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Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Protera, Aug 27, 2012.

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    I recently picked up Dredmor again after Wizardlands came out, resuming a save I'd started just after the release of You Have To Name The Expansion Pack. Several anomalies were present on the floor I was on at the time (the icy one, floor 7 I think), including a stack of 5 identical copies of a unique weapon I already had in my inventory.

    The oddest of the anomalies, though, was the... thing... pictured in my attachment (actually my second encounter with one). I attempted to pick up the original and put it in my inventory, only to find that I couldn't drop it. I reloaded my last save and decided to continue on to the next floor, which continued anomaly-free until I came upon the picture below. There's no way this *isn't* a bug, and since it wasn't listed in the main bug thread, I figured I'd post about it.

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    Just making sure, but you don't have any mods installed that might be interfering with the patches right?
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    That is an entry in the spelldb... Why is it showing as an item?
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    I'm running modless, yes. Vanilla plus all available expansion packs. And yeah, a very good question, Ruigi. I think I may have lost the save file, unfortunately...