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    After much trials and tribulations... you can now try out the Eggles mod on the Steam Workshop.

    Eggles - sunny side up! Kill them while you can... or the eggles will eventually hatch into diggles!
    Final release version:
    * Four varieties of eggles to fight on the first four levels of the game.
    * New monster graphics depicting eggles have been sized to that of diggles.
    * New huge Eggle Nest room with additional nest image and loads of treasure inside... watch out for the horde of eggles though.

    Get it today and enjoy a couple of Eggles Benedicts!

    PS - Attached is the entire mod for those who want to create their own monster and monster nest room.

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    This makes me so happy. Seriously, this sounds just awesome. I'll totally give it a go in my next game!