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    This event doesn't seem to be possible to complete successfully.
    Even if more than 15 clearable spots are removed, the ending is always a failure
    From the console output i can see that the counter for cleared objects is increasing, but is not related to the total count of cleared objects. If i follow the message and clear terrain around my colony i can get a counter of 11 with a total of over 20 clear terrain jobs without any other jobs in queue (all paused and 14 overseers free for jobs) done.
    Could you emphasize more what types of terrain has to be cleared as it seems to be technically working but a little picky about what needs to be cleared.

    The implementation could be improved by
    a) checking if the goal of 15 clearables has been reached if stagecounter <= 0, currently you can reach the target during the last five seconds and lose anyway
    b) i would consider it good practice to set trackClearables to false again at the end of the event
    c) send(state.director, "setKeyString", "finale", "failure") = >unnecessary
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    Weird, I had a successful resolve on my first colony in 1.0 (there were a ton of bushes in the area that got cleared fairly fast though).
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