Dungeons of dredmor expansion ?¿

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Centollo, Oct 19, 2011.

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    Just made a blog post about it, check it out!
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    Mmmmm, tasty blog post.
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    I think the deadline is rushed, especially since they still have to fix quite a few things on the current version.

    I know, tight deadline help push things out sooner, even if the deadline wasn't actually met. Still March of next year would be my guesstimate.
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    This thread lost sense, we have all the info in the blog, thanks.
  6. Will the expansion allow us to continue with a toon that has beaten the game alrdy? (I hope so), or is it just more content for the current dungeon?
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    I really hope the female character and her few skills aren't part of the paid expansion. I would be sad otherwise.
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    @123stw : There was a lot of stuff to handle in the last few months in general for Gaslamp Land (largely boring and related to business operations) but we've cleared most of it up so we've got lots of work-time now to dump into the expansion.

    @Terrorball2000 : The current dungeon levels 1-10 will have some more content and we're also adding more levels to the expansion so you can fight through another few levels -- with new monsters -- after the current 10. I believe the extended dungeon mode will be an option you can select on the difficulty screen.
    Will give more details when we're further along.

    @echo85 : The female hero will be added to the core game before the expansion. The gender of your hero has no effect on the skills you can take - I'm just including the female hero in a lot of the new icons I've been drawing.
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    Yeah, I also read, "Yeah guys, we'll have the Dredmor Expansion out before the end of the year," and thought to myself, "yeah, right," but if you guys think you can pull it off, I'll be waiting right here with my Debit Card in hand, waiting to give you more of my money.

    Never mind that said waiting and money forking-out-age will occur regardless of when the X-pack actually gets released, this year or early next year or whatever. ;)
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    Ohhh awesome. Thanks for clearing that up :)