Duplicate bug for weapons PLEASE FIX!!!

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by CabbageFoot, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. CabbageFoot

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    okay here is how it goes, put a weapon into the left weapon slot and press 0 on your number keys (right between 9 and -) and it will create a copy of the weapon you hold in your right hand it will also select there weapon to be used as a wand (though i have not tested what this does upon right clicking). what i have tested is that if your right weapon slot is occupied by another weapon it replaces that weapon, if you put your duplicated weapon into your backpack and then the original or another duplicate the first one will be destroyed automatically. after it gets destroyed if its the original weapon you placed down, but picking it up you will pick up a duplicate of it first and the original will stay in the inventory and then you can pick up the original (could be reversed, no way to know for sure). If you try selling a duplicate to the store, it does work, if you do it again it will crash the game and delete your save. i came upon this by accident, FIX IT PLEASE! i don't want my playing experience, nor anyone else to be ruined by the temptation to duplicate. I'm kind of angry that i discovered this because it ruined my play though, and things were going well :(
  2. CabbageFoot

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    *Edit* right click does nothing but make you lose a turn as far as i can tell ;b
  3. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Fixed already, and will be in patch 1.0.4. -- N.
  4. Patchumz

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    This is quite nice for dual wielding ^^. Due to you not starting with 2 weapons, regardless of the fact that you picked up the skill. (Only like 10 gold worth of duped materials anyways :p)
  5. Khaos4wood

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    I think that dual wielding should give you an extra weapon...
  6. Patchumz

    Patchumz Member

    Aye, it definitely should.
  7. Patashu

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    And make dual wielding even more powerful?
  8. CabbageFoot

    CabbageFoot Member

    well the point of dual wielding is to use 2 different weapons so that the stat bonuses from both stack ;b if you spec into different weapons you get 1 of each weapon so there is no problem then
  9. 123stw

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    Nope, the point of dual wield is to use the same weapon so you only have to add 1 skill tree to get double the bonus.

    Basically it's a 0 skill point wonder that doubles your damage and your primary weapon skill bonus at the cost of a shield.
  10. DavidB1111

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    @123stw Don't kill me for being Mr. Nitpick, but I think you mean the same weapon type.
    Same weapon means you'll use only two wooden swords, etc.