I thought I'd be many more months before I had a chance to return to modding. But things change, as we all know, and I have had free time again lately. I have spent a great many hours trying to get this skill to a somewhat reasonable and fun place. I just cannot do it.

    Bigger and more complicated does not equal fun. This skill has made that maddeningly apparent to me. Since I cannot scrape anything fun out of what I have here, I am abandoning it.

    Should anyone wish to use this mod, in part or in whole, for any of their projects, by all means, do so. Permission is not required. I am going to move on to something else before this drives me completely insane.

    EDIT: This mod will also be removed from the steam workshop on Monday. I'm not going to leave a piece of half-finished work up on the workshop.
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    Alright, I assume you are claiming this in its entirety. It belongs to you now. I hope you can make something nice out of it. I just liked it less and less the more I played with it. I'm going to keep things simpler from now on. Of course, that may or may not be how things actually work out. Laying the groundwork for my next skill right now! Hope to start XML tomorrow. Good luck with this one Essence. I have faith you can polish my turd.
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    Good luck with the next one! Believe me, complexity isn't innately something bad -- just look at, well, anything I've ever created. The goal should be something that's intuitive to use even if it's complex on the back end. Unless you're deliberately trying to mess with the player, a la Archmage, that is. :p

    Actually, I really love this concept, and I think most of the mechanics are solid, too, there's just not quite enough control in the player's hands. We'll see. :)
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    Quick question: does Furnace of Wrath ever fire any direction but south?
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    Nope. The furnace was set to only fire south. I had thought about making it a pulse-like effect but I settled on only firing south to give it some flavor over, say, the monolith.
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