Dredmor IRC channel

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by dbaumgart, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. FaxCelestis

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    That's just a web-based client. :p

    Really, though, if you want to click an irc:// link, you need an IRC browser that can do that.
  2. zorackprime

    zorackprime Member

    so i was directed here...on the dlc page to find out about testing the beta so...is there a download link or something....


    I am an impatient idiot lol I found it =P
  3. KiiDLiv3Wir3

    KiiDLiv3Wir3 Member

    Where's the DLC beta
  4. Daynab

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    It's in the room topic at the top (probably) of the screen when you're in the room.
  5. Bubleeshaark

    Bubleeshaark Member

    I don't see it :(
  6. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    Are you using the web interface or an IRC client? If the later, which one?
  7. Bubleeshaark

    Bubleeshaark Member

    First time using an IRC ever. Yes, I used the one suggested. I didn't understand that I had to login to the serve, then to the port. Anyways, I got it.