Earliest Access Feedback and Reactions

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    Also just silly things happens, like items carried in to a workshop where it don’t belong and get carried back out.

    I’m very glad the fish people can open doors. But the cows/big bugs can, they can also walk trough walls and its irritating.
    They also tend to cluster in the settlement.

    It would been really, really nice if possible to get to build a Palisade that comes up fast and cheap.

    I have not modified a thing, but still crashes and crashes, especially when ordering a job done, like cutting timber or mine.

    Also seems if to many outdoor jobs in queue, nothing get done.
  2. Susanne C

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    It feels like some Darwinian experiment gone horribly wrong.

    My colonists are simply to bloody stupid to stay alive.

    Baskets of food left in the forest, crops rotting, dead fish people lying in piles (we can discuss ethics regarding eating them later.) still they starve.

    Not to mention the civilians unable to grasp the simple concept of; get indoors when fish people attack. Or soldiers walking calmly by a step or two away when another person get slaughtered.

    The colonists simply need a stronger sense of self preservation.

    The soldiers need to become way more alert.

    And there is a great need of making the colonist priority food above all things or at least make it possible to make sure they do that when needed.

    How is one to remove the mystery plants overrunning the fields at times?

    I also really, really miss being able to adjust and change furniture in buildings after they been ordered.

    An undo button would be nice to.

    It seems that the Game tend to crash when there is 40 colonists or more.
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