Dredmor Patch 1.1.2 Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Nicholas, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Jacq

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    I've noticed this too a couple of times. It makes DL1 extra grindy.
  2. I can confirm this as well. Had a case where angry diggles in a cage would regain all of their health while I was using the first polearm skill on DL1.
  3. HenrySpock

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    Actually, this used to happen to me every time I went between Dredmor and any other open program. I stopped playing on fullscreen and never got the crash again.
  4. Jacq

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    Two odd ones.

    1. I entered a "nine piles of treasure" room, and there was a diggle mage in it. I cast the vegan animal friend spell and it took. Then the one diggle mage turned into three diggle mages, two of which were friends with me.

    2. I triggered an eruption trap near a door, and could see through it (I thought), but actually it was just a closed door that wasn't actually closed. I've a screensht of that one which I'll upload when I'm on the other computer.
  5. HenrySpock

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    I've seen things a lot in the case of a 'regiment' or 'brigade'? Often times when I bust in a room, a single enemy will fragment into several, and it's usually meant to be a group with a leader. If the primary enemy suffers damage (like fire) then they all fragment into a burning clone.
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  6. LionsDen

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    And your reply was? ;D
  7. HenrySpock

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    Hidden in a quote. :p Thanks.
  8. Arron Syaoran

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    I'm getting random crashes after dying and starting a new character immediately afterwards. You can try to reproduce it, but I doubt it's reproducible. If you wanna try, first, get to like floor 4-5 or higher, then die on GRPD, then start a new game without quitting, and try to hit the "last" button to choose the exact same last skills as last time, also choose the exact same name as last time. It usually crashes right before the Dungeon level 1 loads.
  9. prototype00

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    Is there an issue with health regeneration in the new patch? I'm playing going rogue with permadeath and I've gotten my health regen to 7 (two emerald encrusted emerald rings and a 3 health regen item), and it is still taking six turns to regen a single point of health.

  10. TheJadedMieu

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    On Going Rogue, it takes 13 turns to regen 1:life: by default. You need at least 12:life_regen: to regen 1:life:/turn.
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  11. prototype00

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    My dwarven moderation tactics are useless here! Usless!

  12. Arron Syaoran

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    I've always found health regen as a weak stat(aside from vampirism). EDR is more useful to me.
  13. Kazeto

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    Well, health regeneration is also a good stat for vegans, too. Makes it much easier to have some food on hand since you don't need to be constantly munching on something.
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  14. OmniaNigrum

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    :life_regen: is a great stat! I wish more things of a physical sort scaled to it. And moreso than that, I wish it were possible to get more than 1 :life: per second. That would make certain item combinations much more potent. At current, being limited to 1 :life: per second makes it much less useful, especially on lower difficulties.

    At current, an optimal build gets enough for 1 :life: and 1 :mana: to regenerate each turn on their difficulty. They then can safely ignore it forevermore. That needs to change. I know this is the wrong thread to propose a solution, but why not allow the game to keep a secondary counter of turns to the next point of :life: and :mana:? That way those with a bonus to :life_regen: and/or :mana_regen: actually have a reward for having so high a stat?

    This in turn would allow for more difficult minibosses at times. And would make it less ludicrous to have a long-lasting debuff to those stats too.

    What sort of skills would be idea to scale to each of these? The Druid Mod does this with several spells. Does that ruin the balance of the mod? Nope. It enhances it since building a Druid character benefits greatly from having those as high as possible even when it exceeds what is optimal for the base game. So I think anything that uses physical power can have a partial scale to :life_regen: even if it is only a secondary scale. (Perhaps in the form of another spell attached to the first?) Likewise any spell can have a secondary scale to :mana_regen: if it is a cerebral sort. (Meaning if you have to think to make it work.)

    If a few people second the idea and have some idea how to implement this, I (Or anyone else.) can make a thread in the Suggestions forum to discuss this.

    This thread is rarely on topic anyway, but I will bother to apologize for being off-topic. Sorry!
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  15. Kaidelong

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    I had this happen to me in the regular game (died to a dwarvern landmine, on floor 1). It could just be bad luck. Not as bad as Bergstrom finding a Djinn Fizz on level 3, I guess.
  16. qwerty

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    Any word on an update for Humble Indie Bundle users? Still on 1.0.10 without expansions here :(
  17. Wootah

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    I don't know why you guys got something against steam, but I just turned my humble bundle key into a steam key and have been loving dredmor ever since.
  18. Kazeto

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    Some people just can't use Steam, or don't want to for various reasons. It is their choice, and while I made a different one (having originally gotten DoD via HIB but redeeming my Steam key pretty quickly), it is a choice we ought to respect - their reasons might be justified, after all, and nobody likes being forced to use something he doesn't like to just to be able to use something he paid for.
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  19. SkyMuffin

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    In the past people have simply copied the final release candidate onto their dredmor directory. Maybe that would work here? If someone has a link.
    Why not readjust all healing spells to scale with :life_regen: and :magic_power:? that would give casters a lot more incentive to work on the stat.
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  20. OmniaNigrum

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    Two words for you: Linux Version.

    See? Easy enough. And there are those like myself who still hate Steam. I do not hate it nearly as much as Gamefly and a few other similar systems, but I still hate it.

    Games are bought. Steam is inflicted.