Elvish Reality.

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    This is made for 1.0.11 with RotDG and the new DLC. And this is a total conversion. It ceases to allow Elvish Easy to work as it normally does.

    The theme will be Elvish Reality. It will take what I consider useless and make it not so much. It will double the difficulty of Going Rogue difficulty under the current place of Elvish Easy.

    How is that a theme? Here is the backstory:


    The Elves and Dwarves fought tooth and nail for years in many little wars and a few major ones. At the end, the Elves declared their victory. But that was how the Dwarves really won. The Elves were simply fooled.

    The Dwarves decided to hold a massive Lottery across the entire race. Everyone hoped not to win. The "Winners" were sent to what would be the place of their deaths and the seeming defeat of the entire race by the Elves. The "Losers" would continue building marvels that greatly rivaled the best works of Elves and Men. They would seal the tunnels leading to the cursed "Surface" world and live in peace without the pesty Elves poking their arrogant ears into Dwarven matters.

    And so it was done. The few hundred "Winners" packed up what they had and left their beloved home deep underground never to return, and never to even speak of it for fear one of the pesty ears would hear them. Surprisingly, the Dwarven "Winners" very nearly won the few major wars they had with the Elves. They were greatly outmatched in numbers, but the Elves were plainly stupid by Dwarvish standards. They used traps to "Prevent the Dwarves from using magic"... Pffft. The Dwarves were warriors and craftsmen. Not pathetic pointy-eared mages. The Dwarves gladly stepped on the Elvish traps and walked right up to slaughter them in plain simple Melee.

    It was not for two major wars and dozens of scrimishes before the Elves "Pulled their ears out of their asses" and started fighting them in earnest. By then, the few hundred Dwarves were only a few dozen Dwarves and they could not hope to win. But their secret fueled the fires of their fight. They knew that losing to the Elves meant that their brethren would win for real.

    At the last battle, only a handful of injured Dwarves survived to be taken prisoner. The Elves hoped to "Rehabilitate" them. The Dwarves had to be magically sustained because none of them would willingly eat "Elvish shit food" or drink "Elf Piss". They never revealed their secret either.


    Thus Elvish Reality is a theme of greater dangers by far from what is currently known in DoD. It should be considered impossible difficulty.

    The advantage of this would be double the Exp of GR. The disadvantages are many and painful.

    Put this in ..\Dungeons of Dredmor\game\.. and extract it there overwriting the original. There is a backup included in the zip.

    *Edit* Removed the old version since people were still downloading it, yet no-one has touched the 1.0.11 version.

    I will put it in the next post with a warning.

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    What does it do?
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    As quoted from the OP, "The theme will be Elvish Reality. It will take what I consider useless and make it not so much. It will double the difficulty of Going Rogue difficulty under the current place of Elvish Easy." So in simplest terms it makes the current easy difficulty of the game harder than the hardest difficulty of the game.
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    There we are. A nice 1.0.11 with RotDG+DLC2 version. Be sure to download the correct version and follow the steps as they are above.

    Enjoy a harder fight than normal!

    *Edit* Here is the 1.0.10 version for RotDG only. It will not work with the new 1.0.11 version or the new DLC.

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    Note that traps are easier in this than DM and GR difficulties. They are the same as EE normally has.

    There are however more traps. But they are easier.
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    Unless someone tells me they actually use this, I am abandoning it. I am the only one I know of that uses this at all. And even I see it mostly useless. I can never decide what values to have for things. The game balance is destroyed by late game with this. Monsters spawn far too fast and food and healing is too infrequent. The advantage of experience and quicker HP and MP regeneration is not nearly enough to keep up past the middle of the game.

    Oh well. No loss. I am reverting my current DoD to the backup.
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    I really like the idea of the mod, but seeing as how I struggle with GR (have yet to kill the big D there, although I have gotten close a few times), I doubt I would fair well here LOL. If nothing else, you can keep the copy you have here already up. I think it's an idea worth saving and the work is already done, yes?
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    I will not delete the thread. But there is not much point in using it as it is. The balance of GR is actually pretty well thought. This is purely broken. (In that it is impossible to keep up past the middle of the game without tweaking spell costs and heals and such.)
  9. DragonDai

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    Oh, I figured that ER would become pretty impossible eventually, if only because GR gets to be pretty impossible for me eventually! LOL. But yeah, I think it would be a real challenge to balance properly without modifying a lot of game files....
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  10. Arron Syaoran

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    I'll play this if you can find me a good cheat mod that gives OP items, OP skills and the ability to craft all the OP items.

    Edit: cheat mod as in something that a newbie modder would make, not something that has maleware or anything.
    Reddit: Malware, not Maleware.
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    Just use Debug mode if you want to cheat. And all the values are kept in 4 Byte Integers, so you can load up Artmoney for free and use it to cheat the game and anything that has a number in it.

    When I test things, I commonly use both Debug and Artmoney. I use the capital letter I (As in Italy or Iguana.) to add items to my inventory and them drop the garbage and keep the good stuff.

    When I need to test something particularly brutal, like FAXPAX's "Wildfire Vials" I edit my health to 99999 or so to prevent them killing me while I test how insane they are. You can just lock the health value there without any problems at all.

    You can edit your experience also if you want perfect control over how and when you level. But with Debug Mode it is easier to just press the lowercase l (As in lemon or lawyer) to gain 15 levels at a time. Press that and spend the points, then just press it again until you max out your skills.

    People often misunderstand cheating in a single player game. Cheat all you want, and let no-one tell you how lame it is. (Especially a hypocrite like myself.) :)
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    Honestly, I have not updated this in ages, and really I think you will find more enjoyment in editing the files yourself. They are plaintext and easy to figure out. The most recent version does not work with CotW, nor the most recent version of the base game. (Or at least it was not made for it and may miss things that should have been tweaked.)

    If anyone really wants another version of this, please let me know. Otherwise, I will let it sink into obscurity.
  13. Arron Syaoran

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    1. Artmoney doesn't work for me. I'm on a mac and it's an exe download.(As in windows only)
    2. Wait until DavidB1111 gets a load of this mod.
    3. The last thing you said justifies playing Evilishly Easy without Permadeath.(As long as it's not a Community Challenge or Multiplayer scenario)
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    Oh, he had already been there in the past and they had a small war (that got deleted, or moved somewhere else) for a while about that.

    Does it even have to justify it? As far as the game is concerned, that's a legit way to play it.
  15. Arron Syaoran

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    I kinda wish that Elvishly easy would only get you halfway through the game(kinda like in most late 90s games). But then again, the Ending on even Going Rogue isn't really cinematic. This IS an indie game, and I doubt that cinematics would be worth their time.
  16. OmniaNigrum

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    DavidB1111 and I are good friends. I respect his insanity just as much as he respects mine. :) For instance, I modified the image he currently has as his avatar so it would fit better. I did this on pure whim one day while reading his signature and thinking of what would reflect that better.

    He and I really do get along just fine. He is convinced I want the game to be unplayably hard, and that is not entirely inaccurate. I just think there needs to be some more control over have insanely hard it is at times.

    As for cheating on the Mac, it requires a bit more work. But I am reasonably certain there is a freeware memory editor for the Mac. Why would there not be? I will search a bit later and see if I can find one or more of them.
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    What is with Mac people? (Not you, but others.) I searched and the closest I found was this from 2003...

    No files were ever made. Did Jobs *Eat* them? I have no idea. But I was unable to find any memory editor for Macs...

    I will find something to help you out. But for now, Debug Mode is the best thing you can get. If you think you are about to die and want your Health replenished, level up. (Lowercase l as in lemon does that 15 times.) And I really doubt there is a limit to the number of times you can gain 15 levels. You can have as many points as you like.

    I have not given up. It may take a while to get what you want, but it will happen.
  18. Arron Syaoran

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    I don't feel too safe with a "memory editor". It's like trying to hack my own hardware/software rather than just the game.

    Edit: That was my user talking. He's a wuss.
  19. OmniaNigrum

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    What type of Robot are you? That is just not right.... Hacking stuff is supposed to be your bread and butter.

    But no worries. I will find you some mods to cheat your ass off.

    Memory editors are perfectly safe BTW. Just like firearms, if they are used responsibly and without malice, they are incapable of harming anyone. My rifle has yet to remove itself from it's mount on the wall and commit any crimes at all.
  20. Arron Syaoran

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    The IRL User controlling me(not to be named, he's human), forbids it for some reason. If my user would let me, I'd be happy to use the memory editor. I'm pretty much his avatar. His first name is similar to one of the Devs in GLG.

    Edit: If my user is afk(ingame), I would try to do my own thing, but the Game's Idle script has other plans. At least in this game I get to play videogames.
    Reddit: I, Arronsyaoran, am a pretty good hacker. I wouldn't hack gibson or anything big just because I don't want to be labelled as an enemy of the United States. My User, on the other hand, can barely program text loops. Yet he's the one that makes the calls IRL.