Earliest Access FAQ (builds going up at 10am PST)

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    Some questions and comments about tomorrow’s Earliest Access launch:

    Q. “When will builds go out?”

    A. “Roughly 10AM PDT.”

    Q. “The game crashed, broke, or otherwise did a terrible and monstrous thing. It is now sitting in my living room and hogging the couch, throwing empty beer cans at the cat. It has given me Ghost Neck, and many other diseases that we read about on your blog. What do I do? Who do I complain to?”
    A. “If you want to submit the bug quickly and get back into the game, your best bet is the support form, which can (as of some time this evening) be found at portal.clockworkempires.com. Our forums also have a list of known bugs and we regularly check for new ones at community.gaslampgames.com.”

    Q. “Is there OS X or Linux support?”
    A. “Not for Earliest Access, no. We have unpolished, internal ports that are not ready for prime-time. We hope to have this up for the first or second incarnation of Steam Early Access in August.”

    Q. “What’s the ETA on save games?”

    A. “Save games have a critical bug in them right now, which we are still hunting down. Micah has not moved from his desk for the past one hundred and sixty-eight hours and has now grown some kind of third eye in the middle of his forehead. Expect these to show up next week.”

    Q. “In the eight hours since you invented it, Earliest Access has ruined PC Gaming forever! What IS THIS THING?! How do we know what to expect, and where should we go to understand what we’re buying?”
    A. “An enormous project status page, clearly outlining all the work we have done in the past two-and-a-half years as well as the expected roadmap for everything going forward, can be found here.”

    Q. “What are testers saying about the current state of the game?”
    A. “The earliest build is best described as an occult cabbage-farming simulator with fishpeople.”

    Q. “Are you fishpeople?”

    A. “Blup. I mean, no.”
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    Should say PDT - Pacific Daylight Time, but whatevs...
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    (is "here" supposed to link to something?)
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    It looks like it's supposed to link here:

    But there is an issue with a rogue %20 NVM They seem to have fixed that as I was writing this.
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    Thanks for the heads up, I fixed it.
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    I always envision "FAQ!" being pronounced phonetically by developers when they hit prime time like this.
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    Bummer about the save game issue. Some people told me about the game a few months back, and 2 days ago I received the mailer announcing the sale of earliest access and immediately bought it. It's been absolute Hell waiting the past 35 hours and I imagine it's going to be even more Hell waiting out the save game function. I'd try it out but I've got some early access games that don't have a save feature and I hate playing them only to have to replay them after I've finally gotten a good start going.

    Oh well, I better go find something else to do until next week.

    Wishes for CE to do great for you all.
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    Just a dumb question because of the time differences how many more hours 6 ?
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    Works out to 5 PM UTC. I am a big fan of using UTC for everything involving people in multiple timezones.

    http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ is a really handy rig for figuring conversions, particularly if the target TZ may or may not have daylight saving time.

    Edit : more data.

    The biggest advantage to using UTC for everything, is everyone only needs to know their local TZ to UTC conversion.

    Edit Edit : Zulu UTC would be the most correct IMO. the 24 hour clock in UTC really eliminates the most error

    Therefore : 10 AM PDT would translate to 17:00 UTC
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    Approximately another 5 hours and 2 minutes since Steam is on the West coast of the U.S. as it's just about 5AM pacific time on the West coast of the U.S. right now.

    Of course this assumes that Steam is able to get it actually going at 10AM. I've seen many games that something got fubarred and was not released until much later in the day, but also I've seen many *more* games that do actually release at 10AM P.S.T too.
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    Thanks i will be at work hehe , ohh well once i come back :)
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    Tom Petty was right, the waiting is the hardest part
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    Decided I'd better get around to registering here if I'm to contribute meaningful bug reports :p .

    Speaking of which... would a Bug Report forum be a good idea? Got about half an hour until we can start the forbidden ritual- I mean, downloading it after all :) .
  15. City Builder

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    Nope, still another hour and a half, it's only about 8:30am where Steam is located.
  16. DrSleepless

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    There will be a bug forum
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    That's what it says in the FAQ (this topic), "roughly 10am PST".
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    PDT not PST, so one more hour still.
    10 hundred hours GMT - 7
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    What I mean is that it's currently 9:06am PST where I live, which is in the same time zone as Valve/Steam, so another 54 minutes if they get it up at 10am PST.