Elemental Magic! (Beta!)

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  1. Right, first mod, yadda yadda. Skills aren't exactly unique, but they do give you access to blasting, hyperborean, voltaic, and conflagratory damage types (more often than not, mixed). Consider this a beta, though, as I'm not particularly good at the game and can't really claim to know whether it's balanced or not.

    First skill is called "Flame of The Pansies"--Dragon's Breath, but pure conflagratory and significantly weaker. Also it has a lobster icon. Because lobsters rule.

    Second skill is called "Ice Bolt of The Cold-Impaired", and functions pretty much as its name would have you think--mostly blasting, a touch of hyperborean added on. It explodes in a 3x3 area, dealing a tiny amount of slashing damage. Also, it has knockback. Because, you know, giant block of ice to the face.

    Third skill is called "Finally, Voltaic!" and, again, does pretty much as the name would have you think. Does pure voltaic in a pretty decent AoE.

    Fourth skill is called "Ice Mine of The Totally Successful", and, not surprisingly, does pretty much as the name would imply! It's similar to Rune of Exploding, except it does hyperborean and blasting, and lasts slightly longer. Also, of course, it's more lethal due to being higher up on a skill tree. Finally, its AoE damage does scale with level.

    Fifth skill is called "Make 'Em Proud", and, since I finally managed to make a not-exactly-what-it-says name, I will tell you that it does voltaic and conflagratory damage, along with igniting a fairly high-damage burn. It's the only real single-target skill in the entire tree, so its damage is quite high--comparable to Thor's Fulminaric Bolt if you count burn damage, although it is quite a bit more expensive at lower levels of Savvy.

    Finally, the capstone! As you'd expect of a purely blasty tree, it's pretty awesome. In fact, so awesome, that I was stricken with horror and named it "Oh...oh dear."! This spell has a base damage of 30 on-hit (split evenly between blasting, hyperborean, and voltaic), and triggers a conflagratory/blasting explosion in a decent area around the target. The skill is pretty expensive, requiring 28 Savvy to hit its minimum cost of 16--mana costs is one of the areas I was worried the most about balancing, though.

    As an afternote: the tree scales a lot harder than most other blasty skills, but it also has (generally) lower base damages. I'm not sure, and I sincerely doubt, I managed to make it all work correctly, though, as, again, I have no experience with lategame and very little with midgame play.

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    I'll have a try. If I manage to get to level 6 with this skills that would mean that is unbalanced.
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    I updated the mod index but didnt add this yet, let me know when you consider it ready.
  4. I'll probably need a good deal more feedback than what I've gotten to declare it ready--I don't think it's a game-breaker, but it may be a good deal OP. Also it isn't exactly pretty, but I'm not really one to worry about that much.