Europa Universalis III

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  1. As of this post, there's a deal going on with gamefly (a pain, I know) where Europa Universalis III Chronicles is free. Some sites say the deal lasts until April 11th, or while supplies last, so get it while you can.

    The only grand strategy game I've played so far is Crusader Kings 2, but I look forward to trying this out once it installs. Anyone have thoughts on EUIII?
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    I have no thoughts other than "Whoops, it just landed on my account"
  3. Well I wish you luck if you ever decide to play it. Turns out it has a steeper learning curve than CKII. At least that's how I found it to be. I've been very slowly trying to unify Italy. How does one capture Rome without making the Pope and a lot of other Christian nations unhappy? Heck, how do you even get a valid casus belli on Rome? All in all though, I've been having a lot of fun with it.