Dredmor Patch 1.0.10 RC9 Feedback Thread - I Believe in The Lever Fix

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Nicholas, Feb 27, 2012.

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    You might want to require her to use a cup to roll the dice then. Have her shake the cup and drop the dice into a box and it doesn't count unless the dice bounce off from the edge of the box. That aught to help her out on her dice rolls. :)
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    You can do what my DM did when he was teaching his girlfriend to roll dice. Lay a sheet of paper 15 inches from the place where she rolls the dice, and tell her that you'll ignore every die that isn't on the piece of paper after she throws them. At first she'll awkwardly try to reach with her hand, but later (for convenience's sake) she'll learn to throw them, and then you can decrease the distance between said sheet of paper and your friend.
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    Has anyone noticed some weirdness with bookcases in RC9?
    Before RC9, I was able to get a lot of recipes from Bookcases, but now, most of the time I end up getting the message that you learn nothing useful from this bookcase.
    I'm nowhere close to having unlocked all the recipes, especially considering the 3 mods I have running. But I've never run into so much trouble learning recipes. It's really annoying.

    Almost every bookshelf after floor 4 has been a failure...Usually it takes to floor 11 before that happens.

    Also, Hungry Diggles are still broken and took 4 dire sandwitches from me on a Dodge. A DODGE.
    Either fix them, or remove them. Or expect an actual Economic Sanction . :mad:
    Seriously, stop making them steal everything and every object without fail, and can't be blocked/stopped at all. What is this, I Want to Be the Guy?

    You can block Lord Dredmor. You can counter him, you can negate his damage with resists, but you physically cannot stop the Hungry diggles from stealing from you.
    Seriously, this is just bad game design here.
    Most other Roguelikes with food stealing enemies have a easier way of dealing with them.
    Also, Green Glutton Ghosts, in Angband, are weak enemies. Hell, every food stealing enemy in that game is weak.
    Yay! Another one stole a single brie cheese from a DODGE again.
    Seriously though, 4 dire sandwiches, please give me 3 deep omelets in return.

    This game is not Master of Orion 3, please, let's not make it into that. :)
    Lost another 6! 6! 15 healing Paramedgion whatever cheese, which is fairly rare, from a Hungry diggle that magically dodged out of my way and then hit me back with around 56 Enemy Dodge reduction.
    IT's not a Grampa Mustache you know. :)

    That's it, I lost another 6 of the 15 healing cheese things on another Dodge.
    I basically cannot ever deal with floor 8 ever.
    So, either remove them, or make it so you can get the food back, they are just like Kleptos, damnit, or undergo Economic Sanctions by the U.N.
    Your choice.

    I have literally lost more food to Hungry diggles on this run then I have lost in every zoo in all 15 floors in the last runthrough of the game. BY a factor of 5. No, that's not a typo. I actually have lost 5 times the amount of food I lost in every zoo combined by only 4 Hungry diggles. That is unbalanced.
    Those cheeses do not grow on tree, and are not easy to come by. :mad:
    I'm really mad, because you promised you fixed them.

    Also, I really think it's annoying that breakable walls can't be now broken. An entire part of a level was sealed off from me because of that. They couldn't even be pushed. Now I have to buy bolts of mass destruction.

    Also, I just found the Crownstar Amulet for Sale by Brax, for 7.4 million zorkmids. Wut.
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    Are you absolutely sure the Huingry Diggles are eating your food when you dodge their attack? I am looking at the code in front of me, and it basically looks like:

    if (dodge)
    If they are, in fact, doing this then there is a more serious bug going on.

    (Unless you are on 1.0.10 proper, too, things may have changed a little. The current stack size caps out at 3, for one thing.)
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    I'm still on RC9. And yes, they still steal my food.
    I didn't know there was a Proper 1.10 yet. In fact, Steam looks as though there is no Patch 1.10 yet.
    I'm really confused.

    And so far, yes, they still steal huge amounts of food. Not capped at 3.
    Maybe capped at 6.

    Also, sorry for getting so angry over it. It's just annoying as hell. And game immersion destroying.
    Okay, one thing I noticed, if you put food in your inventory, they do not steal it.
    I'll have to keep that in mind.
    Also, to spite me, even when I have food in my belt, they don't steal it always. Gah.
    OKay, apparently, they won't steal food from me any more. Also, only objects over 3 food seem to be stolen. Except for that one Brie Cheese.
    I don't know what's going on here.
    All I know is that they stole a lot of food from me, but after I put some food on the floor, they seemed to get broken, and not steal anymore.

    Also, You will fix the broken wall thing, right?
    Oh, and bookshelf weirdness. How come I keep running into so few recipes when there are so many in the game?
    After floor 4, 75% of all the bookshelves gave me nothing. :(
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    Lol. I slept a bit and look what happened... ^^^

    I simply do not think anything is or can be random. I absolutely know that computers cannot produce anything random. But we can try to be random and we would still fail in minuscule ways or even not so minuscule ways like your friend the die spaz above. :)

    But let me avoid argument by saying that it is purely my opinion that Humans cannot produce randomness. I however am certain that true random is a physical impossibility for digital devices.

    So back to the topic:
    If 5% has a picture of odds that look that close, what can we do? How about having no more infinity bolt traps when the player disarms? Disarm attempts should stop the trap from triggering even if the actual disarm fails and sets it off. If it were a pressure plate and stepping on it sets it off, placing a Diggle corpse on it would set it off, but it would not reset again since the weight is still there.

    Krong... I have no idea what to do to fix him besides letting The Eater of Beatings kick his anvil until he relents. :)
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    I think the Hungry Diggles are a good example of randomness. :)
    They randomly decided not to eat my food.
    Regardless, I'm removing that spell ability from them, until such time I either win the lottery, or Nicholas says nice things about me. :)
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    Master of Orion 3?!?! Lol. That was like playing a crashy spreadsheet that sucked harder than a Thai hooker getting a bonus! (Sorry to anyone offended, but the analogy stands.)

    DoD is no spreadsheet and it rarely crashes even with a boatload of buggy mods loaded into it.

    The Hungry/Thirsty Diggles are easy to find. I pointed it out in another thread. Let me know if you have any trouble finding them and I will point you at the right post.
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    I got them fixed.
    Well, two or three times Master of Orion crashed for me.
    Not really buggy in that aspect.
    At least with Patch 1.2.5 and one of the various mods for it. Yes, people made mods, and with them, the game is playable. :) Just really hard to keep people from attacking you, even on Easy...Makes it really hard to research.
    Anyhow, That's neither here nor there.

    I just, I'm frustrated because of the Hungry Diggles. They're broken, they're not needed, and they're worse than the Kleptoblobbies by like 40^11110 times. I don't know how large that number is, but if it's not less than the number of how many atoms are in the universe, it's still way too small.

    Also, I seem to be teleporting randomly now. Even without Transdimensional Dodge activated.
    Apaprently getting the skill gives you teleportitis from ADOM/Dungeon Crawl.
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    ...That's kind of a small number, isn't it? Given the entire observable universe?
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    Atoms are actually pretty big. It doesn't help that things like stars are rapidly squashing little atoms down into bigger atoms and energy. If you want more, write your governmental entity of choice to request more nuclear power, so we can split them atoms apart and increase the universal population!

    Now quarks, those are small. There's probably a lot of quarks in the universe. And since more are constantly radiating from stuff in the eternal quest for the heat death of the universe, we're likely to have more all the time!

    On a more relevant note, if I have RC9 loaded on my computer, will I have to do anything to make Steam update to the new patch version? Just want to make sure it won't see the 1.0.10 files and figure I already have the patch...
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    ...wait, stars, which output craploads of energy, are powered by fusing atoms, and nuclear power, which outputs craploads of energy, is powered by splitting atoms?

    I must be missing something here, or else we've got a perpetual motion device here.
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    Speaking of the patch, Steam doesn't tell me that there's a new patch out at all. THere's no information on the news section for Dredmor, and I can't get it to find a patch to download.
    If there is a 1.10 patch, it's hidden.

    Banjo, everything is limited by maximum mass to energy conversion.
    For a nuclear reaction like in a nuclear bomb, or a nuclear reactor, it's like 25% mass to energy conversion.
    I believe it's fairly small like that.
    An Anti-Matter/Matter Reaction would be extremely close to 100% conversion. It's not going to be 100% due to some loss of matter, due to some law of physics, I can't remember which.
    A Perpetual Motion machine only works if it violates the law of mass conversion to energy. :) Whatever that's called.

    Also, can we all agree that Hungry Diggles shouldn't have been added?

    Also, I now have 3.5 million zorkmids by selling a Crown Jewel thingy, whatever it's called, it sold for 3.5 million. I'm just saying, that might need to be fixed.
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    DavidB: You are thinking of Entropy, I believe, also known as the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which states that perfect transference of energy is impossible.

    Also, Banjo: Stars create energy by fusing hydrogen atoms, which are literally the lightest atoms in existence, while nuclear reactors work by fissioning uranium and similar heavy elements into lighter but still very heavy elements. It's not like you could just trundle the results of stellar fusion over to a reactor, split it and throw it back into the star. The uranium would just sit there. Although there are things known as breeder reactors... nah, better not to go there.
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    Ah. Thanks, couldn't remember exactly what it was called.
    Good old Entropy.

    Personally, I'm hoping for Fusion reactors someday.
    Or Black hole energy Generators, since you can use one the size of a bowling ball to power the United States for 1000 years.
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    Also, you know, lack of cold fusion is a problem.

    Also, yeah quarks!

    Maybe we should get back on topic.
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    People, the patch isn't out on Steam yet, but is out on some other distributors.
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    I find it amusing how this thread has become the defacto place to discuss the theoretical existence of randomness (Which is believe can be proven by the concept of entropy anyway) and how big the universe is. *pushes people in the direction of the off topic forums*

    Also, David. For the love all that is holy, calm down! I know "just a game" isn't a great argument in many things now days, but runs of this game aren't that long and there are many ways to alleviate the problems. The most effective being to back up a save to be reloaded when something happens due to the dreadfully unbalanced game mechanics.

    You are having problems, we get that. Instead of ranting, write a nice description of exactly what you are experiencing and why you'd like to see it fixed. Nicholas and his team are doing there best to fix everything, and they've earned a hell of a lot more respect that most companies out there. So please don't treat this like one of those big companies. The easiest way to get developers to ignore you is to rant and rave, rather than give detailed civilized feedback.

    In regards to Steam and patch 1.0.10, I direct you to the official blog post on the subject: http://www.gaslampgames.com/2012/03/30/patch-1-0-10-slowly-trickling-out-new-distributor/

    Edit: Heh, not 1, but 2 people beat me to various points before I finished writing! :D