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    Druid Magic Skill

    Druid Magic is a set made to support warriors, wizards, or some unholy combination of the two. It packs some nice defensive skills, utility, and damage output into one.

    Druids start with their own staff, the Flower Scented Twig. It has a chance on hitting a monster to grant the player some passive regeneration. In addition, there are also 5 additional druid-flavored items.

    Updated Monday, March 11th, 2013

    Tier 0 - Bloom
    "When struck in combat, there is a small chance a healing seed will bloom, regenerating your wounds. Just don't ask where it pops out from."
    +3:life:, +1:life_regen:,
    -Chance to proc Bloom, a minor heal over time on being struck (6%)

    Tier 1 - Shelter (8 MP cost, Brittle 6 turns)
    "Your refined skill in petroglyphic arts allows you to create a masterpiece consisting of stick figures taking shelter in a mountain. You then use the slab of stone you carved it on to block incoming attacks. (In addition, taking this skill allows you to gain additional experience for slaying evil Vegetables.)"

    1:resist_piercing:, +2:armor_asorb:, +4:block:, +4:magic_resist:, +1:life_regen:, +1:mana_regen:
    -Passive: on slaying a Vegetable, you are granted 8 experience points.

    Tier 2 - Venomous Rain (16 MP cost)
    "Comparable to a bath in hydrochloric acid. Proof that nature creates life only to find increasingly sadistic ways to end it."
    -In a 3x3 area for 6 turns: 1:dmg_acidic: (0.15 Scale), 1:dmg_putrefying: (0.3 Scale from :mana_regen: ) Debuff (22 turns)- -3:resist_conflagratory:, -3:resist_hyperborean:, -1:resist_putrefying:, -3:resist_voltaic:, -3:stubborness:, -3:burliness:, -3:armor_asorb:, -3:dodge:, -6:counter:

    Tier 3 - Cleanse (25 MP Cost)
    "Cleanse yourself of up to 3 harmful effects, but requires a good amount of mana and cannot be lowered in cost. (This skill increases the chance of a seed blooming)"
    -Cleanse 3 "bad" buffs
    -Chance to proc Bloom, a minor heal over time on being struck (8%)

    Tier 4 - Gift of the Mountain
    "You wield the raw fury of Colorado. If Colorado had active volcanoes."
    +2:dmg_conflagratory:, +2:dmg_crushing: , +2:life_regen:
    -6% chance to proc a 3-part AoE spell around yourself upon being struck. 1:dmg_crushing:(2.6 Scale from :life_regen: ), 1:dmg_blast:(0.4 Scale), 2:dmg_conflagratory:(2.2 Scale from :mana_regen: ) +Burn

    Tier 5 - Pillar of Wild Growth (22 MP cost)
    "You call forth a pillar which acts like a little blue pill, but for plants. (This skill increases the chance of a seed blooming.)"
    -Summons a 15 turn wall at target location
    -Surrounds the wall in roots that grasp targets for 5 turns and deal 2:dmg_toxic:(0.25 Scale) and 2:dmg_putrefying:(0.25 Scale)
    -Chance to proc Bloom, a minor heal over time on being struck (9%)

    Tier 6 - Heart of the Wood
    "Known in some circles as the Rossian Cascade Effect, the power of the trees grant you items and healing for bringing the denizens of the dungeon one step closer to an extinction event."
    +1:resist_putrefying:, +1:resist_toxic:, +1:melee_power:, +1:magic_power:
    - 7% chance on being struck to cast Barkskin, a 10 turn buff that grants 2:resist_piercing:, 1:armor_asorb:, 4:magic_resist:, -3:resist_conflagratory:, 2:burliness:, 2:sagacity:, 1:life_regen:, 1:mana_regen: and places the player in Treant form. Barkskin can be canceled at will.
    - 3% on slaying an enemy to cast Scavenge, a spell that creates a powerful fruit at random. Possible fruits are Blessed Tofu, Enchanted Toadstool, Plant Pheromones, Atomic Apple, or Toxic Devil Spores. (Thanks to OmniNegro for this idea)
    - Treant form has access to 4 spells: Cloudcalling, Morning Dew, Bear Fruit, and Rampant Growth.
    -Cloudcalling creates a mist around the player, dealing :dam_voltaic: and :dmg_hyperborean: damage to enemies that enter, and hiding the player when he steps within.
    -Morning Dew grants the player 2 mana a turn for 8 turns. 18 turn cooldown.
    -Bear Fruit grants the player a random organic druid item. 50 turn cooldown.
    -Rampant Growth is an 8 turn heal-over-time that can be stacked up to 3 times. (heals 1 per turn, per stack)

    Tier 7 - Nature's Wrath (16 MP cost, 1 mana every 1 turn)
    "You focus vast amounts of mana into your weapon, causing your attacks to have a chance to release elemental spells. Please note that Heart is not a valid element. (Attacks made by Nature's Wrath are bolstered by your Mana or Health regeneration rate.)"
    -While active: +1:dmg_conflagratory:, +1:dmg_hyperborean:, +1:dam_voltaic:, +1:burliness:, +1:sagacity:
    -40% chance on striking a target to cause 1 of 4 spells,each with a different attack pattern. 1:dmg_conflagratory:(2.6 Scale on :life_regen: with a 3 turn mine +Burn), or 1:dmg_crushing:(2.8 Scale on :life_regen:, and Knockback), or 1:dmg_hyperborean:(2.6 Scale on :mana_regen: with a 3 turn Mine) or 1:dam_voltaic:(2.6 Scale on :mana_regen:, and Paralyze )

    I welcome ANY and ALL feedback, criticisms, ideas, etc.

    The Druid Magic skill set uses skill number 300 (this should no longer be relevant)

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    Cool stuff! but I recommend having an overview of the skills, it would probably bring in more people as a lot don't like going in blind.
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    I think the effects do not trigger quite enough. But it is a good skillset. In a chaotic melee it should trigger enough to spam away though. 7% is just too low for my tastes.

    Reading through things, I made a melee focused character because of Cleanse and somehow forgot to take a teleport skill. That is the first time in ages. :)
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    Alright. I made a new tester character. This time more a Mage than Melee build. (But still using Dual Wield since I think it is essential for any Melee build at all.) But the skill works wonders. The procs are frequent enough as they are. I was clearly wrong about how frequent it procs.

    Using Natural Fury was greatly empowering for a reasonable cost. It was not enough to wipe out zoos all by itself, but it would certainly level an otherwise unfair playing field. The Brittle Earth Buff (name eludes me for the moment) was not overpowered and had a good cost to damage negation ratio.

    I like this skill. I can however see the fruit being annoying deep in the dungeon. But Vegans should love it.

    The only thing I could not figure out is how to get the mod to work in a zip. I had to extract it for it to be recognized by the mod loader. I thought it was a name issue, so I tried all manner of nonsense with uppercase and lowercase and such. But nothing seemed to work. Alas, it works fine extracted. :)
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    Great idea. Post edited.
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    Thank you very much for testing. If you don't mind, I have some questions.
    1. What difficulty was this?
    2. Do you recall your complete skill list?
    3. Was Gift of the Mountain clearing zoos on its own?
    4. Were you consistently surrounded to get Gift of the Mountain to proc often?
    5. Was Pillar of Wild Growth at all useful?
    6. Nature's Wrath - Pretty much any feedback on this would be great.
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    I still have the save. I am playing on Elvish Reality. (No, not Elvish Easy. This is my own little modification that is roughly twice as hard as Going Rogue. It is named that because it uses the template of Elvish Easy.)

    It was a Mod heavy build featuring the following skills.
    Promethean Magic
    Wind Magic (Essential for teleports.)
    Dual Wield
    Avenging Executioner
    And last but not least, your Druid Mod.

    This is what some would call a "Gish" build. But I hate that word for some reason and continue to call this a combination of magic and melee build.

    If Gift of the Mountain is only effective when I get hit, then I have not seen it yet. I was carefully killing things before they had an opportunity to hit me.

    Pillar of Wild Growth was nice. I loved it for slowing a group that could not be instgibbed by Obvious Fireball.

    Natures Wrath triggered frequently in a melee. It was generally able to take a solid chunk of health off a group or two of monsters.

    Really it will be another day or two before I am deep enough to comment on the general skill with any accuracy. At this point I have just finished the first floor and I saved at the stair before going down. I will update this in a bit when I dive deeper.

    As a matter of fact, I will dive directly to level seven or so and skip the first half now that the character is established.
  8. Tier 0 seems to do too much, imo - Compare it to tier 0 master of arms, and you'll see that Either the HP or the Mana is overboard (i'd ditch the +Mana, to be honest, since you get extra mana from this being a wizard archetype tree to begin with). Otherwise, the procs on Guardian seed struck me as fine. Not too sure why you didn't do 10% on level 0, and +5% on tier 3. Oh well. That being said, I assume that tier 3 adds 4% to the 11% that currently exists, rather than make it 4% (might want to check that in your code, just in case).
    Finally, I really don't like the passive on heart of the wood. 30% chance of obtaining a fruit stops being meaningful source of regen very quickly, and the rare drops (crafting/shroom planting) are not hard to get. I'd have prefered another +~5% of getting gift of the mountain to proc here instead.
    :dmg_toxic::dmg_putrefying: are actually pretty bad damage types (given how recurrence of monsters that resist these damage types), but I think that's OK, because it keeps the tree from being overpowered.
    This is actually a pretty good tree for Warriors, because they tend to have above average :life_regen: (for the purposes of the capstone) and few ways to use their mana (as long as this is their only wizard tree, mana tends to be a non-issue). Pillar of wild growth is great for creating chokes, and their large HP pools let them take full advantage of the onhit procs.
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    I can now say that GotM is pretty impressive. It procs easily and is great for squishy mage types. It would be useful for melee builds too. But especially nice as a defensive proc. I can see myself taking out early zoos with that and a teleport skill alone, but by mid game it would only aggravate a bunch of things and then do the weak DoT that fire is hard-coded as. Still I like it.

    If a person only had this skill as a heal, Guardian Seed would need to proc a lot more. But as it is, I think it could use a small boost to the chance to be useful. I agree with AllurlestsRbelongtome that the fruit is all but useless. Have you considered adding a few new vegan friendly fruit/vegetables with better food value to augment this?
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    Yes, I completely agree with the Tier 0. In my To-Do is remove the 4:mana: and 1:mana_regen: from Guardian Seed, the 1:mana_regen: from Cleanse, and remove 1:mana_regen: from Heart of the Wood. With Druid in the form it is now, it is WAY too easy to cap out :mana_regen: . It's great for the capstone, but I wanted Leylines to be just a tad more tempting to take with Druid, as it helps the capstone, and also fits in thematically :). To compensate Heart of the Wood, I'm going to give it another passive buff, maybe another 1:life_regen:, but I may be overdoing it with the regen as it is.

    After playing the set more extensively, Heart of the Wood's trigger is just terrible. While I COULD go the route of making Gift of the Mountain proc more, I'm currently tinkering with the idea of gaining some kind of defensive shield on vegetable death, or perhaps a mana leech effect on vegetables, or perhaps even a chance to trigger a stronger heal-over-time.

    Indeed, it's why I picked them. In my playthroughs, I am watching the damage dealt closely.

    Yes, and I'm going to make a change to Nature's Wrath to make it more rewarding for a more mage-centric build to get in there and swing: the spells that scale off of :mana_regen: are going to start slightly higher and scale slightly better. This will increase damage for everyone, but now more so for mages. In addition, I'm likely going to change the cast patterns for each spell(instead of all just being cones), and I'm going to fix the damn sounds not working. I also want to increase the mana upkeep to a mana every round. I'd rather this not be something you can just leave on constantly without chugging booze. On the flip side of that, I don't want it to become annoying to have to turn it off constantly. I'll have to do more testing with multiple builds.

    Pillar of Wild Growth is a bit buggy as it stands now. I'm going to be changing the mines to no longer be permanent, and I'm going to increase the damage and damage scaling of the roots. Lockdown turns will increase to 5 as well.

    I am worried that Gift of the Mountain is causing too much damage low levels. I'd rather this not be a great way to clear zoos on its own. I may lower the base damage and increase the damage scaling and chance to paralyze. I'm thinking I will make the boulders scale off of :life_regen:, the fire off of :mana_regen:, and leave the :dmg_blast: alone.

    Yes, it's true that Guardian Seed alone is not going to keep you going. Rather than increasing proc chance, I'm likely going to fiddle around with the heal itself. It procs enough in low levels that increasing the chance may make the first couple floors too easy.

    As for the part about adding in my own fruit... that is quite a fantastic idea to tinker with. Perhaps some mid-range healing food that also grants a buff that would be attractive even in the late game?

    Has anyone been fooling around with Wither? I personally found it to be quite nasty, at least mid-game. If you are capable of dropping multiple damage types per swing, Wither can do wonderful things.

    I have a To-Do list here that I am going to work on when I get a chance that should bring things closer to being in line. Thank you gentlemen for your valuable input :)
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    Thank you for the care you are putting into this. It is already great. It sounds like it will just get better. :)

    I run a boatload of mods at current. So I am only worried about adding foods that are nearly redundant. So long as the buffs and/or foodmp is good enough, I will replace lower tier foods with these in my inventory.

    That said, what sort of ideas do you have for buffs? I tend to greatly favor longer lasting buffs even if they tend to be weaker overall just because I hate having to reuse them in a fight. It may be nice to have a few high tier (Rare) foods that have an aura effect for a while after consumption. Not much damage, but I was thinking a decent stun chance with specific taxa for other and demons, and another with taxa for animals and vegetables. (Both fit the theme, but would have to be separate to still fit.)

    *Edit* Oh, Wither is good. I have yet to use it much. But I will have to try it some more. Have you considered making it cost less :mana: and a bit of :life: instead? (I read the above wrong and replied. Now this is correct.)
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    I'll be honest, my mod knowledge is highly limited. Adding other fruits to spawn wasn't even something I had thought of, and as such I haven't put any thought into what I could spawn with this. I'll brainstorm on this a bit, and for now I'm going to make Heart of the Wood have a chance to activate a spell from a list. On that list will be "Return to the Earth," a heal-over-time, and "Venom of Predators," a short-term buff that adds :dmg_toxic: and :dmg_acidic: damage to melee attacks. Later, I can re-add "Scavenge" with an updated list of fruits. If you have any ideas for possible fruits, go ahead and throw them out :) I'm quite sure you will know what wouldn't be redundant.

    You mean to make it more attractive for warriors with limited mana? I suppose it's possible, though I kind of want Nature's Fury to make the user have to make harder choices on what to do with their mana, especially when not stacking :mana_regen: as part of the theme. Of course, if this turns out to be ridiculous, I may retool things to work better for warriors. I may work in more scaling based on :mana_regen: and :life_regen:.
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    Blessed Tofu:
    Blessed by potent Druidic power, this Tofu is not derived from living breathing animals. Rather it is cultured and prepared without all the tasty suffering.
    35 foodmp, 30 turns of +2 :armor_asorb:, +3 :block: and +3 :dodge:.

    Natures Shrubbery:
    This "Plant Matter" is often smoked by pointy-eared Hippies and all manner of Elves.
    27 turns of +2 :sagacity: +2 :savvy: +1 :sight: and +1:dmg_righteous:.

    Green Turnabout:
    Druidic Magic is strong in this sappy potion given freely by Vegetables to the most Pious of Druids.
    10 turns of a 33% chance to proc a flat 20 damage AoE :dmg_toxic: cloud that lasts two turns after triggering. (Triggers when you are hit.)

    More to come. What do you think so far? I can come up with more ideas or work on how to actually implement them. Your call.
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    Oh man, these are fantastic. I will certainly write these down. I've yet to create an item, so this will further my knowledge of modding as well :)
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    How about a revised capstone skill? (Or even another one?)

    I was just thinking it would be really nice to have an ability that is a massive AoE Charm that is taxa animal and vegetable only. It fits the theme, but would need a heavy penalty and.or very limited duration and/or a very long cooldown.

    Imagine this in a full zoo. Teleport in via whatever skill you have and mass charm all the animals and vegetables around you for several turns.

    There are several ways to balance this if possible:
    1. Massive Cooldown.
    2. Heavy casting cost in :mana: followed by a self :life: DoT without the bad flag so it cannot be removed via Cleanse and similar abilities/skills/items.
    3. Several turns of helplessness via paralysis.


    I am leaving the junk below in place since I bothered to type it out before I pulled my head from my ass... Psionics has what is needed for this. Unconditional Love.

    Anyone happen to know if this can have a specific taxa and work as desired?

    *Six edits in ten minutes* This post grew to twice it's current size and has now been shrunk down since the rest of it was idiocy on my part. I forgot that Psionics had the spell and only happened to remember FaxCelestis used a Turncoat spell on Diggle Traitors.
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    New revision is up, 1.1


    -Guardian Seed no longer grants :mana: or :mana_regen:.
    -Wither will now damage the player.
    -Cleanse no longer grants :mana_regen:.
    -Gift of the Mountain PROC: 1:dmg_crushing:(1.0 Scale from :life_regen: ), 1:dmg_blast:(0.3 Scale), 2:dmg_conflagratory:(1.2 Scale from :mana_regen: ) +Burn, changed from 3:dmg_crushing:(0.5 Scale), 3:dmg_blast:(0.5 Scale), 3:dmg_conflagratory:(0.5 Scale), +Burn
    -Heart of the Wood now only grants 1:mana_regen: down from 2:mana_regen:
    -Heart of the Wood now has a 20% to proc one of the following upon slaying a vegetable (instead of silly fruits):
    - Barkskin, a 10 turn buff that grants 2:resist_piercing:, 4:block:, 1:armor_asorb:, 1:burliness:, 1:sagacity:, -2:resist_conflagratory:, and a minor heal-over-time
    - Venom of Predators, a 15 turn buff that grants 3:dmg_toxic:, 3:dmg_acidic:, and procs either Skatha's Roots or Vile Poison on melee swings.
    -Pillar of Wild Growth now lasts 15 turns up from 10.
    -Pillar of Wild Growth's roots are no longer permanent.
    -Pillar of Wild Growth's roots now deal 2:dmg_putrefying:(0.25 Scale) 2:dmg_toxic:(0.25 Scale), up from 1:dmg_putrefying:(0.20 Scale) 1:dmg_toxic:(0.20 Scale), and roots will now damage the player (but not lockdown)
    -Nature's Wrath now consumes mana per every 1 turn instead of every 2 turns. Initial mana cost down to 16 from 18, and scales better to Savvy.
    -Nature's Wrath chance to proc increased to 70% up from 50%.
    -Nature's Wrath spells are no longer all cones. Wrath Lightning and Wrath Ice now start at 2:dam_voltaic: and 2:dmg_hyperborean: respectively, and damage scale increased from 1.0 :mana_regen: up to 1.2 :mana_regen:
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    It's a solid idea and certainly fits into the theme of the set, but I'm not entirely sure yet about dropping a skill I currently have. Actually, what if I just created a fruit that pulses an aoe that does exactly this?

    Edit: Also, I've tried a spell with 2 different taxas, and it only accepted one or neither. I'm sure there's some good XML-fu around this though.
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    A fruit that did this would be awesome! It would have to be made rare. I have not examined how items work in enough detail to offer any advice though. I hope another modder will poke in and tell us what we need to know.

    Have you looked at FAXPAX Meteorology? It has a capstone that combines many individual spell effects into one spell. That is probably the key to managing multiple taxa in one spell. I am off to test the new version!
  19. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Just in case you weren't joking, Tofu isn't made from animals in the first place, so your description of Blessed Tofu is a bit..redundant. :)
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    It is there because of the flavor text for some of the meats saying something to the effect of "...Made of burned suffering..." or something similar.

    I am aware though. Thank you for the heads-up nonetheless. :)

    This steak is dripping with thick, rich suffering.
    Grilled Steak
    Tastes like juicy, delicious, burnt murder.