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    Well, you can update your version locally and see whether or not it breaks, ne?
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    I didn't have a save left over from previous versions. I suppose I could replace it with an older version, play up until I have all the skills earned, and then swap to the new version. But this doesn't seem like it would hit all possible angles for finding potential crashes. I'd rather not make assumptions based off of that test.
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    Your call.
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    Druid Magic version 1.42 will be pushed to the Steam Workshop on Saturday, June 23rd. It shouldn't break your saves, but to be safe, please finish up your Druid Magic games before that date.
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    Small update here. I'm currently testing this, but I'm throwing it up on the forums regardless. The main purpose of this small update was to give the buff fruits granted from Heart of the Wood their own graphics. It has become apparent that some people are missing out on them entirely simply because they share graphics with low level items. There are some small tweaks, with the exception of Barkskin. It got reworked almost entirely.

    Druid Magic v 1.44 Monday, March 11, 2013

    -Various typos fixed.

    - Druids now start with a new staff item: Flower Scented Twig.

    - Druid buff fruits now have their own graphics. (Retooled sprites from the base files. I'm no artist.)

    - A new item can now be dropped by Scavenge: Toxic Devil Spores.

    - Aside from the new Scavenge item and the staff that druids start with, there are 5 new items with a druid theme.

    - Bloom: :life: reduced to 3 down from 4.

    -Pillar of Wild Growth: minimum cost increased to 14 from 11.

    -Heart of the Wood: no longer grants 1:burliness: 1:sagacity: 1:mana_regen:. It now grants 1:melee_power: 1:magic_power: instead.

    -Barkskin: proc chance reduced to 7% down from 8%.

    -Barkskin: no longer heals over time. However, it now grants 2:sagacity: 2:burliness: 1:mana_regen: 1:life_regen: on top of its previous bonuses. It now also places the druid into Treant form. Barkskin is also now removable without penalty should the druid not wish to make use of the Treant form spells, or return to using his human form spells.

    - Treant form has access to 4 utility spells: Bear Fruit, Cloudcalling, Rampant Growth, and Morning Dew.

    - Bear Fruit: creates an organic druid item at random. 50 turn cooldown.

    - Cloudcalling: creates a magical mist around the caster, dealing :dmg_hyperborean: and :dam_voltaic: to enemies within, and hiding the caster when he steps on a square within the cloud for 4 turns.

    - Rampant Growth: a heal-over-time spell that lasts for 8 turns and can be stacked up to 3 times. Heals 1 per turn, per stack.

    - Morning Dew: a buff which grants you 2 mana a turn for 8 turns. 18 turn cooldown.

    I will update the original post shortly, and upload the new .zip.
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  6. ..I really like the looks of this. I was using Wand Lore+Battle Geology+Fungal Arts to simulate my "druid", but this looks very good.