Dungeons of Dredmor! (Now 60% less brown)

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by ChristmasAsen, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. ChristmasAsen

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    (And 30% brighter!)
    Download: Here~
    So today I decided to stop being such a lazy arse and actually finish the UI "mod" I mentioned I was working on a while back.​
    (There was a significant reduction in quality when I shrunk the image down. It is much more of a high resolution when you load it up ingame.)​
    So yeah, TA DA...​
    Also, I would have posted this much earlier today but was distracted by this:​
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  2. viro

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    Looks great! just I find the red buttons is a bit too much maybe a softer colour? the dashing effect on the launcher on mouse over is also too much maybe using the same blur effect as is on the buttons ingame? Also too much red in the mods window.

    The drinks background makes the items a little bit difficult to look at and the header isn't as interesting as the rest of the vending machines.

    I think this is a keeper over all, just might need a few tweaks. though that could just be me
  3. phasmy

    phasmy Member

    Good job. I dislike the green on red health bar but that's personal preference. I think the old bar looked fine.
  4. ChristmasAsen

    ChristmasAsen Member

    Yeah, I think I'll change that to black. Makes more sense.
  5. CheeseToast

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    arg, I can't stop looking at those blue "X" buttons, they look really out of place! I like the rest of it though, dl'ing now :)

    Edit : Can someone tell me how to install this. I tried doing it like a normal mod but it didn't work and I can't see any .xml files either.
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  6. ChristmasAsen

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    Replace it with the UI folder in your Dredmor folder...

    God, I hope that makes sense. I am shit at explaining things.
  7. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    I think you mean "replace the UI folder in your Dredmor folder with it." :)
  8. CheeseToast

    CheeseToast Member

    Ohhh, that makes sense. derp.
  9. Brickman

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    Looking only at the pictures you posted, most of that looks good (though the darker and brown-less health portrait actually conveys more of a speia-tone vibe than the actual brown did; not that that's bad). The only gripe I have besides the already-mentioned blue X's is that the background of the crafting window is too distracting; somehow symbols on gray attracts my eye far more than symbols on faded paper. For that matter, despite your claim of "30%" brighter you did an awful lot of replacing bright browns with dark greys (such as the aforementioned crafting window).
  10. Download link doesn't work please post new one
  11. Werediggler

    Werediggler Member

    The author of the mod hasn't been on for about a month, I'm afraid you might be out of luck for awhile.
  12. That's unfortunate does anyone have a link where I could get this mod then? Looks really neat makes the game pop out more visually.
  13. GVOLTT

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    The link does work for me; you just have to click through a couple of extra steps on Google Docs for it to download. But for anyone having trouble, here's a Mediafire link:

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  14. Thank you very much for the DL.
  15. nyunyu

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    nice mod thank you