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    Those two will solve 90% of your item woes and inventory issues. Convert all gems to Emeralds and back anytime you need a specific type. Convert all metals to Iron and back when you need a specific one.

    You will have the skill to make anything in the game if you put a few levels into the skills.

    That is the closest to a cheat mod that currently exists. And it *Is* a cheat mod. Using Debug Mode to give you an inventory full of items will allow you to have all the resources to make anything you have a recipe for.
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    Playing as a variation of a Clockwork Knight I found DoD way too easy even on Going Rouge, so this one is a life saver, thanks :)

    I think green is for noobs :) so I roughly edited difficulty selection screen.


    I've got a couple of suggestions and thoughts I'd like to share, I'll post them a bit later.
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    I think "noobs" wouldn't even try to install such a mod, but that is just my opinion.
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    Really, since you already have made proper mods, you probably could do a better job with it than I did. Note that the current version available is not actually based upon the 1.1.2 version of the game, and may result in your PC exploding after sending edited pictures of you with a *Expletive Deleted* in your mouth and saying terrible Zalgo-like things to everyone you know personally. :D

    It is an easy thing to edit such files. But getting it harder but still possible once you get 15 levels deep has thus far eluded me. By the time a reasonable character gets 15 levels in, they will be swarmed and even with all the possible advantages they could abuse it is just too hard.

    If you would like to take over, please do. :)

    BTW, I love the image. That is pure, unadulterated Win. :D
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    Well it was a figure of speech, without any meaning. It just was a bit strange for me to choose something soft and green while knowing that it is actually harder than something mean and red. :)


    I don't think PC will explode in my face, :) I made a comparisson of your modded file and one that is in the game directory. I don't see any differencies except for the numbers, so unless you went beyond game limits I think it'll be ok.

    As for the ballance I think you made mob respawning time to short it was 240(easy) 200(med) 180(hard) making it just 80 is maybe the reason of overwelming.

    As for taking over, I would do that, but first I need to understand how ballanced it is and starting from the very beginning each time I changed anything in my mod is a bit frustrating. Of course debugging could help but quick runs tend to be inaccurate.

    Btw do you know what experience n value means?
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    I think that is the value of some internal mathematical equation used to calculate how much experience you get when you kill a monster of level x while you are level y and are on dungeon level z.

    I will have to check and see. But note that you do not actually have to start a new character to test minor changes. Just close the game, change the data, save, and open and reload your savegame.

    This is especially useful when you have a known monster and can experiment with it to see how much experience killing it gives you, and how many Zorkmids it drops and such. (I would save near a staircase down so you can see what newly generated monsters are like in a more controlled way.)
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    I've been messing with tweakDB and WOW I can now actually enjoy the game again. I like hardcore challenging fights, no permadeth, just fitghting on the edge :)
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    DungeonDragon is basically taking this over. He has plans. Good ones too. :D
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