Essential DoD Expansion Skills Rebalance v.0.0.1

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  1. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Files removed 'cause the changes they made were pretty much all adopted into the core game's XML as of the YHTNTEP release.

    This here is my attempt at rebalancing Realm of the Diggle Gods' skill lines in order to make more builds viable and the game a bit more fun. As with the Essential DoD Core Skills Rebalance, this does not work via the modloader. You must go to your Dungeons of Dredmor/Expansion/Game folder, rename the SkillsDB.xml and SpellsDB.xml you find there (I suggest replacing .xml with .OLD), and then copy the attached files into that directory.


    Depressing Elemental Blast's damage dropped to 8. Now adds a 12-turn dot that pacifies every turn and deals 2 + .3F existential damage every turn. Cost dropped to 34.

    Fixed a typo in Diggle Plague that was keeping a damage buff of 2 Putrefying damage from correctly applying to Diggle Form once you had obtained the Diggle Plague skill.

    Werediggles of London's health regen boost increased to 4.

    Dr. Diggle and Mr. Hyde's Burliness and Caddishness bonuses increased to 2 each.

    Level 5 Vegan's health regen increased to 4.

    Plunder produces random gems rather than zorkmids, but has been switched to a kill-trigger rather than a hit-trigger.

    Mists of the Corsair now deals minor Asphyxiative damage in addition to everything else it did.

    Broadside now fires 1-5 shots (average 2) and triggers a small explosion around the area it hits.

    Fervor of the Flaggellant can now go off when hit by any enemy (though still only when hitTING a demon).

    Flames of the Heckforge and You Are the Demons swapped places in line.

    Demon Form now gives you the ability to voluntarily activate the demonity (in addition to the occasional involuntary activations.) Total Demontime: 10% of your existence.

    Flames of the Heckforge now only has a 10% chance to invoke Infernal Contamination.

    As per normal, if you see any balance issues I missed, or have arguments with any changes I made, feel free to post or PM! :)

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  2. Can you make it so that werediggle form benefits from unarmed, but doesn't benefit from weapons? It seems weird to be benefiting from handheld weapons while you're drilling with your unarmed face.
  3. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    That, unfortunately, I cannot. It's hardcoded into the Polymorph mechanics. :(
  4. j011

    j011 Member

    At a glance, this seems to be the wrong file. The DBs included appear identical to the core skill rebalance files from your other thread.

    Am I missing something here?
  5. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Well, obviously this was a popular project. Took a week before someone noticed that I had uploaded the wrong file, myself included. :D

    Fix'd. Thanks! :)
  6. I am quite glad you made this. I've been using it since I found it!
  7. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member

    Well, I download it every time you change something (I kind of like these changes), but I don't really have much time to play because of a pretty loaded schedule in the last three weeks.
    But yeah, the other rebalance "mod" of yours is more popular.
  8. Dray`Gon

    Dray`Gon Member

    I, too, have started using this mod as well, particularly since I enjoy playing with the were-diggle skill tree.
  9. Archiez

    Archiez Member

    I cant get this to work, i renamed the spellDB and SkillDB files to Sxxx.DB.OLD and put in both the rebalance and expansion but no changes
  10. Did you put it in the expansion folder, or the main one?
  11. Archiez

    Archiez Member

    im sorry i run this threw steam the only folder i know of is Gaslamp/Dungeongs of dreadmor/"this is where i put it"
  12. What I do is I go to steam/steamapps/common/dungeons of dredmor and then look at the package contents. It then has "game" and "expansion" as folders. If you select expansion and then select the other "game" folder inside expansion, you should find the expansion skilldb and spelldb.
  13. Archiez

    Archiez Member

    hmmm i found all that but i got no changes what did you rename your "old" Spell/skillDBfiles is it Sxxx.DB.OLD. i dont think it matters that much except to preserv that spell/skill DB file

    but i got no changes
  14. Out of curiosity, what are you using as a test to see if it changed?
  15. Archiez

    Archiez Member

    i open up the game and look @ the skill stats of sword axe mace staff shield and unarmed (cause i have the rebalance there to) but i just got it to work and i think i know why it didnt cause i think the rebalance and the expansion go in 2 diffrent places :D
  16. Oh... well... glad you got it working! :)
  17. Archiez

    Archiez Member

    yes thank you very much if i never found out about this other directory i would have just been a noob in a chair thanks man
  18. happy to help :)
  19. Kazuhiro

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    Don't you think You Are the Demons should be improved, considering the kind of drawback it has? All around though, your ideas are good-- nuanced, minimalist, thorough. The fact that you buff things all over instead of nerfing is a little concerning, but eh-- You've probably taken a much harder look at DoD's balance than I.
  20. Wi§p

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    I agree with buffing/ changing the Demonology skill tree's last few levels, compared to the first 3 levels they have always felt a bit weak, especially "We are the Demons" activating randomly.. I also never thought that the -:resist_righteous: was really worth any of the skills except the capstone.
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