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    This is the thread (requested by RaustBlackDragon) where I record all of the people that I've called out as a badass in my sig, and (more or less) why.

    That' s all.

    1) FaxCelestis. See: FaxPax. Fax is a prolific modder, helpful, and always cheerful. It's always a joy to talk to him. Owner of Maslech, Eater of Beatings, the single most powerful hat ever seen in the history of Dungeons of Dredmor. From the still-pending mostly-secret Zodiac Project to the massive (and massively player-hating) Vaults of Maslech all the way back to good ol' FaxPax, Fax is a driving force in the Dredmor community.

    2) Ruigi. Ruigi is an incredibly hard-working modder. When Ruigi puts some shit out, everyone stops to pay attention because it's gonna be big, and it's gonna be badass. Clockwork Knights. Runecaster. Swashbuckling. They might not come often, but they bring the game.

    3) J-Factor. J-Factor is one of those guys that is just an extraordinarily patient and clear explainer of stuff. He also has some pretty deep understanding of the game mechanics and isn't at all shy about helping people to understand them better. Chronomancy is also the shit. Just sayin.

    4) RaustBlackDragon. RBD is a very thorough and attentive guy who is more than willing to sit through a lot of back-and-forth on ideas and how to improve them. He's probably the single biggest influence on the forums on my understanding of game balance.

    5) Nicholas. One of the devs for Gaslamp Games, Nicholas is extremely hard-working and yet always manages to find time to come to the forums or IRC and answer dozens of questions from crazy players and modders who have done stupid things like ripped open the .exe file with a hex editor and demand to know what obscure never-used commands do. That's badass.

    6) Null. Null is like J-Factor but slightly more esoteric and slightly less blatant about being helpful. Null has contributed more to my understanding of the game mechanics than anyone else on these boards, and his mods are badass and fun on top of it.

    7) r_b_bergstrom. This guy is the creator and curator of the single most-loved mod on the boards (Interior Dredmorating), and he's just plain helpful as can be. He's got a great understanding of both aesthetics and mechanics, and is an excellent dispenser of advice, particularly to newbies.

    8) dbaumgart. The project manager behind You Have To Name The DLC Pack, David is a Renaissance Man, drawing sprites, coding XML, herding Nicholas, and winning knife-fights in the Gaslamp Pit. He's the perfect combination of responsive to the community and zero-bullshit, and he's the other reason (after Nicholas) that Gaslamp is the perfect game company.

    9) lccorp2. Roguish Renovation. Radiant Wizard. Blood Knight. Arcanist. Witcher. lccorp2 is a modder of amazing volume and proficiency, and he maintains and updates his stuff with religious fervor. He's also got a sense of balance that tends toward the edgy, which I appreciate immensey. If you haven't tried his stuff, you should.

    10) Glazed. Glazed might not be as front-and-center as some of the other people in the Hall, but he's no less badass. Glazed has put together a few tools that do remarkably cool and useful stuff like point out XML errors and scan game-files for information that isn't obvious to the naked eye. He's probably done more for the developers' understanding of their own game than anyone outside of Gaslamp (and arguably Null), and that makes him a total badass.

    11) Deek. Deek works tirelessly behind the scenes keeping this community together. Everything that happens here on the forums -- which, of course, is everything that happens -- happens because of Deek. Those spoiler tags? He made them. That fancy file upload system? It's Deek. Deek is the ghost in our shell, and we love him.

    12) Lorellian. Lorellian is the community's unofficial Noob Guardian, keeper of such threads as the Community Skills Guide and the For The Convenience of The New thread. He's also a provider of much excellent advice and feedback across the entire forums -- the kind of person everyone is grateful to have around even if they don't necessarily remember his name the next day. (Also, quite the creative writer.) Time to sing this unsung hero.

    13) zaratustra. zara is a demi-GLGod, someone whose work is often unnoticed because it's incorporated into the game behind-the-scenes and without much fanfare. If you're into crafting at all, you should hug zararustra, because he's created about a third of all of the recipes in the core game. Also a modder of some pretty decent stuff, zara should by all right have a custom title along the lines of Will Mod For Digglebucks, but he's too darn modest.

    14) SeeBeeWhitman. One of the newer programmers on the GLG squad, Chris Whitman is basically single-handedly responsible for Conquest of the Wizardlands' amazing code. Pocket dimension? That was Chris. The algorithm that generates Wizardlands and their respective passwords? Whitman. If there's something that CoW had that made you sit up and beg to throw more money at your screen, it was probably coded by Chris. To paraphrase one of the greats: "Get me my laptop -- it's the one that says 'Badass Mothaf***a' on it."

    15) Daynab. How the hell did I let Daynab slip this far down the list? Daynab is the community moderator here on the Forums. He keeps things nominally under control, but more importantly than that, he's very helpful, seems to be everywhere all the time, and is also the architect of Dredmor's presence on SomethingAwful, which has to be some sort of accomplishment. If it wasn't for Daynab, this place would be a den of iniquity, and we're all grateful for the inexorable nudges of his gentle hand.

    17) Lujo86. This might be questionable to some, as Lujo86 is both new and not terribly prolific around the boards, but there's a story here that ought to be recorded for posterity, and it shows his badassitude. See, when Lujo86 came to the boards, he stirred up a bunch of people by saying a bunch of stuff about DoD, one of which was that he wasn't willing to mod in the solutions that he wanted to his problems. Long story short, Lujo86 has produced one mod -- a solution to his major problem -- and it working on more. Lujo86 is that rare Internet person who is both willing to back down and willing to put in the work to get what he wants, and that is hella badass.

    18)OneMoreNameless. It's been a long time since I've been totally impressed by someone's balancing skills -- and even longer since reading someone's mod description has made me sit up and say " the hell did he do that?" OneMoreNameless did both several times each with his amazing ASCII Invasion mod. His monsters are as delicately balanced as Bergstrom's rooms and as mechanically interesting as J-Factor and Null's skills, vaulting him into the ranks of Badassitude with ease. If you want to add some serious interest to your Dredmor, try ASCII Invasion -- and then beg OneMoreNameless to write more mods.

    19) Kazeto. Kazeto is one of those crazy people who manages to come up with ways to get the most improbable things to work -- if you're willing to take the Red Pill and delve into a rabbit hole of twisted code and unlikely shenanigans. I don't recall him ever actually publishing a mod, but it's clear from his posts that he knows his shit and more importantly he's really very willing to be helpful and awesome in his own sleep-deprived way. In short, if you really want something to work and it doesn't seem like it will, Kazeto is the Satan you need to bargain your soul to in order to pull it off -- and that's badass.

    20) Haldurson. Haldurson is another unsung hero of the boards, and he deserves his moment in the sun. He's always around, keeping conversations going and the boards thriving, and he's created some excellent guides both here and on the Steam Workshop. In this long, dark tea-time between games, when the forum is slow and only those of us privvy to the rumblings about CE Alpha in the Very Secret Conversation are getting our excitement on, Haldurson is one of the loyal few who have continued to contribute and encourage others despite the relative quiet. Thank you, Haldurson. You're the man. :)

    21) Mining. This addition is at least a year late, because I've been playing Hearthstone instead of Dredmor, and my computer is a video card short of running Clockwork Empires. (I'll get there. Soon. Promise.) But Mining's incredible dedication to getting Dredmor's complex code for buffs and such to do crazy shit like If/Then/Else statements and even Turing-Complete systems has blown the minds (and possibly the CPUs) of several of our long-term residents, and his ubiquity and helpfulness are hard to overstate. Kick ass: it's what Mining does.
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  2. Wi$p because, well... he likes you.
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    I think you should add a few words about the existence of Maslech, Eater of Beatings, if you write about Fax. But that's just my opinion.
  4. Awesome! Thanks so much for doing this!

    ...I seem to remember you had Ruigi in your sig at one point though, or am I mistaken?
  5. Essence

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    Yep. Ruigi hasn't been on the sig yet.
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    Actually, I think he was there. And IIRC he was either 2nd or 3rd.
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    Maslech needs to be inducted into the Diggle Gods as the Diggle God of Hats.
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    Pretty sure he was shortly before Nicholas.
  9. I didn't see J-factor, don't know where he goes in the list, but this is what I saw:

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    Oh. Apparently I'm an old man. OK, sure. :)
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    ... do we get hats? I want hats.

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    Yes, we all get a copy of Maslech. :3
  13. Thank GOD! I tried to do the same thing with a hachimaki, and Krong smacked me with a damned -3 to critical, on a character who practically DEPENDED on critical.

    EDIT: But Fax, what do YOU get!?
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    I get another Maslech. Except this one is a hat for my hat.
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    I think Maslech itself should be on that list.
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    Added r_b_bergstrom to the Hall.
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    I want to know why XD
  18. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks the OP? :p Also, the Mods forum.
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    Added dbaumgart to the list of Badasses
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    Applauding your latest addition, even though it unseats me from your sig. David is a badass par excellence.