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    So J-Factor...I see you're around. How many digglebucks do I have to throw at the screen to buy Dredmorpedia some love?
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    Wow, you really need to update the thing for 1.1.2
  3. Fixed that for you.

    Dredmorpedia is not official, it's a thing he does on his own spare time people!
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    In hindsight, yeah, I should have been less demanding. Thank you.
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    Everyone miswords things from time to time. Do not worry. When J-Factor has time, he will get around to updating it for the new game. (I am reasonably certain you did not intend to be demanding at all.)
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    Can someone explain how the formulas work in the Dredmorpedia please? For example, [​IMG]6[​IMG]0 (+ 1 ×[​IMG]), assume I have 10 Melee Power. How much damage am I doing? I am guessing the answer is 16 slashing and 10 crushing, but want confirmation.
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    The :melee_power: is spread between your basic damage types. So if you do any amount of :dmg_slashing:, :dmg_crushing:, or :dmg_blast: then it will be divided and applied to each you have. If you do not currently do any of those, then I think it is all applied as :dmg_crushing:. The same happens when you only do one of those. (That is why :dmg_blast: weapons are so awesome.)
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    Interesting, and a bit confusing. Take another example, and assume I am using the Clockwork Ravager with only :dmg_slashing: damage. According to the formula for Rocket Jump Blast [​IMG]6 (+ 4 ×[​IMG])[​IMG]3 (+ 2 ×[​IMG]), with a Tinker skill of 10, I would do 46 :dmg_blast: + 23:dmg_conflagratory: I assume. Or does weapon damage type matter here as well?
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    Weapon damage only matters if it is an "attack" skill, meaning "one that is an extension of normal attacks" (like "Thibault's Trompement"). In case of "Rocket Jump", the only damage you deal comes from the skill itself.
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    Makes sense. Thanks for the replies.
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    It's actually 6 slashing and 10 crushing if the only damage is coming from the skill AND no melee attack is flagged for the skill.
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    Actually, I am almost sure it is. But not in a easy to understand way. I think it is the "After" or "Wait" or whateverthehell the name of that command is. Justasec... Edit coming in three. two. one...

    *Edit* Here is the code for the Rocket Jump. I could have sworn that was an attack skill.

        <!-- CK rocket jump set -->
    <spell name="Rocket Jump Blast" type="self">
      <effect type="damage" blasting="15" blastingF="1" conflagratory="5" secondaryScale="10" affectsCaster="1"/>
      <anim sprite="sprites/sfx/blastB/blastB" frames="4" framerate="70" centerEffect="1" sfx="explosion"/>
      <effect type="trigger" spell="Rocket Blast2" />
      <effect type="trigger" spell="Rocket Blast3" />
    <spell name="Rocket Blast2" type="template" templateID="10" >
      <effect type="damage" blasting="6" blastingF="4" conflagratory="3" conflagratoryF="2" secondaryScale="20" affectsCaster="0" />
      <anim sprite="sprites/sfx/combust_hit/combust_hit" frames="9" framerate="80" centerEffect="1" sfx="blast"/>
    <spell name="Rocket Blast3" type="template" templateID="11" >
      <effect type="damage" blasting="6" blastingF="4" conflagratory="3" conflagratoryF="2" secondaryScale="20" affectsCaster="0" />
      <anim sprite="sprites/sfx/combust_hit/combust_hit" frames="9" framerate="80" centerEffect="1" sfx="blast"/>
    <spell name="Jump Impact" type="template" templateID="10" >
      <anim sprite="sprites/sfx/impactA/impactA" frames="6" framerate="60" sfx="blast" centerEffect="0"/>
      <effect type="paralyze" amount="1" turns="1" resistable="0" self="0" />
    <spell name="Rocket Jump" type="rook" downtime="4" icon="skills/rocket_jump32.png">
        <description text="You learn to propel yourself by detonating an explosive below your feet just as you jump through the air. This attack is bold and may suprise your enemies-- especially if you jump on their heads. Your Tinkering skill enhances the bomb blast. Only works in cardinal directions."/>
        <effect type="trigger" spell="Rocket Jump Blast"/>
    <!-- <effect type="trigger" spell="Delayed Smoke Ray" /> not working! buggery - dgb I could try to get it to work if you show me the spell - ruigi -->
    <!-- Delayed Smoke Ray can be found in the core game spellDB, if you want to have a look - dgb -->
        <effect type="teleport" skipanimation="1"/>
        <effect type="trigger" amount="1" affectsCorpses="0" affectsCaster="0" spell="Jump Impact"/>
        <anim sprite="sprites/sfx/impactA/impactA" frames="6" framerate="60" sfx="explosion" centerEffect="0"/>
        <effect type="damage" crushingF="2" secondaryScale="10" resistable="0"/>
        <effect type="suction" />
    Hmmmm. Perhaps not. Needs a review by someone who understands this better.
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    Deadly Dagger of Imagination doesn't seem to be in Dredmorpedia. anyone know the full stats?
  14. One Slashing, one Piercing, procs a spell that deals... I think it's .25 of Sagacity, Savvy, and Caddishness in existential damage? It's all in itemDB and spellDB for expansion 3.
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    Hey guys,

    I got back into playing Dungeons of Dredmor recently. I'm a sucker for crafting and can't stand playing without some kind of reference, mostly to figure out if I should be throwing / crafting away an item or holding onto it to use as an ingredient later when I (hopefully) find the required secret recipe. I also find it really useful to be able to see all possible outputs that a particular source item can make, which is not something the built in craft interface provides.

    With a bit of trail and error I was able to copy j-factor's amazing Dredmorpedia and update it to 1.1.2. I don't mean any disrespect to j-factor and I am not trying to pass this off as anything I have created myself. I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and it seems stable and accurate, so I thought I would share it with you guys.


    The only downside is that the Mod page doesn't work. This means that you can't enable mods. The official DLCs all work, however there is also no way to disable them. This is not something that I'm really interested in fixing as I have all the DLCs and don't use any mods, but if anyone has else has gone through j-factor's the code and has any quick suggestions to fix the mod section I will give it a try.
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    1st of October, 2012
    • Updated to 1.1.2 game data
    • Broke the mod section :-(
    • Note: This is an unofficial copy of j-factor's Dedmorpedia. He's done an amazing job, and the only reason I've copied it is because I can't stand to play Dungeons of Dredmor without it.
    *Edit* I could not quote the formatting correctly with this note, but I can edit and it works. Oh well. The site is legitimate. I was fearful it was spam or somesuch. But it is real. Thank you Stoz. :upvote:
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    Thanks for the update. Is there any way to code in crusts?
  18. Stoz

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    I'm sure there is a way, but I don't think I have the skills to do it.
  19. Wootah

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    I totally understand stoz, and thanks for doing that. I have already used your version a couple of times. I would have done it too if I knew anything about anything... just like I would love to make mods. Thanks again for doing that :)
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    Dear J-factor, are you using XSLT for this? If so, can I have it? It'd work well with XML Notepad.