Dredmor iPad Port Official Thread

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Nicholas, Apr 2, 2012.

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    Nicholas; thanks for the Q&A and for addressing the question I posted (although you might not have been referring to me specifically).

    I'd like to see Dredmor on iPod Touch/iPhone (Retina of course), and I can understand if it's not possible. Unless you guys manage to crank out the single best UI that's ever existed ever in the history of UIs, it's likely going to be a bit of a pain. Some iOS games are, for me anyway, unplayable because of their control schemes or their UIs. Dredmor would have to be a lot of drop down menus/menu boxes, and that's likely just not practical.
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    Well, I already own it on the PC, but I almost certainly would get it on my iPad as well.

    Honestly, after the past day, I was beginning to think I made a mistake going with the iPad instead of a different tablet after all the time I had to spend on the phone with tech support. But the thought of Dredmor on my iPad definitely helps to soothe my pain.
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    Unfortunately there really aren't any quality Android tablets yet (unless you consider a rooted Nook or Kindle Fire...), so android would be mostly a phone market. I don't think it would really be worth it to try and develop a phone app though, the screen is just too small to work, at least without some sort of precision poking utensil.
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    Fortunately, the Kindle Fire has some pretty decent potential once you get it rooted (or at least sideload something to get that God-awful carousel out of your way.) Nicholas, you might consider PMing Mr. Strange; he's got a pretty sweet little Android-and-Apple game, so he knows at least a bit about developing for the Android market.
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    This will need a very good UI to be viable and not the usual crappy rpg ui I tend to see.

    Im thinking something along the lines of forced widescreen with a completely square gui of the dungeon in the middle of the screen and then using right side to scroll between skills and left side to open inventory, have status icons, inventory, character screen and whatnot. I think its important to have these things in the sides of the screen because even vision in all directions is super important, especially for spell casters and ranged people.

    To use a skill, either set it in your single Favourite skill slot and double tab the target for instant cast - or drag-and-drop the skill from the skill menu on the right side onto the target.

    I would definately buy this if it meant I could play DoD on my samsung galaxy phone.

    Also, no I didnt read anything beyond first page because unbias feedback is better feedback. This may have already been said.
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    I published a game a bit over a month back that I developed using Ansca's Corona. It's pretty awesome - just lua with OpenGL, built to export to iOS, Android, Nook, and Kindle Fire. I'm not sure what sort of back-end you are using for Dredmor.. I suspect you might do well to create a scaled-down version (using the same data, but somewhat different room-generating numbers) with touchscreen-native controls.

    Do I need to mention that I'd love to work with you to create such a thing? Because I totally would.
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    Will the iPad version work for iOS 5.1 as well as 5.0.1? There's a lot of users still on 5.0.1 since it's the last jailbreakable version for iPad 2.

    edit: nvm, 5.1.1 jailbreak was released today!
  9. Essence

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    Just wanted to throw in and say Mr. Strange's game is badass, and I highly encourage you to abuse his experience and skills. :)
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    uh yeah, this game needs to be on the ipad app store. This is a perfect game for a touch screen seeing as you can play entirely with your mouse. I think the only thing you guys need is a "cast" button at the top of the screen to replace right clicks.

    If you guys are to release a touch interface, allow the option on the steam app to at start up.

    I happen to have a netbook that converts into a tablet and windows tablets DO exist, though I much prefert ubuntu on that machine than windows 7. I wouldn't mind playing this game on my wifes inspiron duo in tablet mode.
  11. I'd prefer this game on home consoles or on the 3DS it was just a April fools joke but I think that could work out better than the Ipad. I also am one of the people that don't really know anybody who owns such a device. They are expensive and in my personal opinion id rather get a net book as a multi-media device than the I-pad it's more functional. I am not sure what the age demographic for people who own I-pads is, but I don't think it would be very high in the range for people willing to purchase DoD unfortunately. But, I could be wrong and there is always the fact it opens up for new potential players
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    I am really looking forward to Dredmor on iPad. My wife and I both take plenty of long bus rides (her regular commute is an hour-long bus ride 6 to 8 times a week), and DoD would be a perfect way to kill those those hours.
  13. Duke

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    Who do I have to kill to get this on my Samsung Tab?
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    The new generation of iPod Touches and iPhones has a 960x480 screen. The horizontal isn't far from 1024, and the vertical is only a bit smaller than 768. This means you'd have a bit less vision, but the graphics would not need redoing (the official reason for only iPad support). I beg you to consider this information.
  15. Loerwyn

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    But the screen is tiny.
  16. Yushatak

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    A UI redesign and use of dpad rather than point and click (like arrow key scheme on PC) and you'd be good to go.
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    Size of the screen has exactly nothing to do with the size of the pixels. It is very possible there will eventually be monstrously high resolution monitors the size of a postage stamp.

    For the purpose of this thread, the resolution is the limiting factor. But it is not a good reason not to port a game to a system. 1024 * 768 is probably only a year or two away. If the majority of the work was done already, there could be a release once it was made with high enough resolution.
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    The size of the screen indeed has nothing to do with the size of the pixels, but it has everything to do with how user-friendly an interface can be.

    Dredmor's UI would need a lot of work for a small screen like the iPhone/iPod Touch. It could be done - I hope it's done - but it would require some very creative thinking from GLG.

    And whilst I would love an iPod/iPhone compatible version, I doubt it will happen because it's such a big undertaking.
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  19. FaxCelestis

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    It'd need pop-over inventory/charsheet, for starters. Hiding skill/belt bars, definitely. A different hp/mp meter...
  20. SkyMuffin

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    I have a 1024x600 setting in my DoD....but it is very squshed and would definitely be a disadvantage for long range things.

    960x480 is still significantly smaller than this also.