Dredstuck! (Another Homestuck mod)

Discussion in 'Modding' started by RionKatt, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. RionKatt

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    Dredstuck: You knew this was gonna happen

    Eldritch Whisperer​
    HorrorTerror Conversationalist​
    Grimdark Medium​
    *and I have no idea what to put in next*​
    Strider Swag
    Level 0: Get Sord​
    Level 1: Get Katana​
    Level 2: Get Legendary P.O.S.​
    Level 3: Get Broken Caledscratch​
    Level 4: Get Snoop Dogg Snow Cone Machete​
    Level 5: Telebrotation. Get Broken Scarlet Ribbitar.​
    Level 6: Get Scarlet Ribbitar.​
    ^ I'd appreciate some opinions on which sword do you think is the most powerful and when you should get it ^​
    Druknen Mastruy
    Dapper Adventurer

    I'm still not sure if I wanna continue with these four or just the first two.

    Comments are helpful and supportive!
  2. Vitellozzo

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    Errr... can I support it by playing it?
  3. Rawk Hawk

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    What no pogohammer?
  4. Edrobot

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    Given that I already started making one of these but kinda gave up halfway, I'd be totally willing to back you up on this.

    The way I see it, there's three things we do.

    1. Pick up from where my old mod left off, using my original project plan.
    2. Create an entirely new plan, but recycle my old graphics (such as Lil' Cal, the icons, and the weapons).
    3. Make shit up as we go along.

    In any case, I can handle design, scripting, and some graphics, though monsters are probably beyond my capabilities at this point.
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  5. My first attempt at a mod, which isn't completely finished and is entirely unpolished, was a lovecraftian knitting skill that, while not specifically homestuck did include several subtle or extremely unsubtle references.

    You can at the very least reuse/modify these sprites:
    thorns_of_oglogoth.png needles_wands.png

    I'm not sure I'm ready to release it or anything, but I suppose I could probably throw out some ideas. (I don't actually have much interest in an actual Homestuck mod, just casual--or okay slightly less casual in the case of including the Thorns of Oglogoth--references.)
  6. RionKatt

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    Vitellozo: Aha, that's cool. We'd probably need help balancing it and stuff, so playtesters would be great, too. :3

    Rawk Hawk: I'm not sure yet which items to use. Dave's swords are definitely in (Dirk's ninja sword is already in-game [katana]). Maybe we'll add those in.

    Edrobot: Sweet! I think we could do 2 and 3. Li'l Cal should definitely be in this mod. I'm thinking of using more custom graphics, though. Don't wanna call upon Hussie's wrath if we use what is basically his art.

    tentacled-godqueen: Ah! Those look awesome! I was thinking of giving a loadout for Grimdarkmancy, but I wasn't sure which wand to use or to just make custom wands. These will be very helpful, thank you!

    Thanks for commenting and offering your help, you guys! :D

    If any artists there wanna help, that'd be awesome! We'd have so many irons in the fire! Possibly ALL of them!
  7. Rawk Hawk

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    Pogo-hammer would work pretty good as a mace. Doesn't need some fancy effect just a hearty crushing and a little bit of toxic or acidic (spooky ghost) and it would work good.
  8. I would probably make the Thorns of Oglogoth more a late game weapon, though a generic needlewand would probably work for earlier.
  9. RionKatt

    RionKatt Member

    *nods* agreed. The Thorns are too powerful early on. Maybe Somewhere in the 4-5th tier. x3
  10. The version I had was um
      <item name="The Thorns of Oglogoth" iconFile="items/thorns_of_oglogoth.png" level="14" type="7" artifact="1" overrideClassName="Knitting Needles"> 
      <price amount="18666" />
      <weapon piercing="5" necromantic="10"/>
      <resistbuff necromantic="4" conflagratory="4" aethereal="2"/>
      <secondarybuff id="14" amount="1"/>
      <secondarybuff id="3" amount="8"/>
      <secondarybuff id="5" amount="5"/>
      <secondarybuff id="1" amount="10"/>
      <targetHitEffectBuff percentage="100" name="Oglogoth hit"/>
      <artifact quality="8"/>
      <description text="Any sane adventurer would cast these instruments of the occult into the Furthest Ring and forget they ever existed."/>
    Where "Oglogoth hit" was a spell that had a 100% chance of triggering nightmare curse, and 25% chance of eldritch inhabitation (except without the necro debuffs), but obviously don't feel the need to stick to this in any way. :p

    (Related though, the price is the total grist cost of alchemizing them :p)
  11. RionKatt

    RionKatt Member

    Ah! Hm. I think we could make it a secret recipe. Or perhaps an end-tier item? Like how The Bomb was in the Communism skilltree.
  12. grimAuxilliam

    grimAuxilliam Member

    I have personally never used the bomb recipie from the communism skill tree. Is the thorn supposed to be a wand or a weapon? And finally, make all of the skills. And maybe more. If you need any help, i.e. art, then I'm all up for it. Hint, I'm not actually a good artist. I'm just... well... average. I also have no previous experience with pixel art.
  13. RionKatt

    RionKatt Member

    grimAuxilliam: The Thorn would be a weapon. An end-tier weapon. I guess I could make all the skills, but I'm not sure what to do with Dapper Adventuring. What kind of art can you do? If you can do the icon for the ability tree, that would be very helpful.
  14. I had it as a dagger that buffed casting abilities, basically. (Also necro resist, because it really should synergize with Necronomiconomics)

    Also I might actually be able to code or design something; depending on my mood. (If my brain gets locked in SOLVE ALL THE PROBLEMS mode it tends to get stuck until I, well, solve them. :p Of which "How to design and code a part of a homestuck mod" counts as a problem
  15. RionKatt

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    Right now I'd really appreciate the design part first. Cause we can't code anything if we don't have anything TO code. xD
  16. grimAuxilliam

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    Since the thorn is a weapon, you have 2 choices, one is like the bomb from communism where you craft it, like in homestuck. The other is to have it simply dropped into your inventory, like the ushanka from communism. The first is much better thematically, but will require you to have high wandcraft skills, forcing you to take the wandcrafting skill tree. The second is much more boring, but you have a bit more skill maneuverability.

    As for the art, I'll draw the icons of the skills for grimdark and then some. I'll get back to you on that. If you need any item art, then I can handle that too, probably.

    As for design, just keep bouncing ideas off of each other, even if it seems stupid at first. We're nice people. We won't bite. Too hard.

    Edit: Here is my current progress. All images are 64x64 png. Feedback would be nice. I'll have more soon. There may be an issue of using Husssie's art as direct reference on my part.
    tumor.png flourite_d8.png zillyhoo.png grimsquiddle64.png horrorterror_2_64.png horrorterror64.png channeler.png

    Problem solved.
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  17. RionKatt

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    I think we should try not to use Hussie's art directly. If we were to redraw or such, that should be fine. But no direct edits. I want not to incur the Wrath of the Hussie, should he decide to kill more of my favorite characters.
  18. grimAuxilliam

    grimAuxilliam Member

    Yeah, I drew them on my own. Turns out using his art directly is bad, because scaling down images makes things blurry and mostly useless.

    Edit: And here is his legally binding graphic. Very legal and binding. Let us all be reminded of the glory of MSPA.

    Edit2: Anything you want me to draw specifically?
  19. RionKatt

    RionKatt Member

    Well, If you could draw Dredmor hero(ine) icons for the skills, that would be awesome. I was thinking of the Heroine being in Rose's Grimdark outfit for Grimdarkmancy, Hero wearing Dirkshades and Heroine wearing Daveshades back to back for Strider Swag, Heroine looking drunk and holding a martini glass for Druknen Mastruy and Hero doing the double pistols and a wink while wearing a long green coat.
  20. grimAuxilliam

    grimAuxilliam Member

    I'll give it a shot. Can't promise you anything stellar though. Specifically, for the heroine in the grimdark outfit, should she herself be in grimdark mode, where her skin is ashen and stuff.

    Edit: Voila I now have Dave Swag. Just two more layers over the icon for Playing for both teams achievement. Tell me if you can actually see the glasses. Everything seems so much larger when you work at 800% zoom. BTW, can you see edit alerts?