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    I was using chrome on OS X, but whatever you did ended up fixing it for me. Thanks J-Factor!
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    I've been using Firefox this whole time. Just tried loading it in Chrome, wow, that's quite a difference in speed. Much faster.
  3. Null

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    It seems to be not displaying the correct stat for the Corpse Drain heal. It's showing it scaling off :magic_power: when it actually scales off :life_regen:, and it uses the same (correct) syntax as Vampirism Attack which does show up correctly.
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    I just noticed that Dredmorpedia doesn't show curse removal as an effect. For instance, on "The Cure" from Emomancy, it doesn't list the curse removal effect at all. Would be nice to be able to see that info, I think.
  5. Null

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    It just probably doesn't have randomuncurse since The Cure got nerfed to use it instead of uncurse.
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    I would like to offer some of my time up to update the guide with the encrusting formulae. also, i wish i could browse over an item and see what it is called without clicking it
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    It will be a sad day when the youth of today don't understand where the reticulating splines comes from Q_Q
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    Thanks for this awesome website.

    But, why it says?
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    Would it be possible to allow for tooltips on crafting recipes to show the names of the item being made?
    Right now it only displays the ingredients and the icon but it's hard to tell what item that is at a glance.
  10. Arron Syaoran

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    It comes from the Sims, which is a relatively new game in my eyes. anything before 2000 can be considered classic.
    1. The Zorkmid Upkeep for spells such as Pyramid Scheme and Real Socialism aren't displaying at all.
    2. The 4 new daggers from Hotfix 11 in Patch 1.1.2 can't be found either.
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    "Reticulating Splines" comes from Sim City, and to a lesser extent all the other "Sim" games. Sims came later on.
  12. Arron Syaoran

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    I didn't know that it existed in Sim City as well. I did play Sim City Classic, and I kept running out of money. Back then I was a kid, so I played with disasters off.
    As for the 4 new daggers and the Zorkmid Upkeep cost for spells being missing, I'd look into that.
  13. Who are you intending to talk too? Banjo has no control over what is displayed in the Dredmorpedia. Only J-Factor does, and it is a project and website he maintains out of his free time and interest. Judging from past updates, the pedia is only updated with official patches, not hotfixes which can change frequently.
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    Okay, then I guess I'll never know the daggers until I play. When I find them, I'll write it down for my own reference.
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    You can always examine the /DoD/expansion3/game/itemDB.xml and look for the daggers yourself. Dredmorpedia is a wondrous tool, but you can easily read the xml without them being parsed for you into a more readable form.

    Every time there is a patch, this is where they are likely to appear. (Unless they are considered part of the base game. In such a case they will be in the /DoD/game/itemDB.xml instead.)

    *Edit* Actually, they exist in both those locations. (No redundancy, they are different in each, but it looks like each expansion now includes them.)
  16. Arron Syaoran

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    I figured that. But I would think that might be cheating, unless J-Factor himself does the same thing to update Dredmorpedia. I'll have a look once the new patch comes out. Does anyone have a link to the hotfix thread?
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    *Edit* I cannot find the damned hotfix thread. There are about ten billion threads that all look alike with regards to this, but this is the file you want for the most recent patch. This *DOES NOT* mean it is actually the final and nearly perfect version though. Just bear in mind this may ruin saves. But I am still looking for the correct thread. Do not lose hope. Someone will post the link soon enough. I absolutely know I have read it before....
  18. Arron Syaoran

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    I meant the forum thread, not the file. I'll czech the xml anyway.

    Edit: The 4 new daggers each have a spell gimmick. Kinda how like tomes are. I'm not revealing any more than this.
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  20. Based on what J-factor has said about the project, the Dredmorpedia draws its information directly from the games files once he uploads them. This is why, generally speaking, it is far more accurate than the various wikis.

    Interestingly (perhaps only to me), its ability to directly pull information from the game files identified of several previously unknown bugs with the XMLs.