Dredmor Patch 1.1.1 Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Nicholas, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. Unibrow

    Unibrow Member

    It's a Mario reference, judging by the monster of choice (mushroom) and its flavour text (something about a princess).
  2. Warlock

    Warlock Member

    Your guess is as good as mine, I'm waiting on my sis Sky to provide me a copy of CoW before I play again. I heard 'Toady' being bandied about by the players currently looking at the patch and I may have automatically assumed it as referring to Toady One.

    edit: Oh. never mind then.
  3. Catbread

    Catbread Member

    I am stuck!

    I don't know if this is a 1.1.1 thing, but:


    This is the only room with a door, and I don't have any pushing skills, or bombs, or anything.
    With Love Will Teleport Us Apart and a lot of waiting around, I could build my level up to get Steam-Powered Punch, which might take care of the, erm, blockage, but that would take a long, long time.

    It's not a big deal, but this doesn't seem like a situation that should be occurring.

    ALSO: The female polearm animation seems to be offset a little bit from the neutral pose. There's a bit of a jump.

    ALSO: Hooray, polearm animations! That's the only new gameplay thing I've seen so far, and it's already great!
  4. delta534

    delta534 Member

    UI Issue: There is overlap on the achivement+ screen with lower resolutions. Here are a couple screen shots to hopefully demonstrate it. [​IMG]
  5. Nikolai

    Nikolai Member

    I was in the Public Beta, and I couldn't tell whether or not my Dredmor had patched, so I verified local content which told me all files were verified. However, all of my beta savegames are now gone.

    Which is fine, I guess. My pre-beta saves are still there. However, they don't work. No mods at all. They were GR-PD non-RotDG games (though I own RotDG, don't ask why I disable it). One was on DL4 and the other DL2.
  6. SkyMuffin

    SkyMuffin Member

    In the new in-game achievements page, I can't tell if I have the "stay invisible for 50 turns" achievement or not, since the icon is...you know. invisible. :p

    A way to filter out what you have and don't have would be nice. Love that it's in game now!
  7. Catbread

    Catbread Member

    Is this a polearm or an encrusting issue? Either way,

    I encrusted a Peasantly Pitchfork with nails. It stacked with a second one in my inventory, causing the encrustation (?) to be lost, on both the description and the character window stats display.

    Edit: Intentional or not, in a shop, SHIFT + ALT clicking will autosell an item instead of turning it into Lutefisk, with the cube open.
  8. Giygas

    Giygas Member

    It doesn't have to be encrusting. It's possible for things like artifacts to stack and lose their artifacts, or for something to stack on an artifact and duplicate the artifact (I honestly never figured out how to take apart the stack).

    Anyway, dem polearms are really good. I have 28 :melee_power: at the moment and I haven't even gone on the second floor.
  9. Catbread

    Catbread Member

    Uh oh game breaking bug over here. (Sarcasm)


    Trying to kill me!? But I haven't even stolen anything yet!

    (He doesn't actually attack, and can be talked to normally as always. It's just a change from the usual "this monster has not noticed your presence." I think it might actually be more appropriate!)
  10. SkyMuffin

    SkyMuffin Member

    just found this:
    +1000000000 awesome points.
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  11. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member

    Now that's something Canadian, I dare say.
  12. banjo2E

    banjo2E Member

    Not sure if Kingdom of Loathing or Naruto joke.
  13. Movra

    Movra Member

    Almost, just across the border.

  14. gaddis

    gaddis Member

    Peasantly pitchforks join the ranks of items that inadvertently stack and lose artifact status.
  15. Nikolai

    Nikolai Member

    Spears stack too. As well as shivs. I'd venture a guess that all polearms and daggers stack.
  16. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member

    I think it is a Kingdom of Loathing one. If it were the other, there would be a mention of something ninja-related.
  17. banjo2E

    banjo2E Member

    Well, it's just the Naruto fandom has jokes about logs being basically Jesus in that every single dodging technique ever involves logs. Even in the middle of the Sand Village.

    But yeah, it's probably that canadian thing linked in the video, of which I approve, by the way.
  18. dbaumgart

    dbaumgart Art Director Staff Member

    No one has watched Twin Peaks? Really?
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  19. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    And not this:

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  20. Nikolai

    Nikolai Member

    So, this is just an initial impression, but I have a feeling Communism might be overpowered. I'm rolling a mostly pure warrior build (with the addition of tourism, just because) and I maxed it out first.

    I haven't touched a single item of food. I think I've merely been horribly blessed by RNG (I found a Time Lord scarf in a fountain at level 1, so... yeah) but I feel as though the tree gives far too much in just one skill. The debuffs from vanguard party are a nice drawback but I have had absolutely no inclination of turning it off. It's just so much power.

    Winter offensive gives great AoE when getting piled on, which is what a Warrior loves to do, so it rewards Warriors for doing what Warriors already want to do and do best. As for the Bomb, I presume this is a humongously powerful item best saved for Dredmor himself.

    But yeah, even on an 80s cooldown, a free heal is a heal. Perhaps it should come with its own set of Communism flavored drawbacks.

    And seriously, I'm just trying the skill out. No, I'm not obsessed with Communism! Stop looking at the avatar! Вы просто не понимаете меня!
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