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Discussion in 'Clockwork Empires General' started by convolutedthinker, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. Ghin

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    If the soldiers weren't so colossally inept and cowardly it would be much easier to defend the town. If there is a gabion under construction, every soldier slowly walks to the nearest stockpile to drop off their weapon and then pick up a bag and a shovel. If there are any fishpeople nearby, they will permanently stop the gabion from being built and consequently any soldier from ever rearming. I think it will be much easier to get the soldiers to do things once their behavior is fleshed out and more general military parts are added.
  2. dbaumgart

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    Re. converting Overseers to NCOS: Pretty sure the conversion the other way simply wasn't done yet? The Plan is you just hit the militia button again and they convert back to civilians.
    As for game balance: There /should/ be negative memories created when a civilian is drafted (unless they are Patriotic or Foolishly Brave). I should double check that they're actually connected. And, otherwise, militia soldiers will also be made rather prone to running away and generally not very good at following orders.
  3. Leichhardt

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    I quite enjoy the game - however - 30B constantly crashes on my machine. Especially while saving..... please help!
  4. Darekada

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    You might want to try the "Experimental" build (R30E). I can play hours long games, whereas I was crashing pretty often on 30B.

    Or you can wait for Rev31 which should be relatively stable the way it's going now with the successive builds.

    As for saving hmm... well... it's not exactly working yet.
  5. Samut

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    Since the most recent is build is the most stable, and also has the most changes to make things better for brand new players (tutorial was added in 30D I think, and 30E disabled the crashy renovation tool), it should really get pushed out to the main (non-experimental) branch.

    I realize that once things get going, only full revisions will be pushed out to everyone, but at this stage of the game new players are getting an impression of a game that doesn't reflect how much it's improved (think back to how 30B compares to 30E).
  6. Alephred

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    r31 is coming out very soon. Like, sometime next week. For someone who has only seen r30B, it will be significantly more stable.
  7. Colin

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    I crashed on 30E. Played about 45 min. Built some walls (wood walls that the soldiers put together) Got shot by a couple fishmen. Crash. I was like alrighty then. I have 25 hours in the Beta right now. Lol. Good times.
  8. Ghin

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    Clearly this person must be some kind of foul sorcerer.

  9. zerg_x

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    worst part about EA games are always the start cause that's when it's the roughest. Trying my best to play but the game is still filled with bugs and crashes that make it very hard to play. But everything is starting to shape up nicely, and everyone on the team seems pretty compitent and happy about their jobs so at lest I have some reasurance that things will get fixed and get done.

    I have high hopes for everything! I can't wait till the game is more playable so I can start showing off my towns.
  10. Susanne C

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    I regret getting this, money out the window.

    It crashes and crashes. One like to save right, so if it crashes (and it does) so one don’t lose progress. But when one saves, it also crashes. Why do i want to play a game that seems to give me max playtime of 20 min before it crashes and i have to start on scratch?

    Soldiers are clearly blind and deaf, not caring that fellow soldiers get slaughtered right beside them. (literary a step or two).

    Workers die of starvation, being idle while there is a lot of forage jobs lined up.

    Fields dies, while workers do nothing.

    It would be nice if one could delete objects.

    And assign a work team to a specific task when they hang around nothing nada.

    Then the lack of logic, items getting carried all over the place before ending up on stockpile.

    Workers on a loop, puts object down, picks it up, walk a step, walk same step, walk same step…. you get me.

    I was so happy when i found it, being a dedicated The Call of Cthulhu Role player. Now i feel cheated for experience as well as money.
  11. Unforked

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    This is an early access title. You might want to wait until it officially releases (or at least for a few more updates) if the current issues are overly frustrating.

    These are the most transparent, community-friendly, diligent, intelligent and eager-to-help developers I've ever seen, so you can rest assured the game has a bright future.
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  12. Susanne C

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    I do hope so.
    Because I love the idea. Hope they hurry on the combat skills of the soldiers, they are bloody useless if they don’t act when needed.

    Hey that would be nice feature: Firing squad for soldiers that fail their duty.
  13. Akuma

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    Well you can totally order your men to shoot your own soldiers.

    The combat of the soldiers mostly resolves around distance. If a fish person is right next to them they freak out and run away. So the best way to deal with fish people is to have about four soldiers shoot all at once so they can't get close.
  14. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    We're sorry for the frustration. We have people working right now on debugging stability issues and we've fixed like a dozen in the last patch, so we're working on resolving them ASAP.

    The other issues are also things we're working on, but do you know how to reproduce the workers on a loop issue you mentioned?
  15. Samut

    Samut Member

    The utility for farming jobs, at least the last two out of three, still seems a little too low.

    Tilling Soil has a utility of 1000 (as does foraging, mining etc.), plus this modifier:

    <carrying_tool name="hoe" weight="200" />

    so if you're already carrying a hoe, this job's utility is increased by 200. Cool.

    Tending Crops, however, has a base utility of 900, and Harvesting Crops is an 800, and neither gives a bonus for having the right tool. As it stands, it's going to fall behind other similar jobs.

    The utility for all three farming jobs should be 1000, and give the tool bonus. Farming jobs are more difficult than anything else in CE; once you start planting, you're on a treadmill to complete jobs within a certain time period, and they pop up again on their schedule, not yours. They should be prioritized over similar resource gathering jobs.

    I made those changes in my own games, and it's cool. The number of farming jobs expands and contracts. When there are lots of farming jobs to be performed, colonists are planting and weeding and chopping away. Then that round of farming gets finished, and work crews move on to other things.

    Sometimes there are are even more crews than available jobs. And that's okay! The extra crews go eat, they take a nap. It has a nice seasonal feel to it.
  16. Susanne C

    Susanne C Member

    I shall be honest enough to admit I’m not sure what you mean when you say: The other issues are also things we're working on, but do you know how to reproduce the workers on a loop issue you mentioned?

    Now, what also would be nice would be like it is in Tropico series. One can set priority both on construction and production.

    Other little fun bug. Soldiers shooting through houses. By all means, there are rifles able to do that. But aiming would be a wee bit harder.

    Also kind of odd that they don’t clear the ground before building. Shrubs and grass and bones all over the floor.

    I also at one point had 32 sacks of wheat, but nothing coming out of the kitchen because staff seemed stucked on making same batch of lingonberry jam, so people started dying from starvation.

    I suspect all my colonies will end up as Roanoke. (hey mystery solved, perhaps it was the kults and fish people.)

    On the fish people.

    When I played CoC once upon a time, one of my characters, an Exiled russian count, fell deeply in love with a fish person, stating how well the family emeralds would suit her/it's skin.

    I do miss those days when my character always carried chloroform, morphine and a sawn off shotgun.
  17. Susanne C

    Susanne C Member

    Where do I do that? The <carrying_tool name="hoe" weight="200" />???
  18. Samut

    Samut Member

    It's in jobs.xml (should be located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Clockwork Empires\game\jobs).

    Note that I'm mentioning these settings to support certain design suggestions to the developers. There's no supported mod system in place yet, and I've managed to mess up my files a few times to point where my game wouldn't run. If anyone's thinking of making edits, they should save a clean copy of the file first, and put it in a different directory entirely - I realized at one point that every .xml file I had made as a backup in the \jobs folder was also being read and interpreted by the game. Messed all kinds of stuff up.

    In any case, I'll be making some suggestions in the Design Suggestions forum about ways to make soldier behavior more responsive, and hopefully you can weigh in. Thanks.
  19. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    I'm referring to this: "Workers on a loop, puts object down, picks it up, walk a step, walk same step, walk same step…. you get me."
    We'd like to know how to reproduce this happening, if this happens every time for you.
  20. sockfoot

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    I believe the same bug has affected me and others. General consensus seems to be it is somehow caused by cancelling workshop orders.