Dredmor 1.1.3 Beta Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Nicholas, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Yeah...I wasn't serious when I suggested that Easter would be a good target for getting the weapon revamps worked in. Just saying. :D

    It is starting to die down a lot around here with no new anything coming from the devs. Not complaining, just mildly sad.
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  2. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member

    I just quoted it to say the same thing.

    It's a busy month for me so I'm not replying a whole lot, especially since Omni isn't really posting now, so I feel I had to write at least that.
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  3. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    Nicholas said he was looking into putting the patch out, or adding a branch on Steam for mac and linux.
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  4. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Okay, party animals, here's the deal.

    You can now get 1.1.4 RCs on Steam for all three platforms. Bergstrom, be happy and loved. Simply select the "beta" branch by right-clicking on Dredmor under properties, and choosing which beta you would like to opt into. (Hint: you would like to opt into "Beta" and not "internaltest" which is our internal Dredmor build.)


    - Version # is now 1.1.4.
    - All the bad things with Diggles Digging should now, theoretically, be turned off?

    Stomp on that for a bit, on all three platforms, and if it looks good we'll ship it out later this week. Tah!
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  5. rydash

    rydash Member

    Install instructions copied to the bugs thread original post, hoorah.

    Added what looks like a problem with a comment in CotW's itemDB to the tracker.
    Also, the Noxious Brimestone Flask "vengence" typo remains, but I like the cleanup of the other ones.

    Yes I know this isn't what I'm supposed to be testing/checking; I'm sorry.
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  6. r_b_bergstrom

    r_b_bergstrom Will Mod for Digglebucks

    I am. Thank you very much!
  7. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Changes were made to both spellDB and itemDB?

    Ah, for the Amber Ring thing. Right.
  8. r_b_bergstrom

    r_b_bergstrom Will Mod for Digglebucks

    It appears that monsters are sometimes attacking the underground diggles. I think. Or maybe attacking pets left on previous floors. I dunno. Monsters are occasionally buggy, anyhow. Look at this gnome:
    He stood there for at least 50 spacebars, playing his attack animation and sound as if he were attacking something south of him. However, the space was empty. Every so often, the word "dodge" would appear several spaces away, as shown in the picture.

    I was playing a Fungal Arts character, but I hadn't summoned my pet on that floor yet. This was a wizardland from the first or second floor, so if there was some sort of invisible monster involved, they must have been way off-floor.

    I've seen this same thing happen one other time with this same character since joining the beta, but I haven't figured out what triggers it for certain. I'm guessing underground diggles, because both times it happened there were diggles popping up from other parts of the floor in the same room. That's all I got.
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  9. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Well, uh, what the hell.

    Okay, looking into that.
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  10. Loerwyn

    Loerwyn Member

    Drodmar strikes again!
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  11. Kaidelong

    Kaidelong Member

    Observed that bug, it's been there forever. The worst part is that they actually seem to be able to kill your friendly wyrmling after a while, even though it isn't actually there but is on the previous floor or a mysterious dimension or somewhere. Just to clarify that yes, it isn't a burrowing diggle, it's a summon from a previous floor. And that it wasn't with the introduction of burrowing diggles as this was around a long time ago.
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  12. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    There does seem to be a rare and strange bug wherein if a diggle digs when it has a trigger for a template-based spell on it, and the trigger goes off while it's underground, the effect happens on every single square of the dungeon.

    <spell name="Wildfire Spread" type="template" templateID="11">
    <effect type="trigger" spell="Wildfire Burn" affectsCorpses="0" percent="25"/>
    <anim sprite="sprites/sfx/null" frames="2" framerate="80"/>
    <spell name="Wildfire Burn" type="targetfloor" mine="1" mineradius="1" mineSpriteDrawOrder="1" mineSpritePNGSeries="sprites/sfx/thermite_loop/thermite_loop" mineSpritePNGFirst="0" mineSpritePNGNum="4" mineSpritePNGRate="90" mineTimer="10" minePermanent="1">
    <effect type="damage" conflagratory="3" conflagratoryF="3" secondaryScale="21" affectscaster="1"/>
    <effect type="trigger" affectsCorpses="0" spell="On Fire"/>
    <effect type="trigger" affectsCorpses="0" amount="2" spell="Wildfire Spread" percent="50"/>
    <anim sprite="sprites/sfx/thermite_hit/thermite_hit" frames="8" framerate="80" sfx="flame_weak" centerEffect="1"/>
    <spell name="Wildfire Hit" type="target">
    <effect type="damage" conflagratory="3" conflagratoryF="3" secondaryScale="21" affectsCaster="1"/>
    <effect type="trigger" affectsCorpses="0" spell="Wildfire Spread" amount="2"/>
    <effect type="trigger" affectsCorpses="0" spell="Wildfire Burn"/>
    <description text="Like a flash in the pan."/>
    <anim sprite="sprites/sfx/combust_hit/combust_hit" frames="9" framerate="80" sfx="fire" centerEffect="0"/>
    Thrice now I've had this going when I hit a zoo with diggles in it, and it's proceeded perfectly normally for a few turns. Then a diggle digs, and suddenly there's a 1.5 hour long string of "the XYZ awakes!" "the XYZ takes 6 damage!" "HEROIC VANDALISM!" and so forth.

    I'm not actually positive of what's happening; it could be something else entirely and just a coincidence with the diggles. I'll try to get a save file for you to play with.
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  13. mining

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  14. Bohandas

    Bohandas Member

    On this note, I'd still like to push for eventual improvement of the combat log.
  15. gia257

    gia257 Member

    game crashes loading a savegame, sometimes crashes while scrolling savegames
  16. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Oh. Okay, that's easy enough to deal with.

    Will look into the wildfire/triggers bug. Nothing should *ever* be triggering on a Dug Diggle.
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  17. AvzinElkein

    AvzinElkein Member

    So another week or two then?
  18. Cranemann

    Cranemann Member

    For the past 3 days, my save function hasn't been working. When the game crashes via steam malfunction the autosave has thankfully brought back my progress... but, every time i've saved the game and quit.. upon turning it on i've found it hasn't saved. Basically, i've tried 3 or 4 times now to progress past character lvl 21 and floor 7. I've put 5-6 hours into the game, collecting items, experience etc.. growing to level 25~26, floor 9~10 and every time i've saved.. I come back the next day to find "lvl 21, floor 7".

    It's getting really frustrating. Should I delete all saves and try a new one? I've tried to uninstall, then reinstall to no fix. I've taken the cloud function off steam, no fix, etc.. I'm working on a 2011 MacBook Pro 10.6.8, with 16gb RAM.
  19. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Any Dredmor work that's getting done right now is mainly getting done on my weekends, on those weekends when I'm not working on CE stuff. So, it's a big slow going right now. Hopefully at some point I can muster time for a push, but it's definitely a slow going and incremental slog right now - for which I apologize; it's just a factor of trying to get CE's technology to the point where we can start giving it to people to break instead of watching them keep on breaking Dredmor. :)
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  20. borsook

    borsook Member

    How I hate CE! It's the devil's spawn I tell you!