Dwarf Fortress 34.07 Succession Game

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    We are the First Torches...
    ...a handpicked and highly unprepared band of seven dwarves set out on a journey of epic proportions to found the city-no-to found the kingdom, of Torchwood! Our foolish groups of dwarves do not stand a chance. Their deaths are inevitable, failure guaranteed. However, as foolish and naive as our chosen seven might be, against all odds they fight to survive; whether they fight for fame, fortune, women, enlightenment, or simply want to satisfy a psychotic urge to look death in the eyes, our noble adventures have begun a journey whose end we already know.

    It is the legend that the First Torches will create, the grief and glory along our journey that are un-foretold. You and I seek not, the knowledge of the First Torches' success, but the steps that together, we, took to fail.

    Will you accept this open invitation to fail with me as the kingdom of Torchwood pries open the pits of hell, fends off otherworldly invasions, and leaves everyone in a state of complete confusion!?

    1. Do not intentionally destroy/ruin the fort!
    2. Ask for help! Dwarf fortress is extremely complicated and hard to master!
    3. I think the standard amount of time per turn is one year(game time of course)
    4. After your turn is over upload the save so that other may continue(otherwise you will be skipped)
    5. Post some screen shots/short stories depicting your progress! (I could try and write stories for you if that is preferred)
    6. Seven dwarves seven rules. Rule six is skipped.
    7. Have fun!
    1. Put some character into your dwarf!
    2. If it is not your turn you can still comment/add to the story of the fortress.
    3. Artistic or not: MSPaint(basically just making your own pictures) is your friend :D it can make the thread a bazillion times more enjoyable to read.
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    Years Survived
    The Original Torches:
    • AquaDwarf-The Miner (Alive)
    • Daynab-The Woodcutter (Alive)
    • Jaded-The Doctor (Alive)
    • .(Alive)
    • .(Alive)
    • .(Alive)
    • .(Alive)
    Turn Order
    • Aquaman
    • Daynab
    • Open
    • Open
    • Open
    • Open
    • Open
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    Dasdot Emenzas, the leader of our expedition declared that we would travel no longer, that this valley would make the perfect place to found Litastolun. With a sigh of relief the others make camp.
    Having a love for rock under my feet instead of this elvish garbage known as soil I, Aquadwarf set out to make a proper home.
    Here are all the dwarves so far:
    Choose a dwarf and turn before they're all taken!(let me know what name and dwarf you want and I will change it)
    Edit: "Aquaman" was changed to AquaDwarf in-game. Still the same person though.
    Edit: If all else fails here is a link to the gallery(pictures are slightly out of order) Click
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    Your images are broken, gives me a 403 (permission denied I think) error when I try to view them. Try hosting them on imgur instead.

    Other than that, oh oh! a DF LP. I kind of want to participate but I'm really terrible at telling stories. Oh well, I'll sign up. Add me as Dwarf #2 and Overseer #2.

    Hope people participate, I don't know if anyone else plays DF around here.

    Since I can't see your screenshots till you fix them, using any tileset? I'd probably use Phoebus.
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    Ok, I updated the links and hopefully you can see the pics now(they are and were showing up fine for me so I might have used a private link?)

    As for a tileset I'm trying Ironhand but the saves will work with any tileset or none.

    And I'm going to make you the woodcutter for now, unless you see a different dwarf you would prefer to be, assuming the pics work now.
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    Sorry dude, still broken.
  7. Aquaman

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    Hmm...third times the charm. If that dosnt fix it then I will switch to a different image hosting site :p
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    Heh, nope.
  9. Aquaman

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    P.S click the two smaller pics to get all the amazing detail...especially the one I drew! ;)
  10. Daynab

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    Success! okay, looking forward to it.

    edit to make a worthwhile post: For readers not familiar to the tradition of DF let's plays, you can ask to be dwarfed even if you don't want to play. We'll put your name in game and you can see what happens to your dwarf/what hilarious way they will die.
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    I don't want to play, but I'd like it if you could rename the female doctor Jaded after me.
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    Sure thing. And if you don't mind even though you wont be playing, it might be fun to write a backstory and other such silly things to influence how we interact with your character in-game and in our stories :D
    Here is a description of the dwarven you as pre-generated from the game:

    Also Daynab here is your dwarf:
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    My first *cough* request from my fellow dwarven people was to make me a sandwich! It's hard enough digging out our new home nearly single handedly let alone with an empty stomach. To make things worse, the chef dared serve my meal without booze! She claimed we had none...I quickly fixed that problem.

    Crazed to expand our kingdom to the depths of the earth, I have carved from the stone dining halls, bedrooms, and workshops galore! But of course this just means Daynab has to chop more trees and build more doors, haha! I can't seem to fathom why Our saddest dwarf is the woodcutter?
    (The dwarves complain about the beds and seem to prefer the grass/dirt....however nearly all the dwarves admire the fine craftsmanship of the doors! Nice work Daynab)

    On a separate note it would appear that I have fallen in love! This has made me the happiest dwarf in the kingdom!
    (I will draw some pictures tomorrow)

    P.S 4 more dwarves came to the kingdom!
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    Well tis a new year and the save is uploaded! Best of Luck!

    Ran into a few difficulties(or rather one)
    That little hairy dude, NO NOT ME! the other one. has a habit of stealing everything >.<

    Working hard into the night hauling lumber and precious metals into the fort a thieving kobold attacked me! It dared try and steal my precious copper pick!
    Oddly instead of being infuriated by this I have appointed myself to be the blacksmith, forging grand creations by the forge.
    However, creativity seems to be lacking and i cant begin to imagine how to make anything useful, perhaps given some time the mounds of steel and iron will actually be put to a practical use.
    The kobold grows bold, stealing food from innocent passerby.
    Three dwarves chased the foul creature but tired of the chase and returned home.
    Winter seems to bring the fort closer together because everyone is falling in love!
    Urist McDwarf has been ecstatic lately, Urist McDwarf is in a relationship with Urist McDwarfette.

    But accomplishments of the year were:
    • Bedrooms!
    • Farm(s)
    • Booze!
    • forget iron,copper,and bronze...we went straight to steel! Although admittedly nothing was made :p
    • Probably guaranteed that elves will hate the fortress...or at least daynab since he chopped most of the trees:D
    Also no deaths, it's a rather sad fortress if I cant tell a story of any deaths. Excluding our animals...they keep starving... But a dwarfs got to eat.

    As a final note: the Dining hall was beginning to throw a party when I saved the game
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    Would have preferred a bit more describing the events but I know it's hard when nothing of note happens. I'll pick up the save and play it tomorrow.
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    I was going to put more detail into it however the screenshots that I had became lost. I may try and put something together and sneak an edit in though. It's just gonna be without any pics :p

    To the general public: Turns are still available! If not take a turn you can still claim a dwarf to see if you make it to the end! ;)
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    Just a quick post to say I haven't forgotten, been pretty busy but I'll play it as soon as I can.
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    Man... I'm really sorry but I've had no time, or will to play through my turn. As you know playing DF takes a certain... mood. If anybody else had signed up I would've give them the turn earlier than this and not made anybody wait, but since there wasn't I kept telling myself I'll play it.

    My apologies for the disappointment. I hope someone else wants to play though.
  19. Aquaman

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    I know exactly what you mean. I admittedly lost my "mood" to play it myself haha. I imagined slightly more people would have signed up :p
  20. I didn't know about this, because I think you didn't post about it in that other thread I was subscribed to where we were discussing succession games. And you talked about hosting a server for some other game too that I was even more interested in.

    I would have enjoyed this if I'd noticed it. :(